The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion Chapter Three



Chapter 2: About Noah Voltaire Wynknight

The development of science and technology, the emergence of thinkers, the fall of the Old Church, the power of the capital. There were several causes, but the king’s influence gradually weakened.

On the other hand, as the power of the emerging nobles who bought the title with money increased, the fight for political advantage between the old nobles and the new nobles escalated.

Wasn’t there a saying that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend?’

In the wake of the old nobles threatening the king’s sovereignty, the royal family tried to hold the hands of the new nobles, but that, too, was not easy. The fact of the matter was the old nobility occupied the majority of the current noble council, and not all noble voices were equal.

In a class-based world, votes did not have the same value. What was important in the current parliament was not the number of votes, but which faction did the voting member belonged to.

Despite this favorable situation, the old nobles continued to maintain their rights and initiated a bill to restrain the power of the new nobles. It was a law that prohibited the transfer of titles, also known as the “Nouveau Prevention Act.”

The old nobles foresaw victory, but the unexpected happened.

For the law to be passed, the king had to stamp it with the royal seal, but unfortunately, it had disappeared. It was a matter of life and death for the old nobles. They were as desperate as Gollum looking for the ring, but there was no progress in the investigation.

With the weapon of the old nobles disappearing and the power of the new nobles growing, opinions came out one after another that a new way should be sought. It was then that Noah Voltaire Wynknight appeared like a comet.

Duke Noah Wynknight was the current king’s younger brother, and if the current king only had Royal Blood, the Duke had Royal Jelly Blood[1].

He’s the only son born to the former king’s second wife who was a daughter of the Wynknight family, a founding family who has been in charge of the kingdom’s troops for generations.

The ultimate conservative.

The present king and Noah both boasted of outstanding abilities, but Noah had to step down from the power struggle due to an unfortunate ‘scandal.’ For a while, there were rumors saying the ‘scandal’ was manipulated by the current royal family, but the authenticity remained unknown.

After the power struggle, Noah returned as the head of the Wynknight family and has fulfilled the expectations of the old nobles.

Like a hound, he criticized the king for letting go of the outdated ideals of the royal family and losing the royal seal, and with the authority of the head of security, searched the houses of the new nobles in order to investigate the whereabouts of the seal.

And so the old nobles chose twenty-three-year-old Noah Wynknight to hunt down the new nobles.

Raeliana stared at Noah and emptied her glass of champagne. He really was handsome. There was no doubt he’s the male protagonist of a romance novel.

There were already numerous young ladies trying to get his attention. Amidst those beautiful flowers, Noah behaved politely and respectfully, not once leaving an opening to anyone.

Noah has never been entangled in a scandal involving a lover or two. There were even speculations that there was a problem with his lower body or that he wasn’t attracted to women.

‘It looks like it will be difficult.’

With a sigh, she looked at Noah and thought of her current predicament. She belonged to a society where status influenced everything. Therefore, a man of higher rank and family than Francis could go against the Brooks family. And…

‘I’m holding a card he would be willing to trade for.’

Raeliana was intent on asking Noah for a deal. In this situation she was currently trapped in, she knew she didn’t have the money and beauty to move, but there was one thing… she had an advantage that only she, who came from outside the novel, could hold.

That was the only thing she could offer.

The question was whether he would be fair in his dealings. Noah was a nobleman to the core. If she wasn’t careful, he could easily take away her only card.

Raeliana kept her eyes on him, watching his every move.

‘I’ve got to try anyway.’

She had nothing to lose.

Raeliana waited for the perfect time. No one should be able to hear what she was about to tell him. After observing him for a while, she quietly followed Noah as he excused himself and headed to the garden.

“Who is this? Brooks. Francis Brooks!”

Francis, who was greeting a count, turned to the man who called him with a unique accent.

An exotic man with a tear point mark on his face smiled and tapped him on the shoulder. Francis groaned and muttered his name.


“It’s been a while, Brooks.”

“…I heard that the inspection will take time because of a smuggler.”

“Such a thing, I’m not needed for that! A criminal shall be executed. It will be an easy task.”

Putting his arm around Francis’s shoulder, Langston whispered.

“Don’t you think so?”

