The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion Chapter Two



Chapter 1: Raeliana McMillan Wants to Live

“Oh. Raeli, Sir Brooks is scheduled to arrive at 6 o’clock tomorrow.”

Raeliana, who was drinking tea for dessert, spat out her tea in surprise.


“Why, there’s a royal ball tomorrow.”

Francis Brooks was Raeliana’s fiancé. The McMillan family loved his strong shoulders and his prestigious family. Raeliana hated the wrinkles around his eyes, which were not a reflection of his age.

It was only because he’d been smiling like he’s singing a sonata of seduction all day long. Raeliana clenched her glass hard enough to almost break it as she remembered his sleazy smirk.

That damned man. He was the culprit of everything. The cause of her short life. Raeliana McMillan’s would-be murderer!

“I’ll go up.”

Raeliana laid the glass down helplessly and stood up.

Her parents asked if she was feeling unwell, but she dismissed them and said she was okay. The McMillan couple seemed to be mistaken in thinking that the reason for her nerves was her upcoming wedding.

‘Of course, you’ll be nervous. You’ll die even before the ink dries on the marriage contract.’

For a month, Raeliana didn’t just focus on being pessimistic about reality, soaking tears on her pillow. Once she wrote down in her notes the things in the novel she didn’t remember quite well, she figured out the character relationships and the plot. She then started digging into exactly how Raeliana died.

Raeliana’s death was caused by arsenic poisoning. It was because of the poison Francis Brooks mixed in her tea every night that she died before the ink dried in the marriage contract.

Francis Brooks, who by then had gained the full trust of the McMillan family, would convince them to hand over the company to him while they’re grieving the death of their daughter.

And in the novel, the female protagonist would be the one to reveal this. The heroine, who was a friend of Raeliana McMillan, heard the news of her death and would return home to uncover the truth.

If the story progressed to that, wouldn’t Raeliana already be dead? Before all of that happened, she needed to break her engagement.

But there was a big problem. All of her family loved Raeliana, but she couldn’t just break her engagement because she just ‘felt that way. I suddenly hate it,’ as if she was cancelling a restaurant reservation.

For aristocrats, an engagement cannot be unilaterally terminated by one side as long as it is an agreement between both families. This was particularly the case with the McMillan family.

No matter how much the Brooks family have lost their glory, the Brooks family was still a renowned noble family. It was impossible to know what kind of retaliation they would bring because there were still many high-ranking nobles with whom they were connected.

And Raeliana couldn’t just act like a person who saw the future, wake up and say ‘That guy will kill me!’

That was because even if this world had magic more advanced than science and technology, mental illnesses and mental institutions still existed.

It was normal for a person to create fire from their hands, but if Raeliana revealed that she saw everything in a novel that her fiancé would kill her, people would think she was sick…

I need a reason to leave him.

Whatever Raeliana did, Francis Brooks would certainly marry her. Therefore, it was necessary to make him react violently as much as possible. Then, on the basis of this, she could somehow give a valid excuse for breaking up, saying that she could not live with such a violent husband.

So, Raeliana had four meetings with Francis Brooks.

First meeting.

Raeliana, who had been living solo for 20 years, didn’t know the workings of a breakup, and didn’t think that Francis was a man who deserved the courtesy.

“Let’s break up.”

Then Francis laughed exaggeratedly and pointed to one side. A crow sitting on a streetlight was looking down at them, pooping.

“Ahaha! Did you just see that?”

“What? No, did you hear me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s break up, Sir Brooks.”

“Hahaha! Look at that, Raeliana.”

“Hey, let’s break up.”

It was only after asking him to break up seventeen more times that Raeliana realized he wasn’t interested in this crow at all. He was just pretending not to hear her

The day after the first date, Raeliana ran to the bookstore.

The owner of the bookstore pulled out a book called ‘How to Say Goodbye to a Boyfriend’ from the inside of the store. Raeliana read the book overnight.

Indeed, the book was a treasure trove of knowledge.

Second meeting.

After studying and preparing for the big break up, Raeliana headed to a members-exclusive restaurant with him. And ten minutes after arriving at the restaurant, she poured a total of five liquids, including water and a variety of wines, into his head and groin.

At first, Francis Brooks tried to be courteous, but on the third drink, his lips were already twitching. The fourth time, he sighed deeply and was restless, and in the fifth, when Raeliana poured wine on the center of his groin, veins were visible on his temples, and his hands were shaking.

“Oh my, I spilled it again. I’m sorry.”

Raeliana apologized half-heartedly, looking completely unapologetic, then pointed to the piano at the center of the restaurant.

“Sir Brooks, I want to see you perform.”

Francis Brooks sighed and approached the piano.

As the piano melodies began to play, Raeliana called in the waiter to praise the wine, how cozy the atmosphere was in the restaurant, and the mastery of the chef.

Francis Brooks glanced at her, but she merely continued to send praises to the waiter. When he realized that Raeliana had no intention of listening to him at all, Francis thought of grabbing her attention by saying, “Beautiful Raeliana.”

Then Raeliana went straight to the bathroom without looking back. She only came out after the sounds coming from the piano stopped.

When it was time to part ways, Raeliana sneered at Francis Brooks’ groin which had dried white, looking as if it was wet from pee. She shuddered, acting embarrassed, and rode her carriage alone and quickly returned home.

Raeliana was satisfied.

It was only a matter of time until she was cursed at by Francis. No, she might even get hit because he’d ‘never seen such a crazy girl before.’

