AIWTRO Chapter Eighteen

AIWTRO Chapter 18


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Keira wondered how the situation came to that. The story began to flow rapidly as the early part of the story about her life at her aunt’s mansion passed.

She couldn’t stop reading.

The particular scene where the Count recognized a disguised Stella at the masquerade made her so happy that she hit the blanket with her fist.

「”How did you recognize me at a glance?”
“You’re the only one with such bright purple eyes.”」

Coincidentally, Keira’s eyes were purple, and it made her even more absorbed in the story. It would be weird to hear in real life those lines from the novel, but there something in the way the count in the novel said it that made it romantic.

The two, who immediately recognized each other at a masquerade ball, went out to the garden and had a tryst. 

In other words, they did it.

‘Wait, these two aren’t even married yet, are they?’

As someone who grew up in a conservative environment, questions filled Keira’s head. Stella was unmarried and has yet to inform her family of her relationship.

‘I-is it okay to do this?’

She thought she was reading a disturbing book, be she couldn’t stop turning the pages.

The second time an interesting scene came out, she thought, ‘I don’t know if I should continue.’ But she felt like reading it anyway.

Morning came, and she finally reached the last page. 


She heard birds chirping outside the window, and felt a sense of shame. Just what did she do all night?


Rose: “My lady, it’s time for you to wake up– Oh, you’re awake.”

Rose came into the room to open the curtains. Her eyes shifted to the book in Keira’s hands. 

Rose: “So, what did I tell you? It wasn’t a good idea to start right before bedtime.”

Keira: “Y-you’re right.”

Rose: “It was fun, right?”

Keira: “O–oh, yes, especially about the nighttime events in the capital. It was interesting that the young people enjoyed the masquerade all night long. I didn’t even know there was this–.”

To be honest though, the scene that followed was more interesting. The scene in the garden.

However, she couldn’t exactly say that because she said she was only interested in reading the book to learn about the daily life of aristocrats.

Keira: “And the main character’s sister getting ready for the academy. Maybe it’s because I was homeschooled.”

Why was she even explaining herself? Since when did she have a habit of telling a maid what she enjoyed in a book she’s read?

She wasn’t sure if she was just being paranoid, but Rose seemed to be looking at her with a strange smile.

Shame washed over her, but before it could completely overwhelm her, Rose spoke.

Rose: “I have a copy of the side story about the sister, should I get it for you?”

Keira: “There’s a side story?”

Rose: “They said the sister’s story was interesting. It’s half a volume, so it’ll be in more detail.”

Was it a mistake that Keira saw her smiling weirdly? Rose talked to her as she usually did. Yes, it must have been an illusion. 

Rose, of course, wouldn’t laugh at her lady, so she did her best not to show her how happy she was.

Keira pretended to be calm and spoke, grateful that her voice wasn’t shaking.

Keira: “Yes, that would be great.”

Rose: “I’ll find it and get it later today.”

Rose turned around and went to organize her wardrobe for the day. 

‘She didn’t notice I liked the book, right?’

It was a good thing Keira was good at making excuses.

Of course, if she could see Rose right now, she’d know that Rose saw right through her. She’d see Rose desperately suppressing her grin, biting her lips. 

Rose purposely slowed down preparing her lady’s wardrobe because she knew she’d burst out giggling if she turned around now. She ended up carrying out the clothes only after a long time of preparing. 

Rose: “Did you stay up all night, my lady?”

Keira: “Somehow, I did.”

Rose: “Do you want to sleep more? There’s nothing scheduled this morning.”

Keira: “No, that’s fine. I’m going to the library.”

The underground library, where only members of the family could access, was a place where all important documents about the Parvis family was kept. 

It was impossible to order someone else to gather data in the Parvis library the way they could in the temple. 

Keira had to go down and look for information on her own. It was a tedious task, but she had no other choice.

“Then, I’ll prepare a drink for you in the meantime.”

“Water will do. I might spill it on important documents.”

For now, she got up from bed to have breakfast.

“Who has a copy of the side novel of ‘Lady Stella’s Exciting Summer Vacation?'”

Rose went to the maid’s lounge after breakfast. 

One of the maids raised her hand and said, “I do. I’ll bring it to you. Why? Are you going to read it again?”

“No, my lady needs it.”

“Huh? My lady?”

All of the maids turned to Rose in surprise. 

Keira Parvis was reading a romance novel? Not a bible or academic journal?

In addition, she was asking for the side story, which meant she read the main novel. The main novel was very, very steamy.

“Won’t she say it’s a trashy story and try to burn it?”


That sounded more plausible. Someone must have been caught reading the novel while on break. Perhaps the angry lady ordered the series to be confiscated because the staff was reading such a trashy novel.

That was more realistic than the lady reading a romance novel.

But Rose’s answer was shocking.

“No, she’s just trying to read it. I’ll give it back to you in one piece, so give it to me before dinner.”

Everyone stared in astonishment.

“Gee, really?”

“Does my lady read this?”

“Don’t lie to me. You’re afraid I won’t give it to you if you tell me you’re confiscating it, right?”

“She wants to know how the ‘normal’ aristocrats outside the family live.”


That’s right. 

It was surreal to hear that the lady would read a romance novel the way she would academic journals, but it was just like the lady to do so. 

It was just an excuse, of course, but Rose wasn’t careless enough to talk about it. 

“And no matter how steamy a novel is, our lady is not someone who’s going to burn other people’s stuff.”

Despite her cold appearance, her lady was quite a good person. 

The other maids immediately protested.

“You’re the only one who gets special treatment from her.”

“Yes, you’ve been with her since she was young, so it’s only you. Every time she glared at me, my whole body goes numb.”

Rose thought her lady probably wasn’t glaring, and it’s likely they just misunderstood.

“Our lady is very caring. She even took care of my next vacation. She promised to cover the expenses to go to a nearby city.”

“As expected, special treatment…”

“Do you think I’m showing off?” Rose frowned in frustration.

If they talked to her even just a little bit, they’d know she’s just like anyone her age.

…Of course, she’s very thorough in public affairs.  

There were quite a few maids who were punished for making mistakes, so Rose knew it would be difficult to convince them.

“Anyway, I’m going. Make sure you deliver the book before dinner.”

“Yes, I’ll see you later.”

Rose hoped that someday the misunderstanding could be resolved.