AIWTRO Chapter Twenty-Nine

AIWTRO Chapter 29


When his sister, the person he has looked up to his whole life, kept defending the situation, Zeke couldn’t help but be swayed.

Zeke: “Huh, uh?”

Gambling was a bad thing, but ……it wasn’t illegal.

Why was gambling even considered a vice? Because people spent too much money? Then, wasn’t it okay if one enjoyed it in moderation?

But as a member of the esteemed Parvis family, they shouldn’t do it at all… But wasn’t it fine if they only went as spectators?

Keira: “It’s legal. Legal. I’m not breaking any laws.”

Zeke: “H-hold on.”

Meanwhile, the trio – Arthur, Reina, and Raul – were thinking the same thing at the same time.

‘The Parvis siblings are so innocent.’

‘You’re both naive; you’re the same.’ 

‘They’re both so cute.’

For nobles with abundant wealth, a night’s gamble was nothing more than mere play. But the children of one of the most esteemed families in the country were trembling before they even entered the casino…



‘They’re so innocently cute.’

They knew that the Parvis’ family had an impenetrable presence. But, the knights had a hunch that their image had nothing to do with the family being able to maintain neutrality without getting involved in political strife.

The two siblings reminded them of chicks – one who wants to go out of the yard and another who says it’s dangerous.

They were just too cute and innocent.

Oblivious of what the knights were thinking of, Zeke sighed and said.

Zeke: “If we’re only here to look, that’s fine.”

Zeke was taught not to gamble, not be completely unaware of it.

…A nagging feeling was telling him his excuses were getting absurd, but he tried to ignore it.

More importantly, he wanted to spend time with his sister.

Arthur: “Now, we’ve all reached an agreement, right? Are we all playing together without further objections?”

Keira: “We’re just looking around, looking.”

Zeke: “Yes, yes, of course that’s fine.”

The smug look on Arthur’s face was getting on Zeke’s nerves, so he kicked his shin.

“Ah! That’s where the Vice Captain hit me a few days ago!”

“Who cares?”

“What did you do wrong to be beaten up by the Vice Captain?”

“Don’t ask him that, Raul. It happens so often that he won’t remember it.” 

“I heard it’s once every three days.”

“Huh? How do you know that?”

“I heard it from the infirmary maid. He often borrows cold packs.”

The carriage was lively and loud. It reminded her of the drinking party a few days ago.

Keira wiggled her fingers, her palms tingling somehow, as she watched her brother and the knights make fun of Arthur.

‘…This feels good.’

This noisy and chaotic atmosphere. In the past, she would have hated it because it wasn’t sophisticated.

What should she call this feeling? It felt wrong to describe it in such a negative way.

After thinking hard about it, Keira found a more proper term to describe it.

It wasn’t noisy and chaotic, but lively and fun.

It was her first time going out with many people, and while she still found it hard to believe she was going to a casino, she no longer felt too bad about it.

It was perfectly legal to visit casinos approved by the royal family.

‘You’re not committing a crime. You don’t have to sneak in on your own.’

So, she should just enjoy the moment. She stared at the group making fun of Arthur.

Soon, a light smile appeared on her face.

The entrance to the casino was impressive.

Even Keira, who was from one of the most prestigious families in the country, was surprised.

‘Should I say it’s a different kind of glamorous?’

The entrance to the casino was… ostentatious and opulent.

It was different from the interiors of noble family homes who poured money into the house to achieve a more understated look.

Her eyes were starting to hurt from the flashing lights.

Since it was a Friday evening, the casino was crowded. If Keira revealed her identity, it would be possible to use the VVIP accommodation immediately, but…

‘Don’t ever get caught.’

Eventually, Keira and the group entered the crowded room. It was a new experience, to say the least.

Reina: “How’s it going, milady?”

Reina was dressed in plain clothes, her hair tied in a ponytail.

Keira: “I can’t hear you.”

Reina: “How do you feel about your first visit!”

Keira: “Um…”

She looked around. There were dealers dressed in tuxedos, waiters carrying drinks and snacks, patrons dressed in fancy clothes in the room with a high ceiling. Under the gaudy chandelier, there was a game starting.

Keira: “It’s cleaner than I thought.”

Reina: “People from the middle and upper class visit this place.”

Keira was expecting it to be a dark, dingy, and underground place because it was a gambling den. But in reality, it looked like a banquet hall.

She once again looked around with her eyes wide in wonder.

Some of the patrons snickered at her, murmuring, ‘She must be from the countryside coming to a place like this for the first time,’ but she didn’t even notice it.

She was completely distracted.

Keira: “I’ve never been to a place like this before.”

She felt a headache coming… but she didn’t mind it.

Reina made a suggestion.

Reina: “If you’re uncomfortable, would you like to move to the VIP room? It will be quiet there. You’ll just have to give them your name, then…”

Keira: “No, it’s fine. I like it here.”

Keira’s cheeks were flushed when she said so, purple eyes sparkling like the chandelier on the ceiling.

She’s out on a Friday night with her lively company, spending time together in this bustling hall. It was oddly satisfying.

She soon realized that three of her companions were missing.

Keira: “Dame Reina, where are the others?”

Reina: “They’re over there by the roulette.”

She looked at where Reina pointed and spotted Raul and Arthur giggling, holding each of her brother’s arms.

‘I’m sure they’re encouraging Zeke to try the games.’

Reina: “Whenever Arthur comes here, he always goes on the roulette first. He kept saying he’d try his luck.”

Keira: “Wow, I’ve never played before.”

Reina: “Ah, yes.”

Keira: “Is he okay?”

Reina: “What? That guy? Don’t worry about him. He’s the youngest son of a rich family.”

Keira had wondered why he had such a personality, but it made sense that he was the youngest son of a noble family.

As they got closer to the three, she heard their conversation.

Raul: “You’ve come all the way here. Try it.”

Arthur: “You don’t know how to play blackjack or poker, do you?”

Zeke: “No, I’m a little… I heard people go bankrupt from playing.”

Raul: “Think about it, Young Master. Is that a reason not to gamble? So, I shouldn’t play because there are idiots who go bankrupt after spending all their money?”

Arthur: “It’s okay to enjoy it in moderation.”

They were trying to persuade Zeke, but in the end, it was Keira who was convinced. They were right!

…Truthfully though, she was more swept away by the atmosphere than their rationalizations.

It was the first time in her life that she went outside with company to have fun. The overwhelming sensation swayed Keira’s reason.

She’s already started enjoying romance novels, staying up all night to read. She was told not to mingle with other nobles too much to maintain neutrality, but she’s doing it anyway.

Why shouldn’t she do this, too?

Keira: “I’ll give it a try.”

Zeke: “N-noonim!”

Zeke gasped.