AIWTRO Chapter Thirty-Seven

AIWTRO Chapter 37


After much thought, he asked some questions that nobles living in the capital would know – the latest trends, new artists and social scandals.

Whenever he did that, Keira looked very puzzled.

‘Is she acting?’

However, she looked so genuine that it was hard to think of it as acting.

He also reminded himself that she couldn’t just improve her acting skills in a snap after that performance a while ago. When she complimented the restaurant, she sounded like she was reading straight from a book.

‘Could it be that you’ve visited a fancy restaurant in the capital but pretended not to for my honor?’

It was Keira’s attitude that added confidence to the illusion.

With twinkling eyes, she asked.

Keira: “How do nobles in the capital support artists?”

She looked really curious.

Any aristocrat who had some money to spare supported artists as a way to show off their wealth.

There was no way that an aristocrat who had enough wealth to live in the capital did not have an artist to sponsor.

‘I was probably mistaken.’

Aiden reassured himself and answered Keira.

Aiden: “Is there a special way? Nobles just help artists continue their artistic endeavors without worrying about finances.”

In return, if the noble was bored, they can call on for the artist to perform.

Keira nodded her head.

Keira: “So it’s noblesse oblige.”

Aiden: “Exactly.”

These days though, it has become a means of showing off a family’s wealth, but Aiden didn’t add that.

He told stories of the splendid lives of the capital nobles as if to show off. Whenever he did, Keira always looked fascinated by his stories.

Aiden mostly talked, and Keira ooh-ed and ahh-ed.

It was enough for to think that she reacted that way because she came from the countryside.

Keira, who had been listening to his story for a long time, hesitated and opened her mouth.

Keira: “Um…”

Aiden: “Anything you want to say?”

Keira: “Next Wednesday…”

Aiden: “Hmm?”

Keira: “”I was wondering if you could spare me some time…”

Aiden has met many women, but he’s never met a noble woman who asked him out.

Usually, they were too ashamed to ask first.

Either way, it was cute.

The problem was…

Aiden: “I’m sorry. I already have a previous engagement that evening.”

Keira: “Ah…”

Next Wednesday was another day to take care of the fish in the fish market.

‘Because I’m supposed to attend the Marquis’s ball.’

Not knowing that he was thinking of another woman, Keira was embarrassed.

Since Aiden wasn’t available, she had no prospect partner.

She could either ask one of the knights or go on her own.

Aiden: “I’m afraid it’s a reading party with old friends. I hope we get a chance next time.”

Aiden made up an excuse because he couldn’t exactly say he was attending a ball with another woman.

Keira: “If you already have a previous engagement, we can’t help it.”

Aiden: “Yes, but I’m sure we’ll see each other soon.”


The words made Keira flush immediately.

Aiden realized it was because she had no experience with men.

Aiden: “Yes, next time for sure.”

Keira nodded her head with a puzzled expression.

Keira: “Then do you have a moment after finishing your meal?”

Aiden: “Of course. Do you have any places in mind?”

Aiden thought it would be better if they could go somewhere they could be alone.

Keira: “I want to ride an airship and look around the capital.”

Aiden misunderstood that it was something that a noble from the countryside who had just traveled to the capital would want to do.

The airship flying over the city was a specialty in the capital city. No wonder there were people who fantasized about the transportation of flying in the air.

‘Once you get on it, the illusion of it being magical will disappear.’

It has been a long time since the airship has become a tourist attraction due to its low efficiency as a means of transportation, but airships were originally created for the purpose of public transportation.

In other words, the facilities were uncomfortable, cramped, and dirty.

To make things worse, it shook so much that he often got motion sickness.

‘I don’t want to ride it.’

He was planning to do whatever she pleased, but he didn’t want to board the airship.

Aiden: “Ha ha, airships have fixed schedule time. Besides, the station is far, so it’s a little…”

Keira: “It’s okay. I told them to pick us up.”

Aiden: “…Pardon?”

For a moment, Aiden wondered if he misheard her saying airship instead of carriage.

Aiden: “Haha, you’re funny, too.”

Keira: “I’m not joking. I really rented one for the day.”


Before Aiden could ask if she was talking about a carriage, he heard a rattling noise outside.

‘That sound is…’

Keira: “Ah, it must have come a little early.”

Aiden: “Uh, uh…”

Keira: “The noise may make other people uncomfortable, so shall we?”

Aiden: “”No, wait a minute, that…”

Flustered, Aiden reluctantly got out of his seat.

Even the staff were so surprised they forgot to see the guests off.

The people’s eyes were all focused outside the window where the noise came from.

“Wow, I’ve never seen an airship so low!”

“Me, too.”

“What’s going on? Is it broke?”

Airship? It really was an airship?

An airship hung a net ladder next to the towering square clock tower.

Oh, my God.

Aiden froze like a statue.

Meanwhile, Keira shyly said.

Keira: “I thought it would take a long time to travel to the station since it was far away, so I called it over.”


Aiden didn’t know what to point out.

Joseph and his group settled by the window of a cafe opposite the restaurant.

It was easy to see the lady from here.

They spied hard on the opposite building with drinks in hand. To be precise, it wasn’t ‘they’ but ‘two of them.’

“…I don’t think this is right.”

It was less crowded than the square, but people still stared.

Zeke whispered.

Zeke: “All the other guests are looking this way, aren’t they? Aren’t you ashamed?”

“It’s to protect the person you care about, so what would you be ashamed of?”

The answer was so confident that Zeke thought it was wrong to be embarrassed, but he soon came to his senses and refuted.

Zeke: “In what way are we protecting noonim? We’re just watching her from afar!”

“If the snake tries to do anything terrible, we’ll go after him and beat him half-dead?”

Zeke: “Do you think my sister will be beaten by such a crappy guy?”

Joseph: “You never know. If he’s using drugs…”

Joseph said, recalling the crime he had read in the newspaper a while back.

Next to him, Arthur and Raina whispered, “you’re too much,” but he ignored them.

One must not neglect their duties as a knight of the House of Parvis.

He brought the opera glasses close again.

He could see the lady smiling joyfully through the window. He was sure if he stood close he would hear her laugh.

Joseph has been loyal to the Parvis family for quite a long time, but he has never seen her laugh so freely.

Arthur murmured quietly.

Arthur: “Wow, I’ve never seen the lady smile like that before.”

Reina: “Me, too…”


Somehow, the urge to kill the snake seemed to grow.

‘We need to take care of our lady.’

There were people who had bad relationships, and then their lives got tangled up.

So no, they weren’t doing this out of pure selfishness. It didn’t matter that were plagued by the thought of possibly living with that good-looking bastard.

It was then that they heard a noise that couldn’t be ignored.

Sensing the wave of mana, Zeke was the first to react.

Zeke: “…What is it now?”