AIWTRO Chapter Twenty-Six

AIWTRO Chapter 26


Emily: “Milady must be happy. If you want, you can meet the handsome guys in the books as much as you want.”

(Maid): “That’s right!”

Keira: “Huh?”

What were they talking about?

Keira had never been on a date with a man, let alone been in a relationship. She never had the time and chance to meet one.

No, she didn’t even think she wanted to date before that.

Keira: “H-how can I do that? I couldn’t possibly…”

(Maid): “May I ask why you think so? You have many opportunites to meet noble men.”

(Maid): “That’s right. Of course, not all aristocrats are handsome and would make for good husbands, but if it’s milady, I’m sure you’ll be able to choose whoever you want.”

(Maid): “They say that noble ladies’ biggest concern when reaching adulthood is to find a good husband. The social world is the best place for it.”

Keira didn’t even think of it before. The story in the romance novels felt like it was from a different world.

‘…I thought it wasn’t set in a different world, didn’t I?’

The reason why she started reading such books in the first place was to find out how normal noble ladies lived.

She was the mistress of the Grand Duchy, one of the highest nobles in the country. Unlike the maids who were far from the aristocratic society, Keira was at the center of it.

In other words, they were right when they said that Keira had many opportunities to meet men. Furthermore, noble ladies her age were eager to find a good husband.

What she thought was a fantasy world far from herself was actually a stone’s throw away.

When she realized that, her whole face went red. The thought of meeting a handsome Count just like Stella made her feel warm.

In reality though, Keira would be more comparable to the Count than Stella in terms of power and position. There weren’t many unmarried men who could refuse the next Saintess, who not only was a beauty, but also had the power of the Grand Duchy in the palm of her hand.

(Maid): “Oh, milady, you’re blushing.”

(Maid): “Oh, my, you are.”

Why was she blushing all of a sudden? The maids thought of the same thing but dismissed it immediately.

‘The stern lady couldn’t possibly be excited at the thought of romance?’

‘But if she’s not feeling unwell, that’s the only possible explanation…’

‘It can’t be… Can it?’

Keira’s whole face was flushed as she pursed her lips. Anyone could tell she was feeling shy.

At that time, the maids began to feel more at ease. This lady seemed like the type they could laugh and talk with. The maids giggled, the tension slowly faded.

Keira: “I-it looks like that’s the case.”

(Maid): “Was it yesterday? I heard you talking to the butler about going to a ball or tea party?”

Keira: “Yes, maybe.”

(Maid): “Wow!”

The maids perked up at Keira’s answer. Miranda clapped, completely forgetting the rule ‘never relax in front of Lady Keira.’

Miranda: “Milady, hasn’t it been a long time since you attended a social gathering?”

Keira: “Yes. The last one I attended was the New Year’s Banquet hosted by the royal family.”

Lira couldn’t help herself and joined in.

Lira: “So does this mean Rose and the headmaid will be helping you dress up again?”

Keira: “I believe so. But why do you ask?”

(Maid): “We’ve always wanted to see. Party dresses or jewelry…”

Keira: “Then you should discuss with Rose and choose my outfit for that day.”

(Maid): “Really, milady?”

She didn’t really understand why they were so happy, but she was glad to see them so lively.

(Maid): “Then we’ll talk to Rose about it. Thank you so much, milady! We’re so, so happy!”

Before she even knew it, the tension completely disappeared; she was laughing and enjoying the conversation with the maids.

She once thought it was beneath her to act that way towards the staff. She berated Cosette for chatting loudly with the maids, telling her it was unbecoming of a noble to act that way.

Perhaps, it wasn’t the act of laughing and interacting with the staff that could ruin one’s reputation, but the opposite.

‘Unlike Cosette, I wanted to show that I’m a well-mannered aristocrat.’

So, she acted more strictly and haughtily. She thought if she acted like that, she could prove everyone she’s the daughter of the Grand Duke…

Keira: “Thank you so much.”

Emily’s eyes widened at the lady’s words.

Emily: “Sorry? May I ask why you’re saying thank you?”

Keira: “The book you lent me. It’s not a property of the house but a book you bought with your own expenses, right?”

Emily: “Ah–.”

Emily looked a little moved somehow. Her eyes sparkled and cheeks slightly flushed. In the end, she even shed tears.

Keira: “W-why are you crying?”

Emily: “I’m sorry… I was worried that milady wouldn’t like it, so I’m relieved… And you remembered my name…”

Keira: “Your tears are falling. Someone might think I made you cry.”

Emily: “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Emily wiped her face with her sleeve. Embarrassed, she smiled as she avoided the lady’s gaze.

Keira didn’t think Emily would tear up like that. To see her so happy like that, Keira felt ashamed for not normally treating them like this.

Fortunately for them, Paula’s voice broke the awkward moment.

Paula: “Emily! Lira! Miranda! I was wondering where you guys went, and you’re here– Oh, milady, you were here, too.”

Keira: “Yes, we’ve been talking.”

Paula: “Perhaps… Have these kids made a mistake?”

The maid looked quite nervous.

There have been instances when the superiors were reprimanded for failing to educate young maids if they made mistakes.

Seeing the look on Paula’s face made Keira reflect on herself.

‘Was I that strict?’

Keira tried her best to speak softly.

Keira: “Not at all. You can take them if you need to do anything. It looks like I’ve kept them for too long. See you next time.”

Emily: “Yes! See you next time, milady.”

Paula: “E-Emily!”

Paula was appalled by the attitude of her juniors who treated the lady so casually. However, since Keira did not seem to take issue with it, she couldn’t scold them on the spot.

Paula: “Then, we’ll get going.”

The maids took three steps back, then turned around to walk back to their work.

After they disappeared from sight, Keira smiled proudly to herself.

‘The conversation was natural.’

No one would have guessed she was so nervous the whole time she was talking to the maids. She thought it would take her a long time to find the right opportunity to talk to the maids, but she was glad the unexpected encounter happened.

She walked with a bounce on her step.

“Where were you doing there with milady?! I was so nervous. I thought you were going to get in trouble again!”

Paula shrieked, her hands on her waist. She didn’t think of their lady as a bad master, however, like with the Grand Duke, it wasn’t easy to interact with the lady. It was hard to feel at ease in front of her. Their lady had always been a stickler for rules and would punish people who made mistakes.

‘Even if I’ve been with her since she was a baby, I still feel this way.’

It was hard to believe that these young maids were so at ease in front of the lady.

Paula: “Fortunately, milady was forgiving this time but–”

“I-it’s not like that!”

“That’s right. She called for me first. She wanted to borrow a book.”


Paula’s eyes widened in shock. Lady Keira borrowed a book from a maid? Not the other way around?