AIWTRO Chapter Forty-One

AIWTRO Chapter 41


Honestly, she didn’t remember a single face.

The only thing she was certain of was she never meant to give short answers. After all, she couldn’t exactly answer when she didn’t know what they were talking about.

Trends of the capital city, new artists in the spotlight, or scandals that have stirred up the social world – they were all things that Keira didn’t know.

She would have happily answered if they had asked questions about which blacksmith she would have a sword made.

The girls, who had ran out of stories to tell, even asked about the weather outside, all the while they were in a banquet hall where they couldn’t see outside. The situation had gone to that point, so Keira’s skill was unable to correct it.

They just think ‘ it’s not fun talking to her,’ as they walk away.

Lira asked curiously.

Lira: “But why are you worried about that?”

Keira: “You just told me. Others would probably gossip a little.

Lira: “But that’s when you go without a partner. Why don’t you ask one of the knights?”


Lira probably thought that since Keira was the Captain of the Knights of Parvis, she’d have a close relationship with them.

Keira couldn’t answer.

The truth was, she had only started getting close to the knights just recently.

Keira soon reflected on her hopeless social skills.

‘Sir Arthur and I have been to the casino together, so can’t I ask him to be my partner?’

She was hopeful that the two of them had gotten closer.

Knock knock.

She turned at the sound of the knocks.

Joseph: “My lady, it’s Joseph. May I have a moment of your time? I have something to tell you.”

Keira: “Oh, come in.”

Emily ran and opened the door.

For some reason, Joseph was dressed in plain clothes. It was strange to see him dressed so casually, mostly because she had only seen him in regimentals.

Keira: “What’s the matter?”

Joseph: ” Um, may I request for the maids to leave first…”

He coughed, looking uncomfortable, and the maids quickly left the room.

It was probably serious if Joseph asked for a private meeting. Perhaps there was an issue with the knights that needed to be discussed in private.

She nervously looked at Joseph, but was surprised when he slowly began turning red.


She’d never seen him look like that before.

Joseph: “This Wednesday…”

Keira: “Huh?”

Joseph: “So, this Wednesday…”

There was no sign of him getting all his words out. Considering his usual way of speaking, it was impossible to do.

Joseph: “Would you join me at Marchioness Francais’ ball?”

There were a few reasons why Joseph made this offer seemingly out of the blue.

Reina: “I’m about to start the briefing. Attention, everyone!”

Reina, who had gathered his knights, threw a pile of paper onto the table.

Reina: “This is a list of people attending the Marchioness Francais’ ball.”

Then someone stupidly asked a question.

“Who is that?”

Reina: “She’s hosting the ball the lady is attending. Didn’t you hear that?”

“Ah, that. I think so.”

It was surprising when they first heard that Keira had decided to actively participate in social activities. But now they knew why.

The reason why she suddenly announced she’d like to go outside was because she’s infatuated!

Reina: “Here’s the name of the snake.”

“Is he going to be her partner?”

Reina: “After asking around, no, I don’t think so. It looks like he has another partner.”

“Wow, what a scumbag…”

At this point, everyone could understand what Reina was trying to say.

“So your plan is to have the lady witness the snake with another woman?”

Reina: “It’s not enough to have them seen together. He could easily call the other woman a friend.”

She was unaware of the lies Aiden told Keira, so she thought they needed clear evidence that couldn’t be refuted by flimsy excuses.

“Given his character, it would be impossible for him to just dance there and not do lecherous things.”

Reina: “Yes.”

It was a plausible strategy.

Except for one loophole.

“But wouldn’t it be less likely for the lady to bump into him?”

Reina: “That’s where we come in. It’s our job to make it more likely.”

“I got an invitation.”

One of the knights said, pulling out two envelopes from his pocket.

Reina: “Our operation will need three groups.”

Group A would follow the snake, Group B would deliver the information Group A got to Group C, and Group C would adjust the lady’s path.

It was a very simple plan.

Reina: “I’ll be in Group A. I will be attending the ball so I will need a partner… Arthur, you’ll have to do it.”

Arthur: “Uh, why me?”

Reina: “You’re the root cause of this disaster, so you should help.”

When Arthur failed to refute, Reina continued again.

Reina: “Group B will also be a man-woman pair. Raise your hand if you want to support.”

Some knights raised their hands.

Reina: “It’s not a difficult task anyway, so let’s just draw lots for Group B. The problem is Group C…”

Group C had the most difficult task since they had to manipulate Lady Keira to where they wanted her to go.

If they made a mistake, the operation would go down the drain.

“It would be great if Group C takes on the role of the lady’s partner since he can go with her…”

“The problem is the lady probably has a partner already, so it can’t be helped.”

Arthur: “No, that can’t be.”

Arthur interrupted. He looked surprisingly serious.

“How are you sure about that?”

Arthur: “Just trust me.”

He recalled the image of Lady Keira asking him how to get along with people a few days ago. With those social skills, or lack thereof, it was impossible for her to have a male acquaintance who could stand as her partner.

“First of all, we’ll need to ask if she has a partner.”

“She might wonder why we’re asking that. What should we do?”

“It would be stupid to ask her directly, idiot. You can say that you want to attend the ball together, then ask if she has time for it.”

“Ah, you’re right.”

Reina: “Who wants to apply then?”

Joseph: “I’ll do it.”

Before anyone could raise their hands, Joseph volunteered.

Reina nodded and said.

Reina: “Then the Vice Captain is in charge of the most important part.”

…That’s why he was standing here now.

Although he looked calm on the outside, Joseph was as nervous as when he first took the test.

The lady looked at him with wide eyes, and she hadn’t answered. Joseph was in despair.

‘I’m sure you think I’m being presumptuous…’

So far, Keira’s partner had always been her father, the Grand Duke.

He knew this yet he still asked her to be his partner…

Keira: “You mean it, don’t you?”

At that moment, Keira suddenly brightened.

Then she grabbed his hands.

Keira: “You won’t take it back now, right?”

Keira wanted to sing three cheers. She was worried that she wouldn’t find anyone to go to the ball with her, but then Joseph approached her first!

There was no one more fitted to be her partner than the Vice Captain of the Parvis Knights himself.

She was happy she didn’t have to go to the ball alone.

Her cheeks glowed with joy.

Keira: “Sir Joseph, why aren’t you answering? Don’t tell me you were joking?”

Joseph: “N-no! I’m just…”

Keira: “Just?”

Joseph: “I’m just surprised. I didn’t know you’d be willing to allow it like this…”