The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion




Raeliana McMillan opened the window as soon as she woke up. As the soft sunlight swept over her, she watched the Shamkeyn[1] river flowing gently around the mansion.

Beyond the river were rows of beautifully constructed posh houses that made the scenery even more breathtaking. The view alone was worth billions.

How much her father, Baron John Dane McMillan, spent to buy the prime property was now considered old news.

Raeliana sat on a stool in front of the window and gazed blankly at the Shamkeyn river. The river, a body of water that wrapped around the capital and flowed into it, was the pride of the capital, called the City of Water.

Thousands of tourists visit the city every day to see the river. Even now, at the estuary, an easel was set up by a painter who painted portraits for tourists and couples.

With her chin on her hand, Raeliana sighed. It’s already been two months, but she realized it again.

‘It’s not my house.’

In the world where she lived, the river flowing through the capital was the Han River, and her home was a billion light-years away from there, let alone the Han River.

Raeliana McMillan… No, Park Eun-ha screamed and rolled around the king-size bed.

“AH, WHY–!”

She was now in the world of a novel.

On February 18, 2015, Park Eun-ha died, being pushed off the roof by someone.

She still didn’t know why she had to die.

In the winter when the CSAT was over, she was waitlisted in her dream university, so she went to the library anxiously waiting to be accepted.

It was hard to study with a restless mind, so she went to the roof to look at the stars. While she was pondering on the agony and pain of her life, a man came to talk to her.

Park Eun-ha had a three-minute conversation with the man, but now she could only remember the buzzing sound like a broken radio. I vaguely guessed that it might be because of the shock or something possessed in the novel, but I don’t know why.

She tried to remember it just in case there was a clue to her conversation with him, but she couldn’t remember everything completely, including the man’s voice, what the man said, and his face.

All she could remember was doubts and curiosity about a strange man, and feelings of joy.

During the conversation, the cell phone in her hand vibrated. It was a phone call that notified her that she was accepted into the university. She was so happy she screamed and jumped, still holding her phone in her hand.

Her view suddenly changed.


Her feet were off the ground, and as she came down the railings, she felt the billowing wind. The man who met her surprised eyes was smiling.

Her body began to fall even before she could ask for help. Before she died, several thoughts flooded her mind.

My mom who raised me alone, my big brother who’s a jerk but has a good side, my funny, sweet friends, and…

“You will die young.”

The fortune teller’s words.

Around the age of nine, I heard it at the fortune teller’s house that my mother took me. Her mother, who was a strong-willed woman, overturned the fortune teller’s desk and dragged young Park Eun-ha out after cursing the fortune teller for being a rip-off.

That sentence, stuck deep in her brain like a small thorn, appeared on her mind.

‘I’ll die young after all.’

Then the light wrapped around her body.

As soon as she opened her eyes again, Park Eun-ha became Raeliana McMillan.

“Miss, I’ve brought water to wash up.”

Venia, the maid, knocked on the door when she heard Raeliana’s outburst.

Raeliana’s morning screams lasted for two months, but Venia was an experienced maid. She naturally passed her master’s hysteria with a smile.

While Raeliana was washing her face, Venia brushed her long hair gently. Raeliana looked in the mirror, feeling the soft texture of the towel she used to wipe her face.

Her curly brown hair that fell to her waist, bright green eyes, soft curved chin and dainty features on rosy cheeks were eye-catching even in the capital city where there were many beauties.

‘It’s awkward every day.’

The face she’s seen for nearly 20 years has changed, so it was natural that she couldn’t get used to it in two months. She felt awkward looking at it a million times a day.

That’s how beautiful Raeliana McMillan was.

“You should eat.”

Raeliana looked at her face in the mirror once more and nodded at Benia’s words.


As she walked down the stairs to go to the dining room, she greeted her father who was reading a newspaper.

“Raeli, did you sleep well?”


As John stretched out his arms, Raeliana approached and hugged him. He kissed Raeliana on the cheek and led her to the dining room.


Rosemary, her younger sister who was already sitting, rushed to her, still holding on to a fork. Raeliana held Rosemary and walked to the table.

“Rose, I told you not to walk around with a fork! You have to mind your manners!”

Their mother Katie put her hands on her waist and scolded Rosemary with a stern voice.

“Raeli, I keep telling you not to tolerate it.”

“Now, now, let’s sit down before the meal turns cool, ma’am.”

John spoke softly and pulled out the chair for his wife.

“You’re too soft on them.”

Katie scolded him for his laughable words. Raeliana took the fork from Rosemary as she listened to the girl talk about her dream last night of flying in the sky.

It was a table full of fire. It was thanks to the thoughtful McMillan family that Park Eun-ha of Korea was able to adapt quickly as Raeliana.

Two months. It was a short time to accept them as a true family, but enough time to consider them precious.

In one day, they thoroughly catered for their daughter, who was confused about everything, and after ordering to move everything in the mansion for her convenience, they took care of her sincerely. 

As a result, the longing for her previous life and the fear of the present had faded.

“So, this contract–”

“John, stop talking about work on the table. Wouldn’t you agree, Raeli?”

Raeliana couldn’t answer because she was mid-chew when her mother asked her.

Raeliana McMillan was the eldest daughter of Baroness McMillan. John Dane McMillan, the head of the family, owned a successful oil business that earned him the title of Baron. The McMillans were nouveau riche.

It didn’t matter to Raeliana whether they were old money or new money. She was just grateful she came back from the dead, and gained a rich life, and a warm and loving family.

At first, Park Eun-ha, who became Raeli, was relieved that she was reincarnated as a happy golden spoon.

If only Raeliana McMillan was an ordinary person…

However, God very simply gave her a shit[2] and left.

This was the world of fiction, and Raeliana McMillan was a minor character of the novel, a friend of the protagonist. Raeliana will serve as the reason for the main character to return home from studying abroad… when she dies.

Yes, Raeliana’s life as a golden spoon will be short-lived.

[1] Most likely based on ‘Keynsham’, a town in England
[2] 빅엿 (bigyeot) is slang for ‘shit’, used to express annoyance and anger; big damage/trouble