AIWTRO Chapter Thirty-Two

AIWTRO Chapter 32


Aiden: “I can’t believe you’re trying to scam this lady. I can’t just stand by and do nothing.”

It was an exceptionally beautiful voice. Keira looked up at the man’s face.

Keira: “Ah…”

He was handsome. Really, really handsome.

The combination of dark blond hair, green eyes, and dark and distinct features was breathtaking.

Keira could confidently say that he was the most handsome man she’s ever seen. He was a man whose features could compete with that of a revered statue in a museum.

She felt as if fireworks were exploding in her head.

Aiden: “What are the guards doing? Why aren’t they arresting this swindler!”

The man screamed with a grimace.

Keira stared in genuine admiration.

How could he look so handsome even when he’s angry?

Sensing the disturbance, the guards rushed to them and cuffed the Count’s arms.

Arthur: “Hold on.”

Arthur couldn’t help but intervene as the guards were about to lead the Count away.

The Count was a swindler who probably worked with the casino. It was obvious that even if the casino’s management decided to punish him, he would be released unscathed.

Meanwhile, the blond stranger approached Keira and bended on one knee. He kissed Keira on the back of her hand and said,

Aiden: “Were you surprised, beautiful Lady?”

Arthur thought, ‘After the fraudster, this time a casanova[1]?”

How could she attract all these weirdos?

What kind of beginner’s luck was this? It was not enough to call it a beginner’s misfortune.

And the worst thing about this is–

Keira: “I-I’m okay.”

It was the fact that Keira’s cheeks were flushed pink.

‘Oh, my God.’

Arthur wanted to scream.

Zeke: “Just what is up with that guy?”

Zicchardt also felt something strange, so his voice became sharp.

The same went for Raina and Raul.

While everyone looked suspiciously at the handsome man who suddenly appeared, Keira was the only one who had a hazy look in her eyes.

‘H-he’s so cool…’

Growing up, she was told she had to protect others for the rest of her life. It was understandable to be taught to protect the empire and the whole of humanity since she was the daughter of a family chosen by the goddess Beatrice.

No one told her they would protect her.

It was a breath of fresh air to be in a situation where she was protected instead.

Besides, the man was pretty handsome.

He looked tall and well-built. His voice sounded nice, too.

She suddenly thought of a scene from a romance novel.

Usually, the male and female protagonist would have their first meeting like this…

Aiden: “I’m glad you’re alright. I think you’re a brave person.”

Keira; “T-thank you for your help.”

Aiden: “Don’t mention it. I just did what was right.”

He then closed his eyes and laughed.

At that moment, everyone in the group except Keira thought the same thing.

That’s a player! A woman’s enemy!

Zeke: “Well, noonim, it’s late. Don’t you think we should head back?”

“Oh! We’ve spent a lot of time here already. I’ll get the carriage ready.”

“Then, I’ll exchange the chips.”

They couldn’t just wait and see an innocent chick handed over to a wolf like him.

Four people joined forces to stop it, but it wasn’t enough.

Keira hesitated and said.

Keira: “But I haven’t even thanked him yet…”

Aiden: “Thank you for worrying about me. I just did what I was supposed to do.”

The words made her blush even more.

It was like a line of a male character who saved the heroine in the novel. Keira, who learned romance only through the books she’s read, only saw it as a good line.

A slightly irritated Zeke came forward.

Zeke: “Thank you for saving my sister today. Our family will repay your kindness…”

Aiden: “There’s no need for that. If it bothers you, please treat me to a drink over there. While we’re waiting, we can get to know each other.”

The eyes of the four people spitted fire.

‘Who are you to dare talk to our lady like that?’

‘How dare you talk to my sister?’

Keira: “Okay, but I won’t be able to stay long because my companions are waiting.”

The said companions started losing their battle, at a complete loss on what to do.

Aiden’s smile deepened at her acceptance.

“Whether it’s five minutes or an hour, it’s an honor to be with a beautiful lady.”

The line gave them goosebumps. It sounded creepy even to Raina, so it was obvious how others felt.

….But of course, the problem was that such lines worked for Keira.

With her cheeks stained red, it was obvious she had already been completely caught.

Keira: “Just a moment, please. I’ll be right back.”

“Milady… it’s only take a moment, right?”

Keira: “Huh? Of course.”

‘I don’t believe you at all when you say it with such a dazed look.’

However, regardless of the group’s concerns, Keira smiled brightly – a very rare sight – and walked away.





They felt like they were watching a fluffy chick leave the nursery with a conniving wolf.

A deep silence fell between the four remaining people.

The first to speak was Zeke.

Zeke: “…who was the person who thought of bringing noonim here?”

His voice was sharp and deadly.

Zeke: “No, it’s obvious. Sir Arthur, it’s you, isn’t it?”

Arthur: “No, its… I was just… I just offered but I didn’t know she’d accept!”

“You started it anyway!”

“Oh, I’m wronged–ack!”

Three fists hit him in the back.

It was unfair. He understood his anger. But what about those Reina and Raul?

Reina: “He’s quite popular.”

All eyes were on Reina.

“Does he have a surprisingly good reputation?”

Reina: “No way. I heard he’s the third or fourth son of a noble. I think they said he doesn’t have a high title but his family is quite wealthy. Did they say that he was living like a dog?”

“So, to make it short, he’s a playboy from a well-off family.”

Reina: “Yes. I don’t often attend meetings for unmarried men and women, and I’ve never been directly involved, but I’ve heard things from my friends.”

“What did they say?”

“If you don’t want to be involved in a scandal before marriage, don’t get tangled with him.”

Ultimately, it was instinct to judge a person by first impression.

Zeke gritted his teeth.

“I can’t hand over my sister to that punk.”

It was common for a Saintess to remain unmarried to protect their image of a saint, but it wasn’t mandatory.

It was possible to get married if they wanted.

They were worried Keira would be the exception.

You’re going to fall for a playboy!

Such a future was horrible to imagine.

Arthur: “The good thing is that his bad reputation precedes him. It’s better than a guy who pretends to be nice on the outside. At least we can tell her the truth. So, go to her, Master. I’m afraid it’ll all go wrong. She’ll take it easy when she finds out.”

Raul: “You just saw your sister’s face. It’s rather counterproductive to gossip at a time like this.”

It made sense, so Reina had no choice but to nod her head.

But when one is wearing rose-colored glasses[2], they don’t see or hear other people’s advice.

“The best way is to get her out of the situation.”

They remembered Keira’s face, flushed.

Would she ever come to her senses?

‘I’m nervous.’

“Ah, I really don’t have a good feeling about this..”

[1] 제비 (jebi)  is a slang term for a man who uses his sex appeal to seduce rich women; a playboy or Casanova
[2] 콩깍지가 씌다 (kongkkakjjiga ssida), literal translation is ‘covered by bean pods’, is an idiomatic expression used to describe someone who is blinded by love. 

Also, Mr. Casanova over here really said “lady” whenever he called her beautiful lady 아름다운 레이디 (areumdaun reidi). Barf barf.