AIWTRO Chapter Twenty-Two

AIWTRO Chapter 22


It was a few days later that Ludwig realized he hadn’t seen his daughter lately.

When he called her for something, she only said, “I’m busy right now, so I’ll see you later.”

But, she didn’t.

He frowned.

(Aide): “My lady is in the underground library. She took the key from the butler two days ago, saying she wanted to find information about the spirits.”

Ludwig: “Information about the spirits…”

‘They said she had sent ment to the temple to borrow all the books about spirits.’

When he first heard about, he just let it go. It was natural for the next Saintess to be curious about spirits. 

However, it bothered him that she didn’t see him because she was busy researching.

Ludwig: “Where are the materials she borrowed from the temple? Have they returned it?”

(Aide) “I’ll have it checked. Apparently, they were asked to look for cases where people saw the spirits.”

Ludwig: “Why would she be interested in that? She’ll soon be able to manifest her abilities.”

(Aide): “Well, it’s been two years since she became of age. I think it’s natural to be anxious about it.”

Ludwig: “I didn’t think she’d be impatient.”

‘Is she worried that her abilities haven’t manifested yet?’

Well, there were instances when the descendents saw the spirits as early as when they reached their adolescence, so it wasn’t unreasonable to be nervous.

It didn’t matter how early or late one manifested, because as long as they had Parvis blood running in their veins, they had nothing to worry about.

As long as they had Parvis blood, they had nothing to worry about…

Ludwig: “Ugh!”

He was hit with a piercing headache.

For a man who’s suffer countless injuries in fights against monsters, this pain was unbearable.

Ludwig: “Agh!”

(Aide): “Your Grace!” The aide standing next to him supported him when he stumbled. “Are you alright?”

Ludwig: “Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing.”

(Aide): “There’s no way it was nothing!”

The Grand Duke, a man who seemed indestructible, groaned and almost fell. It couldn’t have been ‘nothing.’

(Aide): “I’ll call for a doctor.”

Ludwig: “Don’t make a fuss.”

He’d been nursing a slight headache since this morning, most likely because he’d been suffering from the same nightmare for two nights, but he still couldn’t remember what it was about. 

‘I must have been exhausted lately.’

He attributed the unusual pains to fatigue and stress.

(Aide): “Your Grace, why don’t you retire early tonight? I’m worried…”

Ludwig: “I’ve told you three times not to worry about it.”

(Aide): “…I’m sorry. I overstepped.”

It was close to midnight when Ludwig finished his work and got up from his seat. It was also as that point that he realized Keira didn’t go to see him.

What? That can’t be possible.

There was an instinct that made him wonder if something happened to her. 

‘Was she still in the library?’

Ludwig went downstairs instead of heading to his bedroom on the third floor, and spotted his daughter Keira on the first floor.

He heard two people speaking.

Keira: “Why did you throw it without asking me, Robert?”

Robert, the butler, answered.

Robert: “I apologize, my lady. You always order me to throw it away, so I thought you would do it again. Forgive me. It won’t happen again.”

It seemed that the butler was being scolded for disposing something that the lady owned. The maids passing by were staring, wondering what to do. 

The Keira that the Grand Duke knew was very strict with punishments. He was the very one who taught her to be like that. Robert would never have gotten away with making a mistake unless there was a special reason.

Keira then spoke, sheepishly scratching her cheek, “Well… It’s true that I’ve told you to throw them away.”

The butler threw away invitations for the lady to tea parties and balls.

While the Parvis house rarely interacted with other families to remain neutral, there was still a steady stream of invitations. Keira had also received a lot of invitations since her coming of age but had consistently ignored them.

The only exceptions were major national events and banquets where father and daughter participated together. 

‘So, it’s no wonder the butler threw away the invitations without asking.’

Robert started doing it a year ago, and Keira tolerated it because it was tiring to be asked about each invitation one by one. 

It was a little absurd to complain about it now.

Keira: “But isn’t trash picked up at dawn? If you threw it away during the day, wouldn’t it still be in the house?”

Robert: “Yes? I-if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be back to check.”

She knew that paper was segregated differently. It wouldn’t have been too dirty. 

Keira nodded her head at the thought.

Keira: “Then, if you don’t mind.”

When she turned around, she found her father looking at her. 

‘What is he doing here?’

Ludwig: “I heard you were in the library. What are you doing here?”

Keira: “Ah.”

Keira remembered that her father summoned her. She didn’t mean to ignore it. When she was finished reading in the library, she went straight to her bedroom, completely forgetting about the summons. 

Keira: “I’m sorry for not going to your office. I’ve been busy the whole day and completely forgot.”

Anyone who heard it would know it was an insincere excuse.

The eyes of the butler widened in surprise, as if he had seen a ghost. He approached Keira and whispered,

Robert: “M-my lady, what are you talking about?”

Keira: “What? It’s true that I unintentionally forgot. I’m asking for forgiveness.”

She did say ‘I’m sorry’ to show her sincerity, but it seemed to only have shocked others.

Even Ludwig, who rarely showed expression, slightly frowned.

Keira: “Anyway… What did you call me for?”

Even if she didn’t ask, it was obvious the Grand Duke needed something done. He wouldn’t have called for her if it was nothing.

Sure enough, the expected came out of his mouth.

Ludwig: “We have something to discuss about Zichhardt’s coming-of-age banquet. I don’t think we should be standing here and talking about it, so come to my office tomorrow morning.”

Keira: “Yes, Your Grace.”

Keira was inexperienced in hosting balls and banquets, but she would do her best to prepare for Zeke’s coming-of-age celebration.

She nodded her head in determination.

Ludwig: “Did you and the butler have a problem? What’s going on?”

Keira: “Robert threw out all of the invitations without asking me, but I’m also at fault for letting him do that before.”

Ludwig: “Invitations? Why are you looking for those?”

Keira: “I was thinking of accepting an invitation from one of the families.”

The Parvis family had always avoided forming alliances with other family to remain neutral. It was to stay away from political conflicts and preserve the honor of being chosen by God.

Ludwig’s frown deepened when he heard Keira’s answer.

Ludwig: “Have you forgotten our duty? What on Earth are you thinking?”

Keira: “Oh, it’s nothing. I”m just getting tired of always being at home.”

Ludwig: “What…?”

Robert: “M-my lady!”

Ludwig thought he had misheard. Even Robert and the maids in the room who heard their lady were dumbfounded.

Keira: “Ah.”

Keira put her hand on her mouth as if she had made a mistake, looking embarrassed.

The people who saw her expression were relieved. The lady couldn’t have meant to say such words. It was probably just a slip of the tongue…

Keira: “Please excuse me. I didn’t mean to say it aloud.”

…Either way, it was a slip of the tongue.