AIWTRO Chapter Two

AIWTRO Chapter 2


Everything around Keira has changed since that day

“That’s what the oracle said: ‘There’s only one next Saintess.’ It’s not just that. We have to remember that to avoid disaster.”

“That means–”

A ‘fake’ lady will cause disaster.

One of the two is fake, so they would have to find and kill the impostor. 

The strange cohabitation of the two princesses continued for a long time. 

Although Cosette had a great likeness to the Great Duke and Keira did not, there was not enough evidence that Keira was the fake.

Power that can only be possessed by the Parvis women. The one who proves their power first will take over the ‘real’ position.

It will not be revealed until then who is the birth child of the Grand Duke.

However, it was not easy to ignore what is obvious.

Cosette looked so much like the Grand Duke Ludwig. If Ludwig had been born a woman, people would have thought he would have that face. 

At first, the Grand Duke was wary of Cosette, but he gradually let down his guard to the person who resembled him the most. In addition, she was skilled in gaining sympathy and favor around her.

There aren’t many who are cold-hearted enough to push someone who greets them with a bright smile. 

“Good morning!”

“Nice to meet you!”

“Thank you!”

“Hi, did you eat well?”

Cosette always smiled and spoke first, and reached out first.

It was the opposite of Keira who acted sternly because she thought she had to protect her dignity as a Parvis. 
Everyone brightened up when Cosette smiled. Before long, she was approved by everyone in the Grand Duke’s household. 

Soon after, Cosette also approached Keira. It was when Keira was taking a break after sword training.

“Hi, what are you doing?”

Cosette approached Keira with a bright smile. 

For reasons unknown, Keira was not accompanied by servants. 

“I’m taking a break from training,” Keira looked away, answering coldly because she didn’t want to talk to Cosette for a long time. 

But Cosette kept going on, “Hey, what’s wrong with you? We’re the same age! Relax. I want to be friends with you.”



You want me to relax? Ha!

One day, one of them will be kicked out of the family or killed. The moment either of them first expresses the ability to communicate with the spirits.

Saying you want to be friends was painful.  

“…I don’t accept you. I don’t want to be friends. I’d like to relax, so you can go now.”

Cosette tilted her head with an innocent look when Keira drew a line. She said, “Huh? Why? We’re the same age, but we can’t be friends?”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know?”

“Is it because you’re not his biological daughter?”


Keira was frozen. 

Those words came out of Cosette’s mouth so confidently. Still, she didn’t care at all and spoke innocently, “But I don’t care about that at all… It’s not your fault you were born because of your mother’s adultery! I really don’t care. That’s your mother’s fault, not yours. You don’t have to feel guilty, do you?”


Is this what it’s like to be dumbfounded and absolutely speechless? ‘Your mother committed adultery?’

Her deceased mother should never be insulted like this. Keira could feel herself getting angry. Her hand went to her sword before she could think any further. 


“If you insult my mother again, I will challenge you to a duel.”

The tip of the sword aimed at Cosette was shaking. 

Keira could endure insults aimed at her, but she would not let anyone tarnish the name of her mother. She was tempted to cut out that red tongue right away.

But it was then.

“My lady!”

Perhaps hearing Cosette’s short scream, a group of maids and a knight rushed to them. 

Cosette’s immediate maids and escort knights protecting her were stunned to find Cosette lying on the floor and Keira pointing a sword at her. 

“Oh, my god! What’s going on?”

“Paula!” Cosette cries and calls the maid’s name. 

Paula belonged to a family that has worked in the Grand Duchy for generations, and she has a special loyalty and affection for Parvis. 

“Ah, my lady…”

She looked at the two alternately with embarrassed eyes. She looked as if she was telling Keira, ‘Isn’t it too much to aim a sword at her?’

She’s been taking care of Keira since she started walking. When such a person looked at her as if she was criticizing her, it was suffocating. 

To make matters worse, Cosette began to shed tears. 

“I…I just wanted us to get along so we could be friends…”


Cosette turned to Keira, “I’m sorry. I didn’t consider that you might be sensitive lately. But please know one thing– although we don’t have the same blood, I think of you as a sister. I don’t mean to antagonize you, so I want you to relax.”

“My lady…” 

The maids looked at Cosette with a sad look. One of them helped Cosette rise up from the floor. 

Keira’s anger grew even more as she watched Cosette act as if she’s a tragic heroine. 

A strong sigh unknowingly came out of Keira’s mouth.


You want to be close? So that’s what insulting my mother meant?

Before Keira even called for an apology, the escort knight who was standing by helped Cosette and said, “I will call for a doctor immediately to see if there are any injuries. I’m going back, my lady.”


There was a hint of criticism in those polite words.

She just fell down because she was surprised, so what else can she do after seeing a doctor?

But Keira knew if she said that aloud, it will only make their impression of her worse. In the end, she had no choice but to stare blankly at the back of Cosette, supported by Paula. 

Cosette glanced back before disappearing around the corner. Cosette’s smile, which seemed to laugh, briefly fell and disappeared. She looked so mean that Keira couldn’t even imagine Cosette saying she wanted to be close to her. 


Keira clenched her teeth, and her fist held in anger trembled. 

Surprisingly, however, this was just the beginning.