AIWTRO Chapter Twenty

AIWTRO Chapter 20


Finding an interest was easier than she thought.She desperately wanted to talk to people about what she liked. 

Now, she understood the principle of spending time with people of similar interests. They liked the same things, so they’d get together and interact.

In the past, she would have put more importance on keeping up appearances. The nobles, who took pride in being well educated and raised, did not recognize popular novels solely meant for enjoyment as literature.

‘They must have thought it was much more important to maintain their noble dignity.’

She wanted to be just like her father, the perfect noble, and thought he would only recognize her worth if she was. 

It was quite tiring to act like someone else just to please others. She couldn’t do what she wanted. 

Was there a need to live as before? 

Arthur was right. 

She needed to be genuinely interested in something to enjoy it.

People gathered to share their interests and hobbies. It was natural for her to long for something similar. 

Thinking so, she felt a little brave. 

Back in the bedroom, Keira sat on a chair. Not long after, Rose came into the room.

Rose: “Have you finished your business in the library?”

Keira: “No, not yet. I think I’ll have to make time tomorrow, too. Rose, I have something to say.”

Rose: “What is it, my lady?”

With her heart on her throat, Keira looked Rose in the eye. 

Rose was one of the closest people around her who shared the same interest. If she told her first, she might have the courage to talk to others, too.

Keira: “Actually, everything I said earlier this morning was a lie.”

Rose: “Sorry?”

Keira: “No, it’s not all lies… but it was a lie when I said I was only interested in the depiction of the noble life. I had a lot of fun reading it. I mean, the love affair between Stella and Count Graham.”

She kept stuttering when she confessed.

Keira: “I loved the their first meeting and the proposal scene… O-of course, I liked the depiction of the life of the noble lady, but honestly, the other parts were more fun… I lied  in the morning because I was embarrassed that I enjoyed reading the romance novel.”

Rose replied. 

Rose: “That’s a relief.”

Keira: “Huh? What?”

Rose: “I’m glad you enjoyed reading the romance novel I recommended. Of course, you read it because you want to know how other noble ladies live, but you could still enjoy it, right?”

Keira felt relieved and more comfortable. Yes, she wanted to have this conversation.

Keira giggled, her laugh a pleasant sound.

Rose: “Why are you laughing, my lady?”

Keira: “Nothing, I’m just in a good mood.”

Turning her head, she could see her reflection on the window. 

Only after acknowledging that she’s being true to herself could she move forward.

Meanwhile, the maids who ran away from Keira were breathing heavily. They ran with all their might, and their legs were shaking.

“I-I almost lost my liver.”

“Me, too.”

“Our lady… Do you think our lady was glaring at us because we weren’t working?”


They shuddered as they recalled the frosty stare directed at them. If they had noticed it a little later, their lady would have probably hung them upside down on a tree.

…The truth was it was a look that wanted to join the conversation.

But her expression was so intense that the maid interpreted it as ‘I will kill you all if you don’t get to work right away.’

“Good thing you saw her quickly, Emily.”

But she didn’t. If they knew the lady had been staring at them for a long time, they wouldn’t have dared talked for so long. 

“My back felt cold, and when I turned around…! Be careful, everyone. Sir Joseph got scolded last time, didn’t he? The person I saw running errands with him… was it you, Maria?”

“Yes, it’s me. Apparently, sir Joseph cancelled one of the training sessions due to scheduling issues, and the atmosphere became very tense because of that.”

It happened a few days ago before Keira returned to the past. She was still insecure against Joseph and was eager to find fault with him.

“A knight of that position was scolded like that, what would happen to mere maids like us?”

“That’s right.”

Although their lady wasn’t one to punish people who were innocent, she was still scary.

They stared at each other and nodded. Everyone had the same thought.

‘Let’s be careful of our actions in front of Lady Keira.’

The maids only cleaned bedrooms when the owners are away, because they would only get scolded if they cleaned while the owner is there.

So, when Rose said she could go in to clean up, Emily naturally thought their lady was out.


The lady was sitting by the desk, writing a letter. Keira didn’t even look at her, but Emily, frightened, bowed down. 

“I’m sorry! I thought my lady wasn’t here because Rose said I could come in.”

“Don’t mind me and do what you have to do. Let’s skip cleaning the desk today.”


Keira looked up and asked, “You didn’t hear me?”

She said it with the intention of repeating what she said in case the maid didn’t hear her, but Emily interpreted it a little differently.

‘You’re making me repeat myself. Do you want to die?’

Her blank face and cool features added to the effect.

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’

Emily was already panicking. She remembered what happened yesterday when she and a few maids were chatting and the lady saw them.

She couldn’t believe she made a mistake again, and less than a day later from the last. 

She resented Rose for telling her go in.

“Don’t mind me and clean up. You don’t have to clean the desk.”

“E-e-excuse me, then! I’ll clean up as fast as I can and leave you be.”


Keira spoke as softly as she could, but Emily’s reaction was still strange. She was looking paler by the second. 

She had a sense of deja vu. It was the same with the knights a few days ago.

What did she do wrong this time?

Keira tried to calm down the maid.

“No, you don’t have to clean quickly… Just do what you normally do.”

But, to Emily, it sounded much like:

‘How dare you half-heartedly clean my room? Do you really want to get in trouble?’

“T-t-then I’ll take my time. Slowly and meticulously…”

Tears were threatening to fall down Emily’s face.

She opened the windows and dusted off the tablecloths with vigor. By the time she finished wiping the cabinets and cleaning up the blankets, her back was drenched with sweat.

‘I need to clean up and get out of here!’ 

That’s all Emily kept thinking about.

Meanwhile, Keira was also nervous.

‘I have to give this to you…?’ (IDK)

Her left hand hidden under the desk fiddled with the novel. She needed to write a letter to her grandfather, but couldn’t focus on the task. 

The book she was holding was the side story of ‘Lady Stella’s Exciting Summer Vacation.’ Since it was shorter than the main novel, she could read it quickly. 

Rose could easily return the book to the owner, but Keira purposely choose to return it herself. It was because she found out that the owner of the book was Emily, the one assigned to clean her room.

‘Try to talk naturally while giving it back.’

However, it wasn’t easy to find the right timing, especially since Emily was focused on cleaning, not once making eye contact with her. 

It was amazing to see her cleaning so passionately to the point of sweating.

‘Should I give it back…?’

She couldn’t talk to Emily.

As time went by, Keira’s back began to sweat. 

‘Please look over here!’

Keira stared at the back of the maid, hoping to make her look at her.

‘Oh, oh my god! Why do you keep glaring at me!’

Keira didn’t think Emily was avoiding making eye contact on purpose. 

Eventually, the opportunity arrived at the last minute.