AIWTRO Chapter Four

AIWTRO Chapter 4



She thought, her hand wrapped around her beaten cheek. 

What can I say? Father, what should I say? No matter what I say or why, you won’t listen, so why should I still speak?

The more quiet she was, the more serious the atmosphere changed. 

Cosette stood next to him as she cried. As if trying to mediate the situation, she said, “F-father, please don’t be angry. I think it’s because Keira has been very sensitive these days. She is a good kid, so I think she’ll soon realize her mistake and apologize. Right, Keira?”


Are you trying to mediate or make people angry?

Had it not been for her father, Keira might have really hit her.

That girl had a natural talent for cleverly getting into people’s nerves. Keira clenched her fist and suppressed her urge to hit her with all her might.

Let’s hold it in. We have to hold it in.

If you act as you please here, the situation will only get worse. 

She bent down at her father. “I’m leaving now. I’m sorry for making such a fuss late at night.”

“I hope the next time we meet, you will be better,” a cold voice answered.

Keira stumbled back to her room. She was so out of her mind that she couldn’t remember how she walked all the way here.

Pain spread from her red, swollen cheek. But what hurt more was not the scar on her cheek but the scar on her heart.

Objectively speaking, Cosette was a very beautiful lady. Silver hair that resembles moonlight, a fair, unblemished face, and clear beautiful features. 

Keira was also a beauty who would never be discouraged anywhere, but Cosette was a different kind of beauty. It was different from Keira who looked cold and blunt. 

Cosette’s facial faetures, which are only cool when she’s expressionless, changed smoothly just by smiling. Her followers used to say that she was as if the warm spring breeze were in the form of a human being.

In other words, they said Cosette had a good appearance to attract favor from others.

Cosette has adapted well into society by using her weapons. 

“I may make mistakes because I lived far from noble society. I mean no harm, so please forgive me.”

A beautiful woman who looks like the sun has an embarrassed look on her face as she says this, so not many people can blame her for it.

A carefree and comfortable attitude, unlike the aristocracy, soon became her strength.

Many people liked her and constantly speculated on who was her biological father.

“Lady Cosette, the more I see it, the more you look like His Grace.”

“If His Grace was born a woman, he must have had your face.”

“In comparison, Lady Keira looks so much like her mother…”

“No matter how much she looks like her mother, shouldn’t there be any resemblance between the father and daughter?”

“No way, you shouldn’t say this, but…”

“Shush! They can hear you. Sooner or later, either of them will communicate with Beatrice. Watch your mouth until then.”

Rather than the blunt and arrogant Keira, they wanted the more refreshing and adorable Cosette to be the real daughter.

Keira knew how everyone felt but ignored it. There was no choice to ignore it even though she knew it. If she showed any sign of discomfort, she would be embarrassed even further. 


Cosette stole Keira’s position little by little.

It wasn’t just the society and her father’s affection that she took away. 

One day, Keira heard the maids of the family doing laundry and talking. 

“Isn’t Lady Keira being so arrogant and mean? Even the real lady, Cosette, is so kind and friendly to us! What the hell is wrong with her? Wipe off that cold expression. You’re a fake!”

“D-don’t say that. It hasn’t been decided yet.”

“You’re right. I’m afraid someone might hear you.”

“It hasn’t been decided yet! Ha! You can tell just looking at their face. Cosette is obviously the daughter. By comparison, does Keira even look like His Grace?”


“Just let the truth come out. As long as it turns out that she’s a fake, I’ll step on her like this laundry. What an unlucky bitch.”

The maid said so as she stepped heavily on the blanket in the basin. It was as if she was trampling on someone she hated. 

Keira knew the face of the maid who talked badly of her to the other maids. It was a maid Cosette brought from the slums a while back. 

It was easy to understand her loyalty to Cosette because she saved her in that gutter. However, there was no reason to tolerate such disrespect. 

Keira was the eldest daughter of the Grand Duchy. It didn’t make sense to hold it in after hearing that from the maid.

Keira immediately revealed herself behind the bushes. 

“You there.”


“M-my lady.”

Then, the faces of the maids who were chatting excitedly turned white. 

“Can you take responsibility for what you just said?”

“M-Mina… Hurry up and apologize!”

“She’s only new and made a slip of the tongue! Please forgive her, my lady!”

The other maids said so and begged for forgiveness, but the maid named Mina stood with her head raised ’til the end.

“Why? Did I say something wrong?”


“Mina! Please stop!”

“To be honest, you’re not even the real daughter! What kind of girl are you? Sooner of later, Lady Cosette will communicate with the Spirit, and I wonder if you will be able to stare at me like that–”


There was no need to listen more. Keira slapped the maid on the cheek before she could finish talking.

With eyes wide open in disbelief, Mina held her cheek.

“I’m sorry, but I’m still the Lady in this house. I can still scold and kick out a rude maid.”

Keira immediately called in butlers to punish Mina. Her sin was disrespecting the master of the house. 

Slap! Slap!

“Argh! Aargh!”

A smashing sound and tearful screams rang out the household, so it was only natural that the situation reached Cosette’s ears. 

Cosette ran straight to the back, accompanied by other maids. “Keira! What the hell is going on here?”

“Your maid has disrespected me in a way I can’t tolerate, so I’m punishing her.”

The beating continued even as she said so. Mina cried and screamed, “S-save me, Lady Cosette! Ahhhh!”

Cosette’s face turned white. She said imploringly, “Y-you don’t have to hit a person that hard, though?”

“Of course, you were raised outside, but you need to know that hierarchy is important in aristocratic society. I’m going to kick her out tomorrow morning.”

No one could stop Keira because the Lord was away for work. 

Mina’s punishment ended only after being hit 100 times. With such a fuss, there was no way that rumors would not spread in the house. 

Although Keira was strict, she was not a master who was disrespected by the maids. The maids began to wonder what Mina had done to her, and their curiosity was soon resolved. 

The Grand Duke, who returned to the mansion late in the evening, called in the staff and his two daughters. 

When Keira came down the stairs at her father’s call, she saw the Duke and Colette sniffling beside him.

Keira chewed her lips without realizing it.

‘You must have told on me again.’ 

Keira tried to beat her maid and Cosette was crying and hanging on to him.

However, this time, father would have to take Keira’s side. What Mina did was an act that could never be tolerated as a member of nobility. 

In addition, since there were witnesses, Cosette could not defend her maid.

She approached the two with a calm look on her face.

“I heard you called, Father.”

“I heard a disturbance during the day. You tried to kick out the maid after hitting her a hundred times. It’s an amount that a person can die if they are faced with it. So, there must have been a good reason for that, right?”

“I heard an insult I couldn’t even dare repeat. It’s humiliating to say it myself. There are witnesses, so they will answer.”

Keira said so and pointed to two maids who were doing laundry with Mina.

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