AIWTRO Chapter 13

AIWTRO Chapter 13


T/N: While I am MTLing this novel, I’m also studying Korean. It’s been very fun to work on this project because it’s becoming easier to read the language and I’ve come across some interesting idioms! Also, thank you for your comments! I’m sorry if there are grammatical errors because English is my second language hehe 

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Joseph: “It’s been a longstanding tradition for the eldest daughter of the Grand Duke to serve as the Captain of the Knights. Having the next head as our Captain is an honor for us. Just who had the audacity to say such rude things? I’ll find them and punish them.”

Keira: “Please calm down. No one said it.”

Joseph: “Then did someone show their displeasure? That’s also unforgivable. I will punish them for sure so please don’t mind them, my lady.”

Keira: “No… Not really, but…”

When Keira stammered her words and scratched her cheeks, Joseph seemed to have roughly guessed the situation.

Joseph: “Then did you think think like that on your own?”

Keira nodded softly.


Then Joseph’s expression changed into that of complete astonishment. Keira couldn’t help but cringe as if she did something wrong. 

An unexpected remark came out of his mouth, “Why did you think that way? We are proud to have you as our captain.”

Keira: “W-what?”

They were proud of her? Her eyes opened wide. 

Joseph: “Even the vassals are proud. Why wouldn’t we be when you’re the kind of talent who only comes every hundred years?”

Keira: “But I don’t have any experience and only became the captain because of my bloodline.”

Joseph: “Who in the world would think of you like that? They won’t doubt you after you beat them up at training.”

Sir Joseph hit his chest in frustration. 

With her head bowed down, Keira wondered if it was just a misunderstanding caused by her insecurity from being not enough in her father’s eyes? 

She raised her head and asked, “But even when everyone’s having fun talking, why does do they get quiet when I show up?

Joseph: “Who would be able to joke around in front of their superiors? Especially in front of the next Saintess?”


Keira became a mute who has eaten honey[1]

Taking advantage of the silence, Sir Joseph continued eagerly, “Besides, my lady is a little… there was an impression that it was hard to talk to you comfortably. It’s not that my lady was not liked, but people didn’t know how to approach you.”


Keira: “…Do I look difficult?”

Joseph: “Think of His Grace. Let’s say that he’s sitting blankly there and not saying anything. Could you joke around in front of him when he’s like that?”

 Keira: “Oh…”

Indeed. Who can joke around in front of her father who’s cold and reserved? 

She always thought she shouldn’t laugh loudly or talk too much because it wasn’t befitting a noble and the next Saintess. But she didn’t expect it would make her seem unapproachable.

Keira: “I didn’t think of it like that. I just thought it wasn’t aristocratic to laugh out loud…”

In the past, she didn’t really care much if they were reluctant to approach her. With all her attention focused on her father, she didn’t notice. 

Come to think of it, Cosette always smiled. Her cool features resembling the Duke would soften when she smiled. She talked to those who were wary of her and reached out her hand with a smile on her face. 

Now, Keira understood why Cosette was able to win the hearts of everyone so quickly.

Keira: “So that’s what everyone thought…”

Joseph: “Is it still true that you want to make friends?”

Keira: “Huh?”

Joseph: “You said you went to the drinking parties to get to know us.”

Truthfully, she went to the drinking parties because she thought it was her duty as the eldest daughter of the Grand Duke to make connections with the knights, but she didn’t say that and just nodded instead.

Joseph: “Then we’re just in time.”

Keira: “What?”

Joseph: “Everyone is waiting for our lady.”

Keira: “Waiting? Why?”

Joseph: “There’s a welcome party for the new recruits, isn’t there? If you’re late, everyone might already be drunk and passed out. Let’s go.”

Somehow, Sir Joseph felt obligated to help her get close to the knights. He still couldn’t believe she wanted to be friends with them… was he feeling sorry for her?

Keira: “Huh? G-go?”

Sir Joseph stood up from his seat and stared at her with a look that said, ‘Are you not going?’

Was she being hypnotized by that look? When Keira came to her senses, she was already following him. 

‘C-can I go?’

Didn’t say they didn’t want the boss to go? Keira’s mind was jumbled. When she was starting to hesitate on going, she remembered what Sir Joseph said.

“We are proud to have you as our captain.”

She lived her whole life wanting to be perfect and recognized by her father, but found out it was useless. Her father would never appreciate her. 

‘…I’m acknowledged.’

There were people who recognized her efforts. It was an affirmation that all her efforts were not in vain.

She had a lump in her throat when she realized that.

The party was held at a bar outside the mansion. The two decided to ride a carriage because it would take a while to walk, and the bar wasn’t exactly a place high-ranking nobles would frequent. 

However, Keira frequently attended the drinking parties in her past life, so she had visited the place several times.

She walked into the bar without a second thought. Still, her heart was pounding. 

“Oh, you’re here, my lady?” Reina, one of the few female knights, greeted the two. 

At the greeting, the knights who were busy eating raised their heads. They greeted the two in unison. 

“Please come this way.”

“Hey, we need more glasses.”

“This is a strong drink, will it be alright?”


She was escorted to the center of the table, and Sir Joseph beside her. Keira looked around. Everyone at the table were buzzing and preparing the drinks.

“I think everyone’s here.”

“Then can I roll it up?”

“Hey, stop that.”

What were they drinking? Keira was puzzled by what the knights were saying. Looking closely, the situation at the table was unfamiliar.

Large glasses of beer lined up in a row. On top of it, a small glass was balanced on top of chopsticks[2].

Were they trying to build a tower?

For Keira, drinking meant sipping a glass of cocktail or wine. She’s never seen anything so bizarre. 

A knight she wasn’t familiar with stepped forward. “I am Dame[3] Kirix who joined the Knights of Parvis today.”

“My lady, this newcomer is showing you her skills.”

Skills? Keira blinked. 

Have they done this before in her past life? She didn’t remember at all.

No, the atmosphere wasn’t as relaxed as this. 

They used to sit stiffly, greet each other, eat some snacks, and disperse. She wasn’t sure whether it was really a drinking party or a meeting. 

Dame Kirix drew out her sword with a tense look. Soon after, a blue glow surrounded the blade. 

Keira: “Oh!”

“Come on!”

Keira thought everyone knew how to do that to the sword and wondered why everyone was getting excited. Still, she kept her mouth shut.

It was a wise decision. 

Dame Kirix stood in front of the row of glasses and swung her sword across. With amazing control, she stopped just before the sword touched the glass.

[1] The literal translation of 꿀 먹은 벙어리 (kkul meog-eun beong-eoli) is ‘a mute who has eaten honey.’ Its English equivalent is basically ‘cat got your tongue?’ 

[2] lmao they’re doing sake bombs 

[3] Dame in this context is probably the title women receive that’s equivalent to the rank of a knight