AIWTRO Chapter One

AIWTRO Chapter 1


T/N: Thank you so much to OurPrinceNiki on NU for providing the raws of the novel! I’m only MT-ing this but I edited it to make it more coherent. If there’s anyone who is fluent in Korean who would like to collaborate, feel free to contact me! Anyway, here is chapter one!

Under the blue blade, Keria Parvis was on her knees. She could barely move her neck and look up.

She couldn’t see clearly because of the blurred vision. Light-colored hair and fluttering. Only the red cape was dimly visible. 

“It is only right that you pay for your sins and deceit.”

“No, sir!” A loud voice boomed. 

I heard it. It was her maternal grandfather.

“Keira is your daughter. You will regret this! My daughter has never deceived her husband! If you don’t believe in–”

The soldiers shoved a piece of cloth into his mouth. As soon as the voice of the maternal grandfather was heard, the crowd became quiet. 


A slender woman ran toward the execution, the woman’s silver hair fluttering in the wind like that of the Grand Duke. Her features were so similar to the Grand Duke that no one could doubt they were related.

Keira, who was looking at her, had her eyes wide open. She could still hear what the woman whispered last night.

You know what? Actually, you’re the real one.”

The real daughter, who whispered so, entered Keira’s prison. Keira reached out her hand.

As soon as she felt the warmth of a palm on her shoulder, the intangible energy permeated. Keira still remembered what she saw right after that.

It’s shiny.


The water started to shake, and she looked around. It’s like droplets of water is going to wrap around her.

No, it wasn’t a drop of water.

A light blue mermaid, light blue wolf, light blue lark.

She could feel it intuitively. Those are water spirits.

The ‘real princess’ went on to say, “If the Spirits are visible, it means you have the power of the Spirit. Fool. It’s proof you’re his daughter.”

Keira gave up everything, but she couldn’t let this go.

The reason why she, the once prestigious noble, was locked up was because she was ‘not the real daughter of the duke.’

But that’s not true.

She wanted to ask more, but her mouth was firmly gagged, and her limbs were chained up.

She struggled but it was futile.

After whispering the hopeless truth, the ‘real daughter’ stood up as if her business was now over.

“I’m done with everything I want to say. See you tomorrow at the funeral.”

I’m the real daughter? 

She tried to speak but her words were muzzled by the gag. The guards paid her no mind.

Meanwhile, morning came and her execution proceeded as scheduled. 

The silver-haired woman who came up to the execution table, held on to the Duke’s arm and said, “Why are you so close? It’s too dangerous. Come on down, Father.”

“…Yes, I understand.”

When the Grand Duke and his daughter stepped down from the execution table, the soldiers laid Keira on the guillotine. The restraint was fixed on the neck and the voices of those cheering for the execution of the sinner became louder.

“Kill her!”

“Kill her!”

On the side, she could see the lady smiling. The lady mouthed,

“Oh, poor thing.”


At that moment, the view turned upside down with the sound of the blade cutting through the air.

And the darkness came.

When the new Grand Duke inherited the title, an oracle once told him:

“In the near future, the human race will face a great crisis. Young Lord, remember only one thing to avoid the crisis: no matter what happens, only one elementalist will be born from you.”

The guardian of the Empire, the name of the family that produces spirits, Parvis. 

Keira was the firstborn daughter of the family. After all of the Parvis women have reached a certain age, they will have the ability to interact with Beatrice, the Great Water Spirit.

People called them ‘spirituals.’

“Only one Saintess will be born from you.”

So, Keira was born and raised as the only Saintess.

If there’s no Saintess capable of handling Beatrice, no rain will befall the continent.

So, she was born and raised as a unique being. 

To grow up in such an environment, it was easy to become a violent and arrogant person, but instead, Keira grew up as a humble and sincere girl. 

There was only one reason – she wanted to be loved by her father. 

Having lost her mother at a young age, it was natural for her to become desperate for her father’s love. 

What should I do to be loved by my father? 

After much thought, Keira always worked hard to be the best she could be.

No matter how angry she was, she never acted without dignity. She tried to be a perfect person without fault. 

I want to hear a compliment that I’m doing well…

Her father’s teachers always praised her as a genius.

“I’ve never seen such a talented person in my life,” they said, praising her.

She also thought her father would be satisfied with her achievements. But her father, the Grand Duke, never once hugged his daughter nor said any warm words to her.

People couldn’t imagine the Grand Duke patting her hair or kissing her on the cheek, but it was still unfortunate that he treated his child without affection.

If I’m sick or hurt, won’t father come to see me?

She rolled down the stairs on purpose because of that thought. She broke her leg and bruised her whole body. For a few days, she couldn’t get out of bed because of the injuries. 

But not once did her father come to see her.

There was not a single letter asking if she was feeling well. It happened when Keira was ten years old.

I want you to like me. That’s why I’m trying like this.

Father, please, just once. Please look back at me just once.

Keira had always been sincere in everything.

I don’t know when it will be, but one day my father will be able to look kindly when he sees me. 

She lived twenty years hoping to be recognized by her father. If the woman hadn’t appeared, she might have lived like that all her life. 

“I’m Cosette, daughter of former Grand Duchess Rowena and the eldest daughter of the Grand Duke.”