AIWTRO Chapter Fifteen

AIWTRO Chapter 15


“Our lady is completely drunk. What should we do?”

“I’m gonna ask them to carry her.”

Joseph called Reina and three other female knights to bring home the lady. The women entered the carriage and went straight to the mansion.

Joseph: “Phew…”

It was fortunate that the drinking party ended on a good note. Joseph was relieved that the atmosphere wasn’t cold like before.

Arthur, who was standing next to him, said, “The lady looked like she had fun, so stop sighing.”

Joseph: “…It’s not like that.”

Arthur: “I could tell you were really worried. You’ve been glancing back a few times.”

Joseph: “It’s not like that.”

Arthur: “Hey, you’re embarrassed.”

He always felt that Arthur was infuriating. Perhaps it was the joy of getting away with things for being the youngest, but he was getting more meddlesome.

Joseph didn’t hesitate to hit him at once. He kicked Arthur in the shin.

“Ack!” Arthur jumps up and down, grabbing the spot he was kicked. “Wow, that’s too much!”

Joseph: “…and so with the lady.”

Arthur: “What?”

Joseph: “What did you talk about?”

“Hmm, just this and that? We talked about how scary His Grace is.” Joseph looked at him sharply when he said that, but Arthur slyly added, “Our lady swore at him, too. If you’re gonna punish him, we’ll join you.”


He was infuriating.

Joseph kicked him in the shin again. 

The carriage was but a speck in the distance as he watched it head back to the mansion. He couldn’t help but remember the scene of their lady playing with them, her face flushed under the influence of alcohol… Crying and talking about her woes.


Joseph’s face reddened, not at all due to the alcohol. 

Arthur: “Oh, sir Joseph, is your face turning red?”

Joseph: “It’s dark, s-so you must be mistaken.”

Arthur: “Really? Am I mistaken, too, that you’re stuttering?”

He’s really annoying, right?

Joseph tried to kick him once more, but this time Arthur dodged. 

Arthur changed the topic. “I didn’t know our lady was like that. I thought she was a cold and scary person… Unexpectedly, she’s soft and a little cute…”

Joseph: “Watch your mouth, Walford.”

How dare he describe his superior as ‘cute?’ A subordinate had no right to say that.

Joseph wrapped his arms around Arthur’s shoulder and dragged him into the carriage. If they wanted to go to work tomorrow, they had to rest. 

He leaned back against the chair and was lost in thought. Although he admonished Arthur, he agreed to some extent. 

Particularly, when she apologized and was too embarrassed to make eye contact…

Joseph, who thought about it, shook his head. He shouldn’t think rudely about the lady.

He deliberately filled his head with other thoughts, however there was nothing he could do about his flushed face.

ACT 2.

The worst way to discover one has a weak tolerance towards alcohol was to wake up the next day with a hangover. Keira had to suffer form nursing her hangover all morning.

Fortunately, her morning schedule was empty because she announced yesterday that she would be taking a break.

She held onto her throbbing head and said to Rose. “Clear my afternoon schedule, too.”

Rose: “All afternoon…?”

Keira: “That’s right.”

Rose: “You must not be feeling well.”

Keira: “It’s not that. I just want to get some rest.”

Rose: “Pardon?” 

Rose’s eyes widened.

Keira was a girl who had never been lazy, so Rose couldn’t believe that her lady has been in bed all day. But Rose was a maid, and she wouldn’t dare meddle.

“I will,” Rose said, and left the room.

‘What should I do?’

She had more free time since she took a break from Knight Captain duties, but there was no time to relax.

Cosette will appear soon.

Keira stood up. First, she had to find out the truth of what Cosette said. 

She rang the bell, and Rose returned shortly. 

Rose: “Yes, my lady?”

Keira: “Please send someone to the temple. I’d like to borrow all the data on spirits.”

If it was information about the spirits, the temple would be more reliable than the Imperial Palace library. 

Thanks to the temple and the Grand Duke of Parvis’ close relationship, it wasn’t difficult to make use of the temple’s facilities.

When the other maid left, Keira turned to Rose.

Keira: “Rose.”

Rose: “Yes, my lady?”

Keira: “If you can live as you please from now on, what would you want to do?”

Rose: “Hmm… Is it on the premise that there are no economic restrictions?”

Keira: “That’s right.”

Rose hummed and thought about it for a while. “If someone gives me money to live on for the rest of my life and asks me to live as I want, I’ll travel and go on a trip.”

Keira: “Travel? Why?”

Rose: “It was one of my dreams. I’ve never gone outside the walls of the capital since I was born. I want to see the sea and waterfalls that are bigger than the two gates combined… Anyway, I want to experience a world I’ve never seen before.”

Rose’s voice was excited when she said so. 

“In fact, I’m still saving up to do that. My dream is to go on vacation to the nearest city to the capital.”

Rose was one of the people who stayed by her side even when most of the manor’s staff moved to Cosette’s side. 

Keira: “Okay, you can go on your next vacation. I’ll tell the butler to cover the expenses.”

As expected, Rose was delighted. 

Rose: “R-really? Thank you so much, my lady!”

Keira: “Are you that happy? You’ll only be going to a nearby city.”

Rose: “Of course! I don’t want to live my whole life in this small capital. I’m going to see the some of the continent’s attractions! It’s such a waste to just live in this place, right? I don’t want my life to be just work then death.”

Keira thought about it for a while and said, “…That’s right. A person’s life shouldn’t be just being born to work, and dying.”

“Oh my, my lady. You sound like an old person who’s already lived a long life.”

Keira just smiled without answering. 

Although she’s not an old person, she has suffered death once. 

A human’s time was limited. Being born and dying wasn’t what life was about. 

So it was important to properly consider how to spend that time. Didn’t she have a history of wasting her life on meaningless things?

If she had a tough life in the past, could she be free to be lazy this time?

Should I just roll around and relax in bed right now?

But it wasn’t living a new life; it was doing nothing. She didn’t want to waste her time in that way.


Seeing Rose so excited made her feel something. A new world. A world she’s never experienced before.

The world that Keira knew was very small. An unsociable family and limited people. 

The family’s duty that she had to hear over and over again. 

Meeting, obeying, and being educated were all limited. 

She sometimes wondered what if she was born into a family that wasn’t the Parvis family? What was it like to be born into a family with no obligations or rules, and to be educated and raised in a different environment?

How did it feel like to live in a different world?

Keira: “Come to think of it, I feel the same way as Rose.”

Rose: “Pardon?”

Keira: “It’s a waste of life to stay in a small world.”

Rose: “Uh… Does this mean you want to travel with me?”

It was impossible. Cosette would appear soon, so it was hard to leave the capital for a long time.

“I don’t mean I want to go on a trip. But I’m suddenly curious about the world outside the manor. What kind of life do other people have? Something like that.”