Francis cursed under his breath and excused himself before dragging Langston to a corner. Langston picked up a glass of champagne from a tray of a waiter.

“Why are you alone without your cute fiancée?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Don’t get upset. We’re on the same boat. It’s only natural to worry.”

“It’s going well, so…”

“Our client is worried, too. There’s a rumor going around that things aren’t going well between you and your fiancée. Hmm?”

Francis’s shoulders stiffened.


The tear on Langston’s face looked distorted when he smirked.

He put his lips close to Francis’s ears and said.

“I’ll speak for my brother, so listen carefully, you piece of trash. Do your job or you’re done.”

He tapped Francis on the face.


Francis slapped Langston’s hand hard.

“I’ll take care of it, so get out of here.”

“Well, you’re about to get married, so pay more attention to your fiancée. I don’t want to change my mind anymore.”

Langston handed Francis a glass of champagne and left.

Francis looked around him and soon tried to search for Raeliana. He didn’t see where she’s gone to.

He frowned. This was all because of her. Since they’re engaged, she needed to behave herself. She suddenly changed from a quiet woman to something else entirely.

‘I thought she was an easy girl.’


He was irritated. He called for an attendant and asked if he had seen where the young miss McMillan had gone. The servant pointed in one direction, saying she had gone to the garden.

“Annoying woman.”

Francis laid the glasses of champagne down on the tray of the attendant and quickly followed her.

Moonlight settled on the fresh leaves in the royal garden. It was a rose garden that Keishna, the 13th queen, loved so much.

It was said that Queen Keishna, known as the Ice Queen, used all of the wizards in the kingdom to cast a permanent spell so that these roses loved dearly would not wither.

Hundreds of years later, while the garden had been transformed into a place where nobles had secret affairs, it still showed off its eternal beauty.

On the path, Noah took a long walk.

Raeliana followed him from a reasonable distance to avoid missing him. She was starting to feel like a stalker.

No, it wasn’t just a feeling. She really was acting like a stalker…

She just followed him, but she didn’t know how to actually talk to him. Raeliana wasn’t acquainted with him, and as a perpetually single Park Eun-ha, she had no idea how to talk to a man.

Raeliana chewed her lips.

It was then.

“What can I do for you?”

Noah, who was walking ahead of her, looked back at her and asked. Raeliana looked around her in embarrassment, and curtsied when she confirmed that he was talking to her.

“Duke Wynknight, may you be at peace in the hands of the goddess. I am Raeliana McMillan, daughter of Baron John Dane McMillan.”

“Lady McMillan, may you be at peace. I am Noah Wynknight.”

He had a saint-like smile, and his reverent expression alone could make a sinner kneel down and confess their sins.

‘Reverence? No, that’s ridiculous. Don’t be fooled by that face.’

Raeliana swallowed hard. It wasn’t just the deal that made her nervous. She already knew Noah’s ‘true face’ by reading it in the novel.

As she stared at Noah who looked like he was open to hearing anything, Raeliana went straight to the point.

“I would like to make a deal.”

“…A deal?”

Noah seemed surprised. She, a noble young lady, followed him to the garden in the middle of the night and offered a deal. Anyone would be surprised.

“A deal with me?”

Raeliana looked around to check if anyone was there.

“It is difficult to talk about this matter in such an open place.”

Raeliana smiled and looked him in the eyes.

“It’s about the royal seal.”

In an instant, the smiling mask disappeared and his true face was revealed. In front of Raeliana was a man with a cool expression that could make the average person cower.

Raeliana held her head high. She’d already read the novel. She knew exactly what kind of man he was.


An arrogant and twisted Due wearing a mask of a man who was kind and respectful to everyone.

“Hmm.” He hummed as if interested. “That sounds fair.”

Noah came one step forward. Raeliana managed to overcome her instinct to step back.

She stared at his lips, which were upturned, and at his gleaming golden eyes. Under the moonlight, his appearance seemed unreal.

“So, what kind of deal are you offering?”

[1] The author wrote 로열 젤리 블러드 which literally means royal jelly blood. If I understood it correctly, Noah is compared to royal jelly which is produced by honey bees to feed the queen bees and their young. Basically, his main purpose in life was to serve the royal family.