AIWTRO Chapter Thirty-Five

AIWTRO Chapter 35


The knights remembered what they had just seen.

A bright dress, glowing cheeks, a skip on her step.

Anyone who’s experienced the joys of first love would understand that image.

In a low voice, Joseph warned.

Joseph: “Don’t talk about things you’re not sure about, Curric.”

Curric: “But I heard it from the butler. It seems the lady is planning to attend social events. Why else would she suddenly want to become socially active?”

The other knights also added valid points.

“I overheard the maids a while ago. They said they didn’t expect Lady Keira to enjoy reading romance novels.”

Joseph: “But that’s not substantial evidence. Your loose lips might spread a deadly scandal. Watch your mouth.”

“It’s not just that! When the Grand Duke asked her what she would say if people questioned the family’s neutrality if she attended social gatherings, she told him she’d say she was looking for a husband!”

Joseph: “An excuse is just an excuse.”

The knights were talking about unverified allegations.

Joseph gave his men a disapproving look and turned to Arthur. He looked like he had a lot to say.

Joseph nodded his head, waiting for Arthur to speak.

Arthur: “V-vice Captain.”

Joseph: “What?”

Arthur: “It doesn’t seem like the knights are catching clouds[1].”

Joseph: “What do you mean?”

Arthur: “Well, the truth is, I went out with the lady last night…”

Arthur trailed off, afraid to speak further.

How do you say that the lady of the Parvis family may have been tempted by a serpent?

To make matters worse, the cause of the disaster was, to some extent, him.

He was worried about Sir Joseph’s reaction if he told the truth.

Joseph: “If you have something to say, say it now.”

Arthur had no choice but to reveal everything.

Joseph’s eyebrows twitched ominously as he listened to Arthur talk about the situation.

Joseph: “So you just let the lady and an unidentified man talk alone? You let her spend time with a mysterious man in a place like that without a decent escort. Are you out of your mind?”

Arthur: “He was a weirdo! He didn’t look trained in anything. He’s like a guy who only knows horseback riding and sex. We let her go because we thought she could control him with one hand!”

Arthur shouted as if he was being falsely accused.

But the root cause of the disaster was him, so it was not at all convincing.

As Joseph glared at him with his fists clenched, Arthur hurriedly added an excuse.

Arthur: “H-hold on, sir. Don’t blame me now. Shouldn’t we tell the lady the truth about that snake? They already have plans to meet tomorrow!”

Joseph: “…what did you just say?”

Arthur: “T-the lady made plans to have lunch with the snake…”

A shocked silence fell.

“Wow, so it’s serious enough that the lady set a date?”

“Well, there’s no law that said Saintesses couldn’t marry.”

“That’s true, but I heard the guy’s a well-known playboy…”

Only whispered chatters could be heard.

It was Joseph’s dreary voice that broke the strange silence.

Joseph: “You said you were there. Why didn’t you do anything to stop it?”

Before Arthur knew it, he was no longer addressed as ‘sir’, but ‘you.’[2]

Arthur: “So you’re saying she agreed to go out on a date with him because I didn’t stop them?! It’s not fair—ack!”

Arthur yowled, gripping his shin.

Joseph kicked him.

Someone murmured anxiously.

“I heard he has a bad reputation. What if he’s trying to do something terrible to the miss…”

Reina: “I’d rather he have the bad reputation, to be honest. It would be easier to show the lady his flaws, then she’ll certainly lose her infatuation for him…”

Reina continued.

Reina: “The problem is the snake is a sweet-talker… I’ve recently learned that our lady is a bit naive even if she doesn’t look like it…”

Arthur: “Fortunately, it didn’t seem that he recognized her. But, it would be impossible not to if you knew her family.”

If one becomes the son-in-law of the Parvis family, he will be able to live his life in luxury.

It would be a great rise in status for the youngest son of a Viscount who only had money. As the youngest son, it would be impossible to inherit a title or a large fortune, so he would not miss such a golden opportunity.

“If she really gets married…”

Everybody gulped.

Since her father is the Grand Duke, she is destined to inherit the title.

The Parvis family was an elite in their own way.

Even Arthur, free-spirited as he was, was proud to be recognized for his skills by the family.

Then what, they’ll serve a blondie, flower boy snake as their superior?!

It was a blow to their pride.

Aside from that possible predicament, it was basic principle to stop an acquaintance from being seduced by a casanova.

Joseph: “So, what time is the date?”

When Joseph asked, the knights made eye contact with each other.

The same thought came into their heads.

This needed to be stopped.

Time passed, and the day of the date came.

Keira woke up early in the morning, took a bath, and went on to choose clothes.

Keira: “Is pink too childish? Red might be too fresh…”

Rose: “That…milady.”

Rosé called her with a perplexed look.

Keira: “Yes?”

Rose: “Didn’t you say you were pretending to be a poor noble lady from the countryside?”

Keira: “Yes. What about it?”

Rose: “Normally poor noble ladies don’t wear such expensive clothes……….”

Keira: “Well…”

‘No matter how poor you are, wouldn’t a nobleman wear this kind of clothes?’

Keira thought so, but decided to follow Rose’s advice for now.

She had no idea how a poor noble lady really lived.

Keira: “Then what should I wear?”

Rose: “For now, all the clothes in this dressing room are not allowed. Let’s wear the best clothes the maid has.”

Keira bit her lips as if she was sad.

I wanted to show you the prettiest side of me…

But she didn’t want him to know her real identity.

Eventually after much consideration, she decided to borrow a white dress. Rose forbade her from wearing many accessories, so they settled with a pink corsage.

Rose: “Don’t worry. You’re still beautiful.”

Rose tried to comfort her, but she still felt down.

In front of the main gate, a carriage that had been borrowed hurriedly was waiting for her.

Compared to the family carriage, this one was shabby enough to be more appropriately called a cart.

Riding the carriage, Keira mumbled.

Keira: “I’ve never ridden a carriage like this before… It’s not gonna break, is it?”

A person like this was about to ride a public airship, Rose thought, but wisely decided against saying it out loud.

Keira looked back at her and waced.

Keira: “See you later, Rose. I’ll be back safely.”

Rose: “…yes, good luck.”

Rosé looked at the carriage where the door was closing and thought.

‘As expected, milady’s plan will most likely fail.’

The meet-up place for the date was a square located in the center of the capital city’s busy streets.

Since the Parvis mansion was located outside the capital, the trip took a while.

Thanks to Emily’s comment that poor noble ladies didn’t bring maids around, she left Rose at the mansion.

In other words, Keira was alone in the carriage.

My heart is about to explode.

It was hard to soothe her nerves when she had nothing to do but twist her hands.

Getting close to other people was exciting and nerve-wracking.

Aiden, however, was a different category she had never experienced before.

It seemed she was twice as nervous as when she went to the new knights’ welcome party or when she first spoke to Emily.

‘…If the atmosphere is good today, let’s ask them to go to the ball together.’

Dancing together for the first time, talking by the terrace…

While having such pleasant thoughts, the carriage arrived at the destination.

“We’re here, miss.”

Keira: “Well done.”

She got out of the carriage after making sure her clothes were in perfect condition.

[1] 뜬구름 (tteunguleum) means catch clouds, an idiomatic expression that means seeking something unreal or false 
[2]  Joseph used to address Arthur with the ‘경’ (gyeong) honorific, which roughly means ‘sir’. ‘네놈’ (nenom) is a less polite way of addressing someone; a rude way of saying ‘you.’