AIWTRO Chapter Eleven

AIWTRO Chapter 11




They weren’t unaware of the rumors about Keira, either. 

Political science, military science, philosophy, history, magic, swordsmanship. There were rumors that the top scholars said they’ve never taught someone of this exceptional talent before. 

No matter how exceptional a genius can be, they would still need to put in effort to become an expert in all fields. There were also many rumors praising how diligent she was. 

She she has studied her whole life, she must not know how to play and act at a drinking party. 


A defeated noise burst out of their mouths. They felt a sense of unexplainable guilt. 

The Captain wanted to join the drinking parties because she wanted to be close to the knights but she found out they didn’t want her there so she stopped. 

How sad could she be?

Come to think of it, they thought the way she apologized sounded quite sullen. – Of course, this was only in their guilty imagination.

A somber silence fell on the training field. 

What should we do?

Everyone just looked at each other.

“When I see her next time,” Vice Captain Joseph broke the silence. “I’ll deliver my apologies on behalf of everyone.”

“We trust you, Vice Captain!”

“Please tell Captain she’s welcome to come next time. No, she’s welcome to join today!”


‘Should we teach her how to play?’ The thought passed Joseph’s mind. 

But he was quiet as everyone looked desperate. 

“I’ll try.”

Still, he didn’t know to approach her. 

There was something different about Keira today. It wasn’t just her words and actions that were different. Her whole aura changed.

Until yesterday, she seemed like a person constantly standing on thorns, but now, the lady seemed different. 

Although it was a subtle change, Joseph, who could read people well, could definitely feel that she seemed to have changed overnight.

He contemplated for a long time how to describe her.

‘You looked free.’

Like a person who let go of their burdens.

What happened to her?


“To be honest, I wanted to be a respected leader like you. I only got the position because of my blood. I took it out on you because I was insecure for being just a lady without any achievements and qualifications.”

“No matter what the reason was, what I did was wrong. I apologize for saying this so suddenly, but I thought it was something I had to say one day, and took the opportunity to apologize.”

He didn’t know she was thinking like that. 

“So, you didn’t hate me…”

He thought she did. When she argued with him, he never saw it as nitpicking. He thought she disliked him because he was lacking. 

But that wasn’t the case at all.

When he realized that the Captain didn’t dislike him, a sense of relief spread in his heart. 

A bright smile spread across his face.

“Tell His Grace I’ve come.”

Keira didn’t expect she would be able to meet him right away since she came without prior notice.

She was determined to wait at least thirty minutes but was proven wrong.

“His Grace says you may enter.”

“Right now?”



Was he on a break? Whatever reason it was, she was glad she didn’t have to wait long.

As soon as Keira stood in front of his desk, the Duke went straight to the point. “What’s going on?”


He was still the same person who hated small talk. Now that she was used to it, she didn’t get flustered.

Following his cue, she gave a brief greeting before answering, “I wanted to thank you for sending me a therapist.”

“I heard you didn’t see him.”

“Because I’m healthy. But thank you for your concern.”

“Sending a notice would have been enough.”

‘Okay, then.’

As expected, her father did not change. As much as it was a miracle that she went back in time, it didn’t mean that her father’s cold heart would melt. 

She was relieved that she didn’t have expectations.

“I would not have bothered Your Grace just for that reason. I will be stopping the morning greetings starting today. I thought It was proper to tell you in person.”


“I’m sure Your Grace was busy in the morning but I disturbed you with my selfishness. It won’t happen again.”

“So that’s why you didn’t come today.”

Keira bent down to show the sincerity in her apology. 

‘You won’t care anyway.’

With her head bowed down, she waited for her father’s reply. Oddly, instead of immediately receiving permission to do as she pleased, she was only answered with silence.

In the end, Keira had to raise her head to look at Ludwig’s expression.

“Your Grace?”

Ludwig had his eyebrows slightly creased as if he didn’t like something. Was he disappointed that she wouldn’t be greeting him anymore?

She couldn’t help but wonder if he really felt that way. 

I’ve decided to stop following you, but now you want me to?

If he weren’t the Grand Duke, she would’ve used all her power and hit him.

“I thought it was an outdated custom to offer my morning greetings…”

“…Okay. I wondered why you persisted if you’re going to quit like this.”

“It was foolish.”


“Yes, it was foolish of me not to consider that what I’ve been doing for my own pleasure was making you uncomfortable.”

Of course, that wasn’t the reason, but he didn’t need to know.

“I have no intention of enforcing outdated traditions. Do as you please.”

“Thank you. And I have another favor to ask you.”


Keira didn’t usually ask for favors, mostly because she was worried it would be an inconvenience to her father. She solved any problems by herself. 

“I’ve been exhausted lately. I would like to step down as Captain of the Knights for the time being.”

“For the time being?”

“Yes, maybe two months.”

When Cosette appears, Keira would be suspected of being the fake daughter and forced to resign as the Captain. It was much better to leave on her own.

She gave her excuse, but she probably wouldn’t return within that period. Besides, she had a lot to personally investigate.

“Two months?”

“Yes. I want to take a break for a while.”

“It’s too long. You can’t leave that position vacant for that long. A month. I’ll give you that much.”

“Then how about a month and a half?”

Everyone in the office looked at Keira in surprise.