AIWTRO Chapter Thirty-One

AIWTRO Chapter 31


The waiter looked taken aback.

(Waiter): “Ah… Then, I will pass on the message to the Count[1].”

Keira: “Please.”

After the waiter left, Keira looked back at the group and said.

Keira: “We need to have money to eat. I can’t bet big money and expect to get it back.”

Arthur: “How much do you think you’re going to spend more on gambling?”

Her answer would determine whether Arthur would tell her the truth or not.

Keira: “It’s almost time to go home, so I think this will be the last time. Shall we bet everything except the amount we’ll need for our meal for next time?”

Was she saying she would bet most of her earnings?

You have to stop her…

Keira: “Well, this much?”

Keira picked up some chips.

Arthur: “…Is that the price of the meal, milady?”

Keira: “No, I’m just going to bet this much.”

The knights stared at each other. They didn’t want to spend all that money on a meal.

Raul unconsciously murmured.

Raul: “Are we eating gold dust?”

Since the Parvis family was the kingdom’s most prestigious family, it made sense for them to be extremely wealthy. Keira, who was born in such a family, could not have a normal concept of economy.

‘Since they want to be friends, I want to treat them to the best food possible.’

With that thought, she set a budget for it. She couldn’t even imagine that it was too much for one meal.

Keira: “What’s wrong? Is something the matter?”

Raul: “No, it nothing… I was just wondering which restaurant to go to.”

Which restaurant should they go to spend all that money in one meal?

Arthur dropped his plan to tell the truth to the lady. If she could lose that much money still enjoy her first time at the casino, good for her.

The waiter came back and showed her to the corner table. A middle-aged man dressed lavishly was waiting in his seat. Although he was a bit on the portly size, he had an affable impression.

He stroke his ring and said.

Count Xavier: “Is this your first time here?”

Keira nodded instead of answering. If her opponent was a real nobleman, he might recognize her voice.

Fortunately, the Count did not look offended at her wordless answer.

Count: “You looked pretty lucky. As expected, beginners really have a lot of luck.”

(Dealer): “You should be nervous, Lord Xavier.”

The dealer joked.

Count: “The flower of the casino is poker. Oh, but if milady wants to play a different game, let me know.”

Truthfully, it didn’t matter to Keira what game they were playing, because she doesn’t know how to play any of them.

Keira: “Do as you please.”

Count: “You’re not very talkative, are you?”

He shrugged and gestured to the dealer who then began to shuffle the cards.

Count: “Well, don’t I feel like a zoo monkey. Why don’t your friends go somewhere else for a while?”

It was a polite enough request. But he still shouldn’t have said that.

If they left their lady on her own, who knew what the ‘Count’ would say to trick her.

Arthur tried to refuse, but Keira was a little faster.

Keira: “Since you’ve been watching me all this time, you’d know my companions watch my games.”

She didn’t outright accuse him because she didn’t want to embarrass him, but truthfully, it didn’t bother her that someone was watching her the whole time.

The count also seemed to be aware that his actions might have been considered offensive.

Count: “If that’s what you prefer, then I’ll concede.”

The count no longer insisted. Both parties wanted to proceed quickly, so the game started right away.

At first, Keira won.

(Dealer): “You’re lucky, miss.”

The dealer chuckled as he pushed the chips to her.

Keira, who was confused about poker in general, was just puzzled.

How did she win…?

Still, luck was only on her side during the first game. Since then, she has lost one after the other.

Whenever she lost, Count Xavier would make a face as if he felt bad for her.

Keira didn’t really worry about it.

‘Just shake it off and get back.’

It was only when she was almost out of chips…

She saw a card come out of Count Xavier’s sleeve.

It was such a quick move that anyone wouldn’t notice it unless they were like Keira who had a sharper eyesight than the average person.

Although today was her first time at the casino, she wasn’t stupid enough to know what it meant.

For a moment, she thought about grabbing his wrist, but…

‘Don’t make a scene.’

If she did, she might bring attention to herself and accidentally reveal her identity.

When she was wondering how to quietly knock out the man…


Count Xavier shouted out loud.

Someone close to him grabbed him by the wrist to restrain him.

(Dealer): “Guest! What are you doing?”

He was a very tall, blond man. He twisted Count Xavier’s wrist, ignoring the dealer’s pleas.

Soon, several cards fell out of the Count’s sleeves.

It was evidence no one could refute.

“I can’t believe you’re trying to scam this lady. I can’t just stand by and do nothing.”

Aiden Castro was a handsome man.

He’s not just handsome; he’s extremely handsome.

Blond hair like the sun and vivid green eyes.

Beautiful, sculpted features.

Even people who disliked him couldn’t deny he was an attractive person.

He came from a good house, too.

Aiden was the third son of Viscount Castro, and thanks to his two talented older brothers, he was lucky enough to live like a lily for the rest of his life.

He was a handsome, wealthy man who loved to play.

Today, Aiden was wasting time at the casino with his friends again, looking for a girl to seduce.

A lady wearing a butterfly mask caught his eyes. Although the lady’s eyes were covered, when he saw her sharp jawline and nose, and fair skin, he had a feeling she was a beauty.

He stared at her from the entrance. She was busy looking around as if it was her first time to come to such a place.

Even though people around her laughed at her behavior, she seemed too distracted to even notice it.

Aiden’s friends laughed at her.

“It’s probably her first time coming to the casino.”

“She’s pretty, but she’s acting like a country bumpkin.”

“…Maybe she’s brought up in a very strict household.”

“Are you interested?”

Aiden: “Girls like her are more fun than the girls who know it all.”

It was a friendly banter among friends. If he stayed still, his friends might take the woman that has caught his eye.

Aiden: “I’m going to try to hit on her.”

Aiden stood up from his seat, ignoring his friends telling him he couldn’t do it.

He could probably count in one hand the number of ladies he had seduced.

Most of them had a fiancé or husband, and rather than failing, he gave up.

Why? It would be troublesome to get involved in an affair.

More importantly, his brothers who pay for his entertainment would be angry.

‘Coincidentally approaching her would be more effective than flirting with her outright.’

Aiden’s eyes sharpened like a hawk hunting for prey.

Soon enough, he found the perfect opportunity. The lady was approached by a group of scamming gamblers.

‘It’s natural to favor someone who helps you in a difficult situation.’

[1] I forgot to mention in previous chapters that Earl and Count are basically the same. ‘Count’ is the term used for the European nobility of the same rank as an ‘Earl’ in British nobility. Since I already used Count, I’ll stick with that.