AIWTRO Chapter Sixteen

AIWTRO Chapter 16


She recalled receiving many invitations from nobles who wanted to be acquainted with the Parvis family. It would be easy to experience the ‘outside world’ if she were to accept an invitation from any of them. 

Keira: “Rose, how do other aristocrats live?”

Rose: “Pardon?”

Keira: “I just suddenly wondered.”

Rose: “Well, I’m not an aristocrat, so I can’t answer that. If you’re curious, why don’t you read a novel about nobles? I can recommend some books.”

Keira: “…You only read strange novels, don’t you?”

Rose bristled. “Strange novel! That’s what we call pop literature!”

What’s popular literature? It was considered inferior, focusing solely on interest rather than knowledge.

Naturally, Keira has never read such a thing. Not only did she have no time to read, she hadn’t considered popular novels as literature, much like most nobles. 

Even now, she was hesitant to read a book that was solely focused on stimulating interest.

‘Let’s think of this as research.’

After such rationalization, she nodded. “Okay. Please recommend stories that have a good grasp of nobles’ daily life.”

“Somehow, that standard of choosing a book seems a little strange… But I’ll look for something you’ll enjoy,” Rose said and left the room.

Alone in the room, Keira couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to come back to the past and live a new life.

In theory, it seemed like an easy task… but somehow, she felt strange. 

Her heart throbbed, the feeling much like an adventurer taking the first steps on a journey.

After lunch, the servants sent to the temple returned.

She set aside the books she deemed important, and had the servants investigate cases where ordinary people have seen the spirit. 

‘Should I ask them to keep quiet?’

At first, she considered using people who stayed with her ’til the end to conduct the investigation, and swear them to secrecy, but soon gave up the on the idea. 

In a house with a lot of eyes and ears, the things she’d ordered was bound to be discovered. It was better to act naturally than to ask them to swear secrecy for no reason. 

Fortunately, Keira was seen as a model student. People would easily believe her if she said she was looking at the unusual cases due to academic curiosity.

‘I can leave the matter to the servants. Then what’s left is…’

A new life to start again. 

‘I’m not going to live my life locked up at home, doing what I was told like I used to.’

Whether her father nags her or not, she will go outside to meet people and see new things. 

In the past, the only time she interacted with people outside of the family was when she attended a large national event or a banquet with her father. The outside world was a strange environment for her. 

Because of that, having a close friend was impossible for her. 

Although she had experience talking to some of the other noble ladies her age at banquets, she rarely attended. 

‘I used to talk about the weather then walk away.’

At that time, she thought, ‘The conversation is not fun,’ and just gave up. Truthfully, she didn’t care much about them. Her focus was getting her father’s approval.

Now that she’s decided to get to know the world outside the Parvis territory, she was anxious.

‘What if no one talks to me?’

What if rumors have already spread that she’s a boring person?

It would be sad if she went to the ball and left without making a friend. 

In addition, Keira had no idea what were the interests of the ladies her age. Even if someone with a good heart approached her, she wouldn’t know what to talk about.

Keira walked to her room with those thoughts in mind. 

Then she came across Arthur Walford.

“You were here, my lady? I’ve been looking for you,” he said, smiling brightly. “You didn’t come out in the morning, so we thought you were suffering from a hangover. It’s good to see you’re doing fine.”

“Actually, I still have a mild headache. But why were you looking for me?”

“We thought you couldn’t come out because of a hangover, so Vice Captain told me to deliver this to you.”

Arthur handed her a glass bottle filled with liquid, and said, “Honey water. It’ll help you relieve your hangover.”

“Please tell Sir Joseph I’m grateful.”

“I will.”

Handing the glass bottle to the maid, Keira continued, “I didn’t go to the training grounds in the morning because I’m taking a break. I wouldn’t say it was… um, it wasn’t because of a hangover.”

“Oh, you’re taking a break for a while?”

“Yes, and it’s not because of what happened yesterday, so I hope you don’t misunderstand. I’ve been thinking about getting some rest for a while.”

She wasn’t lying because she really was tired. 

Arthur’s smile slightly fell after hearing what she said, but soon managed his facial expression. 

Arthur: “Then, I’ll be sure to deliver the message to Vice Captain. When are you planning to come back?”

Keira: “About two months later?”

She might not be able to come back ever, but Keira stopped herself from saying more.

Arthur: “We’ll see you in two months.”

Arthur grinned and turned around to leave, but stopped when Keira caught him. 

Keira: “Wait, sir Arthur.”

Arthur: “Yes, my lady?”

He was still smiling brightly. 

Lively people usually spread good energy around them. That was something Keira found hard to emulate. Maybe someone as bright and lively as Sir Arthur could give her meaningful advice.

Keira: “I want to ask you something. I hope you don’t mind.”

Arthur: “Ask me anything.”

Keira: “C-can we move somewhere first?”

It was embarrassing to ask in such an open place. Keira led Arthur to a corner. 

Keira: “Do you get along well with other people?”

Arthur: “Pardon? No, um. I do hear a lot of people say that.”

Keira: “So you’ve been to a lot of social events, huh? Balls, salons, the like.”

Arthur: “Oh, uh… There’s a lot of social activities in the Knights of Parvis.”

When he said so, Keira’s face lit up a little. 

Keira: “Actually, I want to interact with people outside the family, but I don’t know where to start. I mean… what kind of topic should we talk about and how can we get closer?”

Arthur: “…”

Keira’s purple eyes were shining with so much curiosity. Arthur realized she’s really serious.

‘Now that I see it, I think it’s…’

She said she attended drinking parties because she wanted to get to know the knights. Perhaps, the lady who was born in this strict house has long been feeling lonely. 

‘Well, it’s only human nature.’

He felt a little bad for the lady. He vowed to advise as best as he could.

Arthur: “Hmm. If you’re the same gender and same age, it’s pretty easy to get close.” 

Keira: “Yes, I suppose so.”

Keira listened attentively. It made Arthur nervous because she looked like she was listening to fantastic advice. 

Arthur: “And I don’t want to tell you this, but…”

Keira: “You can tell me.”

Arthur hesitated for a bit, but blurted it out. “You should smile whenever you can.”

Keira: “Huh?”

Then he went on as if he had wanted to say these things for a very long time. 

Arthur: “Usually, people feel at ease when they talk to someone with a soft expression! If a person still acts tenderly towards you even when you’ve put up a wall, they’re not being genuine! And to be honest with you, you’ve very scary when you’re still. It takes a lot of courage to talk to you.”

Come to think of it, Joseph said something similar.

“Besides, my lady is a little… there was an impression that it was hard to talk to you comfortably. It’s not that my lady was not liked, but people didn’t know how to approach you.”

“Think of His Grace. Let’s say that he’s sitting blankly there and not saying anything. Could you joke around in front of him when he’s like that?”