AIWTRO Chapter 9

AIWTRO Chapter 9


It was meaningless to cling onto something that was unlikely. Likewise, it’s foolish to crave affection from someone who never looked back.

After thinking about it for a while, she could look at the current situation objectively. 

‘Oh, I was stupid.’

Keira spent her entire life trying to be a woman worthy of the Parvis name. She stayed at home to learn and do everything she could to be recognized by her father.

She wanted to be a perfect person that no one could find fault.

If that happened, her father would recognize her. 

She lived and died like that.

In the end, it turned out all that effort was pointless.

The Grand Duke rejected her as soon as it was revealed that she was not his daughter. Very firmly, as if he was discarding something useless.

It was so painful that Keira cried with her head down for a while. But the sobbing didn’t last long.

When she heard a knock on the door, Keira wiped her tears and raised her head. 

“What’s going on?” she asked. When she heard the maid’s voice, she allowed her to come in.

“His Grace has sent a therapist.”

“His Grace?”

What’s wrong with him? 


Keira tried to remember if this happened in the past, but nothing came to mind. By no means was she a genius who remembered every mundane incident, but she could never have forgotten an incident where her father would have a therapist sent to her himself. 

The Duke wasn’t one to talk about how he was feeling. If such a person had sent a therapist himself, Keira’s past self would have been moved beyond belief.

I couldn’t have forgotten.

“Why did he send a therapist all of a sudden?”

“Perhaps… it’s because you skipped today’s greetings,” the maid replied hesitantly.

Keira’s eyes grew wide in surprise.

“Ha,” she sighed.

The Duke never looked back when she was begging for attention.

“There must be a misunderstanding. I’m not sick. Politely send back the therapist.”

When she answered, the maid was caught off-guard. “B-but His Grace may be offended if you do that.”

“Why? He sent me a therapist because he was worried about my health. Wouldn’t it be fortunate to hear I didn’t need to be examined because I was healthy?”

“My lady, after seeing the sincerity of His Grace, you should be examined once–”

“It’ll take half an hour. It’s a waste of time. Politely send him back.”


Despite her resolve, the maid stood still. She seemed quite surprised. 

It was not good for staff to be told twice. However, this time, it was understandable. 

In the past, Keira lived with the thought of wanting to be loved by her father. She made every effort to be recognized by her father and deemed worthy of the prestigious Parvis name. 

The woman who did that suddenly changed overnight and said she wouldn’t even see the therapist her father sent. 

So, it was understandable that the maid would try to dissuade her, thinking she might have temporarily lost her mind. 

It’s not that Keira didn’t understand that’s why she didn’t even think of scolding her.

“I’ll visit him in the evening to thank him. So send the therapist back.”

“Ah. Yes, yes, I understand,” the maid bowed and left the room. 

Saying she was going to her father in the evening wasn’t a lie to appease her maid’s worries. Keira was really going to visit him.

However, it was not to express gratitude. There was one thing she wanted to check personally. 

‘In addition, I have to tell him I will no longer be greeting him in the future.’

She stood up from her seat, and contemplated about the things she had to do.

The lady’s daily routine was quite busy. 

If she had an older brother, she might have been a little free. Unfortunately, however, Keira was the eldest daughter of the Grand Duke of Parvis, and her only brother was still a minor.

The eldest daughter of the family known as the Shield of the Kingdom could never have been free. 

It was only possible to take a short break in the morning because one of her classes was cancelled.

Her daily routine started again at 11 o’clock. It was the final round for the annual Knighthood tests. 

As the first line of defense against the threat of demons, the Parvis duchy was the only one in the capital that had the right to own an Order of Knights.


Keira sat side-by-side with the Vice Captain of the knights and observed the tests. 

I don’t recognize that candidate. It was probably because he failed the exam. 

Sure enough, the candidate fell less than a minute after starting the competition, and scored far below the passing mark. He stood up with his shoulders drooping in disappointment. 


The next candidate looked familiar. The third son of the Cloud Family, Karl Cloud. He passed the exam today and will be appointed as a member of the Parvis Knights. 

“He’ll pass,” she unconsciously muttered.

Like in her past life, Karl Cloud exhibited a strong offense. Although he didn’t win, he was a good candidate. He only took a break after passing the test. 

The rest of the exam will then take place after lunch.

Joseph, the Vice Captain who was sitting next to Keira, stood up and said, “How did you know he was talented without even seeing him train?”


Joseph was staring at her. 

Joseph Argos, the second son of the Argos family and the Vice Captain of the Knights.

…And the one who protected her ’til the end even though they weren’t close. 

He pleaded with the King to lessen her sentence even at the risk of losing his position. 

Even though he was from a prestigious family, matters of the prophecy were delicate. He risked his life as a knight for something futile.

“Well, I just heard rumors. Cloud’s three sons are quite talented.”

“I see.”

In the past, she and Joseph were not close. 

It had been a long-standing tradition for the children of the Grand Duke to serve as the head of the Knights for two to three years after they reach adulthood. 

The ones who joined the Knights were usually elites who are recognized for their pedigree and skills. 

People speculated that the tradition was started so that the children of the Parvis family, who will one day inherit the title, will be given the opportunity to build connections with the aristocratic elite.

Furthermore, leading such a group and coordinating between individuals was a valuable experience that could not be learned from books. 

So a year ago when Keira became an adult, she took over the post of Knight Captain. Regardless if she passed the test or received recognition from the knights, she got the position because she was the eldest child of the Grand Duke. 

Since she took over the position, Joseph, who was once the Knight Captain, was relegated to the position of Vice Captain. 

Keira of the past was insecure of that fact. 

Compared to Joseph, who was recognized for his skills, character and bloodline, she was only knighted because she was the eldest daughter of the Grand Duke – that was all; A parachute[1] leader.

No matter how old the tradition, it was too much to stomach. 

In order to be recognized by her father, there shouldn’t be any loopholes because it only seemed to make her weaknesses stand out.

A parachute captain and a talented vice captain.

It was obvious which one will shine more. 

She hated Joseph for nothing but her insecurity.

She started countless arguments over minor issues. 

She knew it was pathetic. She knew it was wrong. However, the human mind sometimes ignored logic.

Nevertheless, in her last few days, he defended her. Joseph believed that the death penalty was too excessive. According to him, Keira did not deceive the people because she wanted to.

Why on earth did Joseph defend her? What’s the point of defending someone who was going to be killed anyway?

She would understand if they were close, but they weren’t.

She could only think of it as innate goodness[2]

“Well, Sir Joseph.”

Joseph looked back at her. “Yes, Captain?”

“I want to apologize to you.”

[1] In Korea, they call people who get hired/get a certain position with the help of high-up connections as 낙하산 ‘nakhasan’ (or parachute) 

[2] She probably meant Joseph did what he did because he was a good person.

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