AIWTRO Chapter Forty-Three

AIWTRO Chapter 43


What did he mean by ‘dating a man?’

Her ears flushed red in no time after hearing what he said.

Keira: “I-it’s not that kind of relationship…”

She stuttered and even murmured at the end of her speech.

It wasn’t like Keira to speak like that when all her life she was trained to speak clearly.

Ludwig stared blankly at his daughter, who was being uncharacteristic.

‘What the knights are saying is true.’

The scene in itself was undeniable proof.

Keira was flustered, but she soon cleared her voice.

Keira: “If you think I’ve spent too much, I’ll be more careful.”

Ludwig: “That’s not what I’m trying to say.”

Keira: “Then?”

‘Why are you even here?’

Keira held her tongue. She thought he’d come to her room to scold her for spending money on useless things.

She looked away from him, nervous about what would come out of her father’s mouth.

Ludwig: “That’s…”

Keira: “That’s?”

Ludwig: “So, that’s…”


What’s wrong with him? It was quite unlike him.

‘Don’t tell me you’re trying to stop me from going to the ball?’

With that thought in mind, she hastily tried to drive Ludwig away.

Keira: “I don’t think you have anything else to say. I don’t feel well, so I would like to rest.”

For the first time in his life, Ludwig was dismissed by his daughter