AIWTO Chapter Thirty-Six

AIWTRO Chapter 36


Near the fountain in the square, the other party was already waiting for Keira.

Unlike that night at the casino, Aiden was dressed in an all-white suit. It was a difficult outfit to pull off, but it really went well with his blond hair.

‘You’re so handsome today as well…’

Keira knew it wasn’t right to judge a person based solely on their looks, but she really liked his handsome face.

She couldn’t get enough of it.

Aiden also found Keira.

‘You’re really here.’

A smile appeared on his face.

Truthfully, Aiden was aware of the possibility that she might not show up for their date. She didn’t say much when they talked at the casino.

In some cases, they would break their promise to meet because they changed their mind.

But the fact that she appeared on time was proof enough that she was completely enamored by his looks.

A new fish has entered the fishing ground.

Aiden waved to her with a big smile.

Aiden: “Miss Kira[1]!”

It was a pseudonym she thought of last minute.

Keira wanted to see that handsome face up close immediately and ended up using mana without realizing it. It was a move that ordinary people couldn’t even imitate.


Keira: “Have you been waiting long?”

Aiden: “Huh? Uh, hmm?”

Aiden was shocked to the point of forgetting the line he prepared to tell her.

He was sure she was far away just now.

‘Have you been taking too much drugs lately…?’

He couldn’t believe he was hallucinating in the middle of the day. As expected, he really should lessen his drug intake.

He dismissed the scene he saw as a side effect of drugs and shrugged it off without much consideration. It was that or the fragile and innocent-looking woman had abilities fit for a knight.

Aiden: “I just got here, too, Lady.”

Keira: “That’s a relief.”

Aiden: “Even if I did wait, what does it matter? It’s a gentleman’s pleasure to wait for a lady as beautiful as Miss Kira.”


It was a line that would make most women cringe and run away in disgust.

But it worked for some women.

‘For innocent girls who have never held a man’s hand.’

He grinned as he looked down at Keira’s blushing face.

Aiden: “Well, shall we go?”

There were people watching those two from afar. It was such a long distance that one could not distinguish their features by the naked eye.

It was because Keira was a very talented person. They had to distance themselves so that she wouldn’t discover them watching her.

Looking through opera glasses, Joseph asked.

Joseph: “Is that him? The foreign-looking guy[2].”

Arthur: “Yes, he has blond hair.”

Arthur answered, also holding a pair of opera glasses in his hand.

Reina: “…What are you doing now?”

Reina jumped to her feet.

Reina: “We left the mansion in a blaze saying we’re stopping things, but in the end we’re just here to stalk them? Arthur, why are you doing this to Vice Captain?!”

Zeke: “That’s right. People around us have been staring at us since earlier!”

The four men and a woman, hiding behind the bushes in the square and looking into opera glasses, would look very suspicious to anyone.

Zeke: “What’s the point of following them like this? Wouldn’t it be better to blackmail them and separate them? We can warn him that if he approaches her one more time, he’ll be buried alive.”

“…Sometimes you say really scary things.”

Zeke: “I’m not saying we’re going to act on it. It’s just a threat.”

Zeke nodded, pleased with his plan. No matter how much he thought about it, it seemed it would be the best way.

“But if your threat reaches your sister’s ears, will you be responsible for it?”


If a person who had enjoyed her company suddenly avoided her, she’d definitely find it suspicious. And If she found out about the situation and discovered what her brother did…

‘I don’t want to fight with noonim.’

He just got close to his sister; he didn’t want to go back to the way they used to be.

However, it was hard to watch that snake slither his way into his sister’s heart.

Of course, dating and getting married depended on the will of the parties involved. But now matter how Zeke looked at it, that man didn’t deserve his sister.

As expected, there was only one cleanest way at this point.

Zeke: “…Neatly getting rid of him is…”

A man committing the sin of climbing a tree you couldn’t dare to climb deserved to die.

Reina restrained him.

Reina: “You’ve gone too far, sir.”

Zeke: “Then what do you want me to do? Is there another way?”

Raising a finger, she said.

Reina: “The fastest way would be to show the lady that he’s a piece of garbage. For example… hmm, if she were to witness a scene where he’s seducing another woman.”

Zeke: “But it’s not something we can control at will.”

“So from now on, we have to think about how to solve the problem.”

In short, talking like this was pointless.

Gritting his teeth, Zeke said.

Zeke: “As expected, we’d better clean this up before noonim gets more attached.”

Arthur: “Stop saying scary things. He’s moving to the restaurant. Let’s catch up.”

Arthur stood up from the bushes, leaves stuck to his clothes falling down. It was perfect for attracting people’s attention.

“Oh my, what is that?”

“Mom, what are they doing?”

Zeke had better hearing than others and unfortunately heard the rumblings from the people around them.

‘Oh, god.’

It was all that snake’s fault.

“I heard he thinks you’re a noble from the countryside?”

Keira: “Yes, that’s what I told him.”

“It’s obvious what men are thinking. I’m sure he’s going to take the lady to a very good restaurant and show off the life of a nobleman living in the capital!”

“You’re right. You’re trying to pretend to be a noble from the countryside, so even if it gets boring, just keep up with the rhythm.”

Keira: “Should I pretend to be amazed?”

“Yes, yes, that’s it. You can act like it’s your first time in a place like this.”

Sure enough, Aiden looked proud as he took her to the restaurant.

Aiden: “This is the most popular restaurant in the capital. I had a hard time making reservations.”

Keira then said a line she had practiced before.

“It’s so wonderful. I’ve never seen a place like this before.”

She even brought her hands together neatly.

…Unfortunately, her acting was embarrassing to anyone who watched.

Unsettled, Aiden asked.

Aiden: “Uh… Is this really your first time?”

Keira: “Yes, of course.”

She handed over her coat and handbag as she usually did with employees in the Parvis mansion. With her legs crossed, she looked so natural in her seat.

Keira: “When else would I have gone to a place like this?”


She looked too natural at it to say that.

‘You look at home.’

Truthfully, Keira wasn’t ‘at home’ at all.

The place was far beyond the mansion’s dining room.

‘They should spend money on the interior. Why won’t they make such a basic investment when they say their business is doing well enough to make it hard to make a reservation?’

Looking closely, the tableware was not of the best quality.

But Keira didn’t want to be annoying and nitpick at it.

Keira ordered food and ate in peace. From now on, it was really important to make a good impression.

Keira: “I’m so happy to see you again.”

Aiden: “So am I.”

Aiden was busy trying to dissect the lady in front of him.

‘The clothes you wore at the casino were luxurious…’

It’s been a few years since he started frequenting casinos. It wasn’t uncommon to mistake low-quality products for luxury goods.

But the clothes she wore to the casino that day were obviously expensive.

‘I thought she was a moderately wealthy noble from the countryside who went to the capital for the first time.’

But today she was showing the opposite of his previous judgment.

A woman who showed a different side was said to be attractive, but not like this.

One of Aiden’s philosophies was, ‘Let’s not touch the wives or daughters of powerful families.’

So there was nothing more disturbing than not being able to get the identity of the other woman.

‘Who the hell is she…?’

[1] Keira’s name is spelled as 키이라, and her pseudonym is spelled as 키라 (Kira).
[2] Joseph described him as 반반 하군 (banban hagun) or half-half, a term native speakers call half-Koreans.