AIWTRO Chapter Nineteen

AIWTRO Chapter 19


The Parvis family was the only successor of the spirit magic yet they did not actively study its power. It’s because they conceded to the temple not to study the power bestowed upon them by the Goddess. 

She took all the materials seemingly related to the spirit and settled on the desk.

Little was known about the spirits, therefore, there was not much information to read. She didn’t know if it was a good thing or not. 

She looked through the bookshelf and thought.

‘…I’m bored.’

It was amazing that even though the letters were the same, they could be so different[1].

There was a world in that novel that Keira had never known. Family, friends, and a wonderful lover, the heroine in a sweet and happy world with no conflicts. 

Everybody cared for and loved Stella. 

It was like a dream.

“It’s not the time to daydream.”

She lightly slapped both cheeks with her hands. However, it did not make the book less interesting. 

It didn’t help that she was exhausted from the lack of sleep, the library was calm, and the chairs were soft and warm. It was a good place to fall asleep. 

Her eyelids were starting to feel heavy.

‘I have to finish what I have to do…’

Who made eyelids the heaviest thing on earth?

Keria surrendered to the attack of sleepiness.

‘Let’s just close our eyes for ten minutes.’

Eventually, she dozed for a while and woke up later than expected. Fortunately, she was a fast reader, so she could easily finish two books before the morning passed.

There were still books she hasn’t checked, but it was impossible to bring them out with her, even if she was a member of the Parvis family.

Keira put back the books on the shelves and headed out. 

As soon as she walked up from the library, she saw some maids chatting with each other.

“Where have you been and are you just coming back?”

“You know, the book Rose asked for, I went to the dorm to find it. I didn’t know where I left it exactly, so I looked for it.”

When Keira heard Rose’s name, she listened carefully.

“What’s that about? Is it interesting?”

“Not as good as the main novel… It’s more fun to read about the main couple. They haven’t even mentioned Stella and Earl Graham and I’m halfway through the story. It was all about the younger sister. Honestly, I didn’t like it.”

Stella? Earl Graham?

Keira’s ears twitched at the familiar names. 

I want to join! I want to join and talk about it with all of you!

She wanted to ask what the story was about, what happened to the main couple after the main story ended, and she wanted to talk about how handsome was the male protagonist.

Keira desperately wanted to join in on their conversation, and was about to when she heard the maids talk.

“But, I’m sure our lady isn’t curious about what happens to the main characters anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

“She wants to learn more about the life of a normal aristocrat?”

“But isn’t our lady an aristocrat, too? Why would she bother learning about it through books?”

“I guess it’s because she rarely goes outside the mansion. Doesn’t that mean she’s curious about how a normal noble lady lives?”

“Why would she want to know that all of a sudden?”

“I don’t know.”

Keira was unable to move a single step and approach the maids. A cold sweat ran down her spine. 

What did she say to Rose this morning?

“O–oh, yes, especially about the nighttime events in the capital. It was interesting that the young people enjoyed the masquerade all night long. I didn’t even know there was this–.”

“And the main character’s sister getting ready for the academy. Maybe it’s because I was homeschooled.”

She was sure she said that herself. 

She was filled with shame and couldn’t approach the maids.

‘I would have been more honest if only there weren’t erotic scenes.’

Of course, she wouldn’t have read it all in the first place if those scenes weren’t there.

Keira, who couldn’t join in on the conversation of the maids, could not help but look at them with eager eyes.

The maids continued to chat.

“I loved the garden scene the most. I was so sure they’ll get caught. I guess the possibility of getting seen made it more exciting?”

“For me, it was when they went to the villa by the beach. Or or, the one where they did it in front of the fireplace.”

“My vote goes to their first night after their marriage.”

The voice in Keira’s heart shouted, ‘I also like the night of the wedding the most!’

“Are you only interested in the erotic scenes? I like the scene where they immediately recognized each other at the masquerade.”

‘Me, too! I really liked that scene, too!’

“Did you like other stories besides the romance ones? It’s more exciting to know that there’s romance in the story.”

‘Right. I like it better than getting irritated about villains.’

Her mouth was itching to chat with them, but she couldn’t.

As a high-ranking noble, she could never admit that she enjoyed reading such a steamy novel. 

‘No, never, no! No way!’

So, she just stared longingly at them from afar.

Just then, one of the maids looked back, perhaps feeling her intense gaze.


Her voice echoed throughout the hallway. Her face quickly turned pale.

“What’s going on–? Ack!”

“Oh, my god!”

Their reactions were similar to the first maid. Someone even hiccuped. 

Keira was embarrassed. 

What’s wrong with them all of a sudden?

She even looked back because she thought her father might have appeared behind her.

‘But there’s nothing there?’

She faced the maids again, but the maids were apologizing, their backs bent down to the waist.

“S-sorry, my lady!’

“I-i-it was break time. Please believe us!”

“We’ll go back!”

Then as fast as the wind, they ran off.


Before she knew it, Keira was left alone in the hallway.

She felt dejected. She wanted to hear more about their conversation. 

‘Why did they run away?’

She was already used to the situation. She had a similar experience before. 

The knights who were joking around would stop when they saw her.

Did they think she would scold them for hanging around and not working?

Keira felt wronged.

Even though she was a strict master, she wasn’t a ruthless person who wouldn’t enjoy chatting and hanging out.

‘…Do I really look that intimidating?’

Keira held her face. She didn’t think she was scary enough to make people run away with just eye contact.

Sullen, she realized. Everyone had to be reluctant to talk to her because they were scared of her cold appearance.

But what about Rose and Zeke? Were they afraid of her, too?

No. What was important was how well they knew her and how much they talked to her.

What would have happened if she approached the maids and told them she read the book last night and enjoyed it? What if she had the courage to set aside her pride and say that she liked what she liked?

‘Maybe they wouldn’t run away like they did just now.’

She was lost in thought as she walked back to her bedroom.

[1] She’s basically saying that the novel and the book about spirits were written in the same language yet the former was more interesting