She expected this, but in the end, Francis Brooks’ disparaging letter never arrived.

It was a pity.

Third meeting.

It took some time until the third date. Francis Brooks seemed to need time to heal his tender heart.

The date was set, and the two decided to go hunting.

Francis Brooks tried to correct her posture in holding a gun while hunting, but unbeknownst to him, Raelana was a talented huntsman known as the ‘Queen of the Hunting World.’

Hunting was what Raeliana’s father, John Dane, enjoyed as a hobby, and Raelana was the one who followed him around ever since she could walk. Although her soul changed, the memory of the body remained, so she was able to handle firearms very skillfully.

As Francis showed off his mediocre skills and offered to teach her how to hunt, Raeliana played along, pretending to be a beginner and watching him try to teach her.

She then aimed a shot right next to Francis Brooks’ head, barely grazing his temple.

“Oh, my mistake.”

He should be fed up by now.

Raeliana then unloaded the gun with notably skillful workmanship and left it in the arms of the attendant.

“Looks like Sir Brooks will have to change his clothes. Please take care of it.”

At this point, his fists should fly, but he was a guy who valued money more than his pride.

The next day, Francis Brooks came to the McMillan mansion without prior notice. Raeliana, who was walking in front of the mansion, greeted him with a frown.

“Sir Brooks, what brings you here all of a sudden? I wasn’t informed you would be coming today.”

“Oh, Raeliana. Are we not engaged?”

He smiled, the small wrinkles around his eyes appearing.

‘Ugh, I’m getting goosebumps.’

“Even spouses with close relationships are respectful of each other. Please go back.”

Raeliana, who was soothing the goosebumps in her arm, snapped at him and was about to go back when France Brooks grabbed her by the wrist.

“Raeliana, I don’t understand why you’re doing this to me all of a sudden.”

“No, what are you doing now!”

“Although it’s a political marriage, I thought there was a deeper connection growing between us. Was I the only one who thought so?”

It was a desperate voice.

Unlike Park Eun-ha’s hatred and indifference, Raeliana’s heart sank. Raeliana, the original owner of the body, loved Francis.

Although his family’s influence declined due to the head of the family making wrong business choices, the Brooks family was a prestigious aristocratic family who wouldn’t bother to be seen with a ‘small’ family like the Mcmillans in the past. Francis Brooks was the eldest son of the family, and he was very handsome, too.

It was no wonder that Raeliana, who dreamed of falling in love, was shaken because the man who acted tenderly in front of her planned to poison her behind her back.

‘Did the original owner’s heart still remain?’

She had a bitter smile.

Now the owner of the body is Park Eun-ha. Francis Brooks will violate Raeliana’s body and mind with his evil hands.

It will all end with poisoned black tea.

“I was just being polite.”

Raeliana answered, her voice subdued.

“Let go.”

It was then that Francis Brooks realized– this was not the same Raeliana as usual. She was so timid that she blushed whenever she talked to him, and her voice was so soft he could barely hear her.

After delaying their meeting under the pretext of being sick for a while, she suddenly turned into a different person and appeared before himself.

Francis, who tried to talk nicely, clenched his teeth. As she tried to shrug off her hand from his hold and go back, Francis forcefully gripped her shoulder.

“Raeliana, let’s finish our conversation first.”

Raeliana’s eyebrows shot up.

“I don’t know how difficult you’re trying to be, but it’s not use.”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden–”

“It means that the play is over. The McMillan family badly needs the reputation of the Marquis of Brooks. Do you think you can find a better marriage when the only thing your family has is money? We will be married soon. Before that, it would be good to learn how to properly serve your husband.”

His eyes gleamed like a rat. Raeliana clenched her fists until her fingernails dug into the flesh and bled.

She might have no choice but to marry him. She knew how she was going to die, so if she prepared well, she might be able to avoid death.

Of course, she’ll have to put herself in all kinds of risks.

She would have to live a life where she couldn’t eat comfortably, hold her breath, or run away. Was it possible to live alone in this strange world?

‘If only Francis Brooks would die when I wake up tomorrow morning.’

Yeah, let me kill him. Kill him before he poisons me, she mumbled, her head on the pillow.

If she used a knife or poison, there was the possibility of getting caught; she had to commit a small crime that would not cause damage to her.

She recalled a case where a man who died of meningitis after pulling out his nose hairs with his hands, causing the inside of his nostrils to inflame.

‘……I have to remove his nose hair.’

She was to pluck his nose hairs until he died. There would be no evidence left, and a full crime would be committed.

‘Okay, it’s perfect. Let’s do that.’

Raeliana, who had fallen into delusions of this and that, barely fell asleep after staying up all night.

She got up around the afternoon when the maids were busy preparing for the ball. The maids fixed her hair and put on dresses with expert hands. Her curly hair was twisted high, thin nape was seen, and the dark red dress they chose for her accentuated her fair skin.

Everyone praised her for being as beautiful as a rose, but Raeliana didn’t answer, lost in thought.

Even when she entered the ballroom with Francis Brooks, and when they entered the place where noble ladies flirted with gentlemen and chatted loudly, Raeliana stood quiet, not once making a peep.

Until ‘the man’ entered.

All of a sudden, the hall became noisier.

At his appearance, the gaze of the nobles was focused on one place. There was a man at the center of that gaze. He had such a breathtaking appearance that everyone around him looked like squids. With a gentle smile, he politely received all the greetings from the nobles.

The man’s name was Noah Voltaire Wynknight.

He was the Duke of the Kingdom, and the hero of the novel.