AIWTRO Chapter Five

AIWTRO Chapter 5


Ludwig’s eyes were on the maids. The two maids, who were the target of the cold stare, were trembling and lying face down in front of the Grand Duke.

“Tell me everything you heard.”

“My Lord, we apologize. Mina said that it was difficult to deal with Lady Keira because she is usually so cold, and that it was uncomfortable to wait on her. That’s all.”


Keira’s body stiffened. Naturally, her voice came out louder. “What are you talking about? That’s not what the maid said! You dare lie in front of father and avoid punishment–”

“–Is what the lady said true?” Ludwig asked, cutting off Keira.

The maids trembled on the floor and said, “How dare we lie to His Excellency? That’s all we’ve heard.”


She was frozen.

It was rude enough to say that much, but it wasn’t worth a hundred blows. There is no one here who doesn’t complain that much about their boss.

‘Is that rude enough to be hit a hundred times?’

‘And it’s true that Lady Keira is hard to deal with. I think it’s enough to say that…’

‘What is it? Mina is the maid that Cosette brought in, so she’s going to find fault with her and kick her out.’

‘Still, a hundred slashes is too much.’

What the staff thought was revealed in their facial expressions.

The back of her head was tingling, so Keira had to stay still for a while without saying anything.

Keira didn’t know that Cosette’s maid threatened the maids at the laundry, saying “That fake will be kicked out soon, so it would be hard to work at the mansion later if you don’t lie.”

However, at this point, she had a little idea of what happened between the maids.

Somehow, Cosette brought a lot of people to support. It must have been an attempt to show Mina’s ‘unfair’ beating to others and worsen public opinion about Keira.

“Keira Parvis.” It was a quiet voice. Nevertheless, they could feel that he was livid. “You’re really all over the place. Do you hate seeing Cosette’s maid that much?”

“Father, it’s a misunderstanding! It’s a misunderstanding, Father!”


“Don’t call me that. I don’t want to hear you.”


In that moment, a part of Keira’s world collapsed. But the shock didn’t end with that.

“For a month, I’m ordering you to stay in the separate house. You’d better not show your face for a while.”

“This isn’t it! I have been framed…!”

“How long will you keep disappointing me!” An angry voice filled the hall.

Keira could feel it then. He won’t listen no matter what she said.

Ludwig walked away, ignoring her who could not say anything. The staff also looked around and left one by one.

Finally, only Keira, Cosette, and a few others were left in the hall.

Cosette came close to her. She patted her on the back as if comforting her. “You must be happy Father gave you a lenient punishment. Right?”

A lenient punishment?

Keira ground her teeth without even realizing it. Cosette giggled at the sound.

And she whispered in a voice that was small enough to be only heard by her, ” I actually wanted to see you beaten the same way you did to Mina. I’m a little sad you were left off like that.”

Cosette whispered like that and then raised herself up. “Why? Are you upset? Well, if you want to be hated more, tear my hair off.”

And then she left.

Keira remained still for a while after being left alone. No, she couldn’t move. What her father said to her hit her like a dagger and tore through her heart.

‘Don’t call me that. I don’t want to hear it.’

‘For a month, I’m ordering you to stay in the separate house. You’d better not show your face for a while.’

‘How long will you keep disappointing me!’


A scream rose deep in her heart. She sobbed for a long time, tearing apart the rug.

The end of the father-daughter relationship was gradually ending.

All the ladies-in-waiting were replaced while she was on probation. The new women were all on Cosette’s side.

Keira couldn’t complain because she was on alert. It was the same after being released from probation.

Such assigned maids could not have served her politely. Every time they talked back, Keira was angry but couldn’t punish them. She was sure they would only hear that she was trying to beat the maid for nothing.

The attitude of the ladies-in-waiting were that way, and as a result, Keira became increasingly isolated from society and from home.

Of course, there were people who stayed by Keira’s side until the end, but there were only a few. She couldn’t turn the tide.

However, the most painful thing was her father’s neglect.

Do you treat her so warmly because she’s so loving? Why haven’t you looked at me even once? What am I to you?

Sorrow and anger alternated several times a day. However, there was no answer to the questions.

I just hope that the power of the Spirit will manifest as soon as possible so that she can be kicked out.

Finally, the day of judgement came.

Unfortunately, it was Cosette, not Keira, who first interacted with Beatrice. Keira was speechless in the face of undeniable evidence.

A silver-haired lady who handles the water spirit with such confidence. An indisputable evidence of one’s lineage.

Keira would never forget the scene even after she died.

One of Cosette’s followers screamed loudly, “The impostor must be imprisoned!”

Mina told the other maids, “I told you, didn’t I? Our lady Cosette will be dealing with Beatrice.”

“She’s been so arrogant. What did she believe in and act so cheeky when she’s just a fake?”

“I know.”

The nobles chattered too.

“Have you heard the news? Lady Cosette communicated with Beatrice.”

“Of course. How many people in the capital are unaware of the news?”

“Everything’s fine. So, didn’t that fake pretend to be the lady of the grand duchy for twenty years? Unbelievable.”

As a result, Keira was seen as the harbinger of disaster, and was imprisoned and soon sentenced to death.

She was robbed of everything she had gained over the twenty years by the ‘real daughter’ who suddenly appeared.

That’s how it all ended.


“Actually, you’re the real daughter.”

At the last moment, the white devil whispered.