AIWTRO Chapter Twelve

AIWTRO Chapter 12


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It wasn’t weird for the staff to be surprised. If Keira was still the same person in the past, she would have withdrawn her request the moment Ludwig said ‘too long.’

No, even before that, she would not have said she wanted to take a break.

Instead, when her father said he would only allow one month, she negotiated for another option. 

Keira: “I’m very tired. Please allow me.” 

Ludwig: “…Very well. Take a two-month break then.” 

Keira: “Thank you.” 

It was fortunate that she could get permission. 

Did he not care, or did he allow it because she looked exhausted?

‘It doesn’t matter.’

Keira raised her head to tackle the last problem. There was something she had to check.

Silver hair, red eyes, and features similar to Cosette.

He looked so young that one would find it hard to imagine he had a daughter who became an adult.

In the past, she was always nervous around her father. She tried so hard to be noticed by someone who didn’t even care.

But now…

‘I’m free.’

She couldn’t feel anything.


She was worried she would feel different if she finally saw him, but she was relieved she didn’t.

She said what she had to say, got permission to do what she had to do, and checked the issue she had to check. There was no more reason to stay in the office.

“Then, I’ll be off.” She turned and left the office. 

Everyone stared blankly at the door where she had left. The first one who came to their senses was Ludwig.

Ludwig: “Send back the therapist.”

Aide: “You seem to be tired, so I will look for medicine.” 

Ludwig turned to what he was doing but couldn’t concentrate. He reflected on the conversation he just had with his daughter.

Something was different than usual…

What is it?

After a while, he finally realized.

“I would not have bothered Your Grace just for that reason.”

“I’m sure Your Grace was busy in the morning but I disturbed you with my selfishness…”

“Your Grace?”

Keira called him ‘Your Grace,’ not ‘Father.’

As soon as he realized it, an unexpected chill went through his chest. 

Keira went straight to her room after finishing her work. 

On her way back, she suddenly thought, ‘What happened after I died?’

Her crime was equivalent to treason, so it was likely she didn’t have a proper burial. Perhaps she was hung like a decoration. 

Did father live happily ever after with his real daughter? How was the kingdom after that? Since she was killed, was the disaster mentioned in the prophecy avoided?

It was a waste of time to wonder about questions she could never know the answers.

With a bitter smile, Keira walked faster. As she went upstairs, she saw the hallway on the third floor and spotted a man waiting for her there. 

Keira: “Sir Joseph?” 

She wondered why he was there as she approached him. “What’s the matter?”

Joseph: “I’m here to apologize. Could you spare me a moment?”

Keira: “Then, let’s go to the drawing room–”

Joseph: “There’s no need. This will be brief.”

Since he insisted, Keira instead led him to her study. The servants brought in simple refreshments.

Keira: “You don’t have to mind what I said this morning. I really was wrong and apologize for it.” 

Joseph: “Rather than that… it’s about the drinking party.”

Keira: “Drinking party?” 

Joseph: “Yes.” 

Keira blushed, scratching her cheek. “No, no. Don’t worry about me and enjoy it. I really didn’t know my presence was a distraction.”

She was embarrassed when she said it. What did they think of the boss who always attended and broke the mood?

Keira: “And, I’m going to quit soon.” 

Joseph: “What?”

Keira: “It wasn’t my seat anyway. I’m just returning it to the original owner.”

When Cosette arrives, it would be inevitable for Keira to step down from her position. However, it was a complete shock for Joseph who had no idea what was happening.

 ‘You’re more hurt than I expected.’

Joseph: “M-my lady…”

Keira: “Hmm?”

Joseph: “What those guys said, it’s not that they didn’t want my lady to attend.”

Of course, it was unnerving to see someone pay for the alcohol but not enjoy it to their heart’s content, but Joseph didn’t say that.


Joseph: “I think they’re scared of playing hard since you’re just sitting at the drinking table and staring at them as if you’re supervising.”

Keira: “Supervising? That wasn’t my intention at all.”

Joseph: “Yes, of course. But it’s possible they didn’t see it that way. A drinking party is a place where you can enjoy and drink a lot. Since you’re sitting there with a reserved look on your face, it’s easy for others to misunderstand.”

Keira: “Oh…”

She didn’t know. 

‘I thought I could just drink leisurely since it was a drinking party.’

Besides, didn’t everyone sit still like her and sip their glasses? So she thought it was okay. 

She was mortified when she realized she shouldn’t go where her subordinates play.

Joseph: “So, they didn’t say they didn’t want my lady to come. The more the merrier. However, I think it would be easier to make friends if you adapt to the atmosphere.”

Keira: “I see.”

The temporary appointment of the Grand Duke’s eldest children as Knight Captain was meant to help them make connections with high-ranking nobles, and Keira tried to be faithful to that purpose. 

But after pouring all of her focus on her father, she could only give so much to others. In the end, she couldn’t get close to the knights.

Keira: “Thank you, but you guys should enjoy the party.”

Joseph: “Why?”

Why not? They weren’t close, and she was planning to resign soon. But she didn’t say that.

Keira: “Well, I’m not close to the knights… and wasn’t it because you disapproved of me?”

No matter what Joseph said, she was unqualified for the position of Knight Captain. Yes, her academic achievements were outstanding. She learned both magic and swordsmanship, and was formally knighted.

But it was all for naught. 

She had no experience passing the knight test. 

How many people can wield a sword against the great lady? She was unable to participate in the competition because of that. 

In the end, Keira held a high position without any experience. That’s why her subordinates were reluctant to approach her.

Keira: “I understand. They’re all talented people who have passed rigorous tests, so it’s natural they didn’t want to be follow a person who only got in because of her bloodline.”

Joseph: “Who said that?” 

His reaction was quite severe. His face hardened in anger, and his voice clearly reflected it.