AIWTRO Chapter Thirty-Nine

AIWTRO Chapter 39


Whether it’s a platonic or romantic relationship, a ‘see you again someday’ without actually setting an appointment for the next date was nothing but a greeting.

In other words, she was already dumped!

However, she, who had learned about romantic relationships through a novel, did not know the fact.

Rose: “Did you have a good trip, miss?”

Rose and the butler were at the front door of the mansion.

Keira: “How did you know I was here?”

Rose: “I saw a carriage coming through the window.”

Rose said, accepting her handbag and coat.

Robert: “I’m preparing dinner now. Would you like to wash up first?”

Keira: “Yes. By the way, Robert.”

Robert: “Yes, milady?”

Keira: “Please tell His Grace that a bill will be coming.”

The cost of renting the airship was billed to the family. No doubt her father would be taken aback when he received the bill.

‘How much have I been through all this time? I can spend this much,’ Keira rationalized.

Robert: “A bill, you mean?”

Keira: “Yes.”

It was the first time the lady spent large enough to send a bill to the family, but the butler did not ask anymore. He just guessed that she spent a lot because she was happy.

Robert: “Yes, I will tell him so. Please take a rest.”

Robert bowed and walked away. Keira stared at him for a while before walking.

Keira: “I’d like to wash up.”

Rose: “I’ve already heated the water.”

Keira: “Good job.”

Humming, she walked up the stairs, already picturing herself immersed in warm water.

Rose glanced at the happy young miss, and smiled softly.

At that time, two maids carrying piles of blankets, walking together across the hall.

Keira: “Oh, Miranda. And Paula.”

Keira managed to recognize the faces of the maids holding the piles of blankets.

“Oh, my lady. Are you on your way back from going out?”

Keira: “Yes.”

“The bath is heated up. Have a good rest.”

Keira: “Thank you. You guys worked hard, too.”

Keira, who walked past them after their brief conversation, noticed that Paula looked as if she was startled.

She asked Rose.

Keira: “Paula had a weird look just now. Do I have something on my face?”

Rose: “I think she was just surprised.”

Keira didn’t even have to ask what surprised Paula. It was most likely because Keira took the time to talk to maids who were passing by.

‘It’s definitely a scene you wouldn’t have seen in the past.’

If she was the same person as she was in the past, she would have gone past them without even sparing them a glance.

The maids also wouldn’t have dared raise their heads and instead would step back to the side of the hall and wait for the lady to pass.

Rose: “These days, many say that you have changed how you treat the maids.”

Keira: “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

She didn’t know if she was being too casual with her subordinates, however Rose expressed the opposite.

Rose: “It seems that the lady has brightened recently. It looks much better.”

Keira: “Really?”

Bright? Me?

Keira thought hard about it as she walked.

Although she consciously fixed her behavior, her personality suddenly couldn’t have taken a 180 degree change, right?

Keira: “Changing one’s personality couldn’t be so easy, could it?”

Rose: “But I’m sure you’ve brightened up like everyone else in a few days.”


She walked down the hall without saying a word because it was shameful to keep insisting otherwise.

The only thing she was sure of was that she’s enjoying life a lot more than she used to.

While Keira went home in a wonderful mood, Aiden was terrified.

He visited the Transportation Administration to confirm who rented the plane today.

‘They asked me to keep it a secret. I can’t tell you.’

No matter how many times he asked, the answer was still the same. He even dropped his father’s name but it didn’t work.

It was certain she was a formidable figure.

‘You have to stay away from me, no matter what!’

He shouldn’t have gotten carried away with his friends at the casino. It was a big mistake to point at a target without recognizing its exact identity. He’s always been so thorough when it came to this, but he simply got carried away.

Now he wished he could turn back time.

“Oh, honey. What’s wrong?”

When he looked up, a woman with brown hair was resting her arms on the railing of the stairs.

It was one of the housekeepers.

“Didn’t you go to see a girl? Did it not go well?”

The problem was it went too well.

“Oh, did you hear? The airship stopped at the capital square today! They said they had to pick up the mechanic because it broke down?”

It was exactly what Kira said. Her identity was becoming more and more frightening.

“Baby, did you go to the square today? Did you see it yourself? How was it? Hmm?”

Aiden: “Go away.”

“Oh no, you must be in a really bad mood.”

The woman placed her hand on Aiden’s arm. To be honest, she didn’t think much about it.

‘You probably lost money from gambling again.’

However, as soon as she made eye contact with Aiden, she realized she was wrong.

“W-what’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

Aiden: “Do you think I’m a five-year-old girl?!”

“Then why are you sulking like that?”

Aiden hesitated for a moment and confessed.

Aiden: “I… I think I messed with the wrong woman.”

“Don’t cry, tell me. Did you meet with a princess?”

Aiden: “I think she’s related to the Imperial family.”

“Oh, my god.”

She knew Aiden’s rule – never meddle with powerful women who are likely to cause commotion.

It was the worst case for Aiden if he really messed with a relative of the Imperial family.

“What happened? Do you think you’ll get in trouble for committing a slight against the Imperial family?”

Aiden: “I don’t know, I don’t know! She didn’t reveal her identity first. What do I do? I was tricked!”

Aiden’s eyes were filled with tears.

‘Oh, you idiot.’

The woman sighed and patted his shoulder.

Aiden was a good lover[1]. He wasn’t violent, he never used abusive language or made excessive demands in bed.

We can’t let our lover get into a rough situation.

“Listen to me. Did you sleep with her?”

Aiden: “No. I only held her hand when I escorted her.”

“Then did you confess your love for her?”

Aiden shook his head.

“That’s it! You didn’t sleep with her, didn’t confess. It was only a date. And payback for the drinks you had last time.”

Aiden: “T-that’s right…”

“Then you still have a chance to get out of this. Don’t call her from now on. If she argues, tell her you’ll settle it one-on-one.”

Even if she was related to the Imperial family, she couldn’t just put a nobleman in jail for playing with her.

Aiden’s face gradually regained its color.

‘Yeah. I haven’t mentioned that I want to date her yet. We didn’t have a relationship, and we only held hands.’

Holding hands was something that could have happened while dancing.

Thinking so, his nerves finally calmed.

He only saved the lady in trouble and shared a meal with her to repay the drinks they had last time.

Aiden: “You’re right, aren’t you. I think you’re right, Maria.”

“Right? Think positive. What would you have done if you didn’t know her identity until the end and stayed with her?”

If Aiden did something wrong, Maria would have lost a good lover.

Aiden: “Yes, I’m glad I noticed it quickly.”

Aiden breathed a sigh of relief as he wiped away his tears.

‘What if I accepted her date again?’

It was a gift from God that he had a prior engagement.

I hope I never see your face again.

[1] The housekeeper described Aiden as 좋은 물주였다 which means ‘good financier.’ She’s basically calling him her sugar daddy lol