AIWTRO Chapter Thirty-Eight

AIWTRO Chapter 38


They heard a faint noise from far away.

Since knights were much more sensitive than ordinary people, they immediately noticed that something was approaching.

Looking around, the other guests were chatting peacefully over tea as if they hadn’t noticed the situation.

“Something’s coming, sir.”

“I know.”

Their hands went straight to their scabbard.

Was a gate about to open?

‘No way, it won’t happen near the Imperial Capital…’

But disasters could stem from lack of vigilance. If monsters opened the gates to the capital, the damage would be beyond imagination.

“Should we evacuate the people?”

“No, I think it’s a small gate. It might be more safe to hide in the building until it’s cleared up.”

A while later, the customers and employees noticed the noise.

“What’s going on?”

“Are they constructing anything?”

It was quite unpleasant to hear such disruptions while trying to relax, and the noble patrons started expressing their discontent.

“We’re very sorry. We’re trying to figure out what’s going on…”

“Oh my, look over there!”

Customers flocked to the window in awe, completely overshadowing the staff’s effort to grovel and apologize.

What was happening? One of the waiters tried to look out the window, but it was already full of customers.

Fortunately, his question was soon answered.

A female guest shouted out loud.

“Is that an airship?”

…What? An airship?

While they finally knew the cause of the noise, they still had no idea what was happening.

Zeke, who was looking at the sky outside the window, murmured.

Zeke: “Is that a horsepower engine…”

It took a huge amount of power to get a huge balloon in the air and even drive it. Naturally, the engines of an airship were designed to generate that kind of power.

Although the first inventor was fired for creating the worst fuel-efficient piece of garbage.

Zeke: “Sir Arthur, why did the airship fly here?”

Arthur: “That’s what I’m saying. I know that airships travel along the outer line of the capital.”

Zeke: “It’s not falling, is it?”

Or maybe the airship had to land temporarily due to technical issues.

Arthur: “At least it’s not a gate opening.”

Zeke: “That’s right.”

The center of the capital almost turned into a sea of blood.

Arthur breathed a sigh of relief, but stopped when he couldn’t see Keira.

Arthur: “Huh? Where’s the lady?”

They didn’t even realize their target had disappeared because they got distracted.

Reina: “Did they run out thinking it was a gate?”

Three seconds after speaking, Reina soon found Keira, who was holding Aiden’s arm, walking out of the building with a big smile on her face.

Her fingers were clearly pointing at the airship.

She dragged her bewildered partner and walked away to where the airship stopped.




Everyone had similar thoughts, but it was only Arthur who voiced it out loud.

“… she didn’t ask the airship to pick them up, did she?”

No one answered.

The airship, which had been flying for a long time already, was still rattling and dirty.

Furthermore, the engine was too loud.

If Aiden had his usual temper tantrum, the crew would have been bowing in apology to him by now.

However, he was too preoccupied to feel discomfort.

‘Which family is supporting her?’

Apart from the fact that the airship could fly, how much money would it take to borrow a royal property like that?

Aside from the cost, no aristocrat would have been given access to anything that could be used to attack the ground from above.

He then imagined the worst possibly family.

‘…No way, is she related to the Imperial family[1]?’

If there was one thing Aiden vowed not to do, it was to get involved with wives or daughters of powerful families.

One wrong move and you’ll be dragged to the wedding hall.

Everyone presumed that Aiden was a guy who would sell his face to a rich woman and play and eat for life, but he wasn’t like that at all.

He had no desire to beg for anything from a father-in-law or wife.

Now was the time for him to play his cards well.

Keira: “Are you feeling unwell?”

Keira asked, surprising Aiden.

Aiden: “H-h-huh?”

Keira: “If you’re worried about what other people could be thinking earlie, you don’t need to be concerned. They were informed that the airship had to make a quick stop to pick up a mechanic.”

‘I’m more worried about how powerful you have to be to make up such a situation!’

Aiden held back what he wanted to say and smiled forcedly.

Maybe she really was a relative of the Imperial family?

If so, he really had to break up with her as soon as possible.

No, if he suddenly started ignoring her, she might think he was playing with her. He needed to keep his distance slowly.

His palms began to sweat. How could things get so messed up!

Keira: “Wow! Look over there. The capital looks so small!”

Aiden: “T-that’s cool.”

Keira: “Right?”

Aiden: “T-this… is all thanks to Lady.”

Aiden said, shaking.

If she knew he had a lot of lovers, how would she react? He shuddered at the thought of it.

Keira: “…are you okay?”

Aiden: “What? Ha, ha, ha. I’m a little scared because it’s been a while since I’ve been to such a high place.”

He pretended to be scared on purpose. The best future was to get out of the women’s side first. To do that, she had to lose interest in him first.

‘A man who’s shivering because he’s up high is not attractive.’

Sure enough, Keira looked surprise. Unfortunately for him, it was different from what he’d imagined.

‘I want to protect him!’

The rose-colored glasses were still very much intact. He looked handsome no matter what he did.

Keira: “Don’t worry. If anything dangerous happens, I’ll protect you.”

Aiden: “Ah…yes.”

She was just too difficult to understand.

‘You have to get away from her no matter what!’

‘How cute!’

Only one person considered the date a success.

On her way back, Keira spotted familiar faces in front of the main gate of the mansion.

Completely oblivious to the fact that they had been following her the whole day, she was happy to see them.

Keira: “Where are you all going?”

Her younger brother Zeke and three knights were together.

Zeke: “That… Somewhere for a while…”

Seeing her brother falter, Keira had a rough guess.

‘Are you going to gamble again?’

If so, she could understand why he would hesitate to answer like that. It was embarrassing to say it out loud, so she decided not to further pry.

Arthur asked.

Arthur: “Milady, are you back from going out with the person you met at the casino?”

Keira: “Yes.”

She immediately blushed, thinking of the handsome man.

Arthur: “You’re turned read… No, what part did you like so much?”

Because he’s handsome. He’s tall, he looks good, and he’s handsome.

Keira: “Well… I think he’s a good guy? And we communicate well, and our personality fits well with each other.”

Everyone had similar thoughts.

‘It’s his looks.’

‘You’re saying it’s because of his face.’

‘You fell for his looks.’

‘You’re weak against his looks.’

Anyone could see she was enamored by his appearance.

Truthfully though, she wasn’t just attracted to his face. Aiden was good at keeping women happy. The polite and gentlemanly attitude could not help but work on Keira, who was immune to men.

Of course, I couldn’t deny that more than half of the reasons she fell for Aiden were due to his good looks.

Zeke murmured softly.

Zeke: “Right… I’m glad he’s a good person.”

He didn’t look like he was glad at all. His eyes were as cold as winter.

But being drunk in love made Keira oblivious.

Keira: “I hope I can formally introduce you someday.”

Zeke: “Yes…”

Zeke sincerely wished that such a day would never come.

Zeke: “You must be tired. Go get some rest.”

Keira: “See you tomorrow, then.”

She lightly waved at them as she walked back to the mansion.

‘He asked me to meet him again.’

There was something that Keira, a beginner in dating, overlooked.

He only said he wanted to see her again, but he didn’t make any specific appointments.

[1] the author mentioned 방계 (bangge) means indirect line; so somehow related to the imperial family. Relatives not descended in a direct line, but having a common ancestor.