AIWTRO Chapter Thirty-Three

AIWTRO Chapter 33


After a while, Keira returned with a hazy look.

They were hoping the rose-colored glasses would come off, but they shouldn’t have expected too much.

Keira even removed the butterfly mask covering her face.

The situation was serious.

In a sober voice, Reina asked.

Reina: “…Milady, why did you take off your mask?”

Keira: “Just because he wanted to see my face. Oh, I didn’t reveal my real name.”

Reina: “That’s a relief.”

Keira: “What is?”

Reina: “Ah, it’s nothing.

For now, Reina decided against telling Keira the rumors about Aiden.

Unfortunately for Reina, however, when Keira didn’t reveal her identity, it wasn’t because she was thinking rationally.

‘I don’t want him to be nice to me because of my family.’

It was because she wanted to experience true love like in a romance novel…

She knew that nobles were aware of the importance of the Parvis family. If she revealed her identity, he might try to look good. She didn’t want that.

So, she planned to introduce herself as a noble lady living in a faraway town.

She thought of that excuse because she was inspired by the book she recently read.

However, she was too shy to speak too much, so Keira ended up saying nothing.

Was it luck or misfortune? Either way, there was nothing to worry about.

“He didn’t do anything untoward?”

Keira: “Not at all. He was a very polite gentleman.”

Keira was adamant in defending the sluggard[1]. The knights and Zeke’s face darkened.

‘Oh, my god.’

It was proof she was completely enthralled.

People in that state couldn’t listen to reason,

Keira: “He was so sweet. I appreciate your concern, but there’s no need for it.”

Keira once again marveled at the man’s face.

‘How handsome…’

It really seemed that the prince on a white horse jumped out of the romance novel.

She was taught not to judge people by their appearance, but there are some things that couldn’t be controlled.

For the first time today, Keira realized her taste. She really liked handsome blond men.

“Well, I didn’t think he’d make a fool of himself in front of so many people.”

“Milady, I just wanted to make sure, but did you plan to meet up with him again?”

Keira: “How did you know? He said he’d treat me to lunch.”



A miserable scream rang out in everyone’s hearts.

It was a disaster. No, a disaster within a disaster.

Keira: “Why are you all looking like that?”

While the rest of the party was in swimming in despair, Keira was on cloud nine.

Like the noble ladies in the novel, she now had the chance to try dating.

A handsome man who could only exist in a romance novel appeared dramatically. It was a golden opportunity for Keira who longed to live a life like an average aristocrat.

‘I want to be in a normal relationship at least once.’

Besides, it was an opportunity to find a partner for the ball!

She couldn’t believe he showed up in front of her when she was thinking of finding a partner.

It must have been fate.

All the way home, she had her fists clenched as she made a resolution.

I want to have a novel-like relationship with a handsome man!

That night, Keira took a bubble bath.

Throughout the bath, she giggled and had a smile on her face.

Rose, who was wiping her body, curiously asked.

Rose: “Did anything good happen on your trip? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you smile like this.”

Keira usually looked stoic. Rose, who has been taking care of Keira since she was a child, was curious.

Keira: “If something better happens, I’ll tell you then.”

“Just where have you been…”

Rose probably looked wild with curiosity, but Keira ignored her.

‘I haven’t made any progress with him yet.’

She couldn’t admit she fell in love with Aiden’s face first.

Keira: “Fufu.”

Rose grinned and stared at the lady playing with the bubbles and a rubber duck. Her cheeks were pink.

It wasn’t just from the heat of the bath.

Rose knew that look. It was the look of a person in the early stage of a romantic relationship.

Rose: “…Where did you meet a good man?”

Keira: “H-huh?”

Keira was so surprised, she dropped the duck she was holding.

‘I was right!’

Rose sighed deeply and asked.

Rose: “What kind of person is he?”

Keira: “Well… he’s very handsome.”

That meant she knew nothing else but that.

‘My lady…’

Even without knowing everything, the situation was obvious.

Rose knew that while their lady looked cold and aloof, she was naive.

And she wasn’t immune to charming men.

Well, there was nothing to worry about. What would be the problem if she could meet a good nobleman and be happy?

Rose: “Does she know you’re the daughter of the Parvis family?”

Keira: “I don’t think so.”

Still, Rose was concerned that the man their innocent lady met had ulterior motives related to the powers of the Grand Duke. Fortunately, their lady didn’t act defensive.

Rose: “That’s a relief. There might be one or two scumbags who want to use the power and influence of the Parvis family.”

Keira: “I wouldn’t want that either. So, I’m not going to reveal my identity any time soon. I’m trying to act like a daughter of a poor noble from the countryside. What do you think?”

Stella, a poor noble from the countryside, overcame the gap with a rich count by the power of love.

She wanted to have that kind of love even though she was the opposite of Stella.

Her cheeks were flushed with the thought that she might be able to have a romantic relationship like those romance novels.

Rose: “A daughter of a poor noble from the countryside?”

Keira: “Yes.”

Rose’s reaction was somewhat puzzling.

Keira: “Why is your expression weird?”

Rose: “It’s nothing…”

The lady grew up too precious to pretend to be a poor noble. Did she even have any idea how a poor noble lived?

Rose believed in their lady’s ability, but not in her acting skills.

One would have to have a moderate similar experience to act. How could a person who was supported by the imperial family act as a poor man?

First of all, just by looking at her appearance and mannerisms, it was obvious she grew up in a prestigious family.

The swindlers at the casino didn’t approach her for no reason after all.

Most importantly. lady Keira had no concept of money!

She learned that not being extravagant was noblesse oblige, so she followed the teachings, but avoiding luxury and having no economic knowledge were two different things.

She’d be found out in no time if she went on one date.

Unaware of Rose’s musings, Keira continued with a shy voice.

Keira: “He said he wanted to have lunch with me on Sunday.”

Rose: “Is that right?”

Keira: “I can’t just leave after eating, right? What should I do? I guess watching a play is the easiest, right?”

Usually, she would invite the theater troupe to the mansion and watch it only with her family or use the box seats in the theater.

It’s too much to invite him to the mansion, so the box seat would be easier…

Rose: “You’re not thinking about using the box seats, are you?”

Keira’s silence was her answer.

Unsurprised, Rose sighed.

Rose: “My lady… usually, poor noblemen don’t have box seats in the capital theater.”

Keira: “Oh, is that so?”

Rose: “Yes.”

Keira: “But I’m meeting with Aiden… I’m not saying I don’t want to sit together in the public seats, but I want us to be alone.”

[1] 놈팡이 (nompangi) is a disparaging term used to describe a person who lives thoughtlessly without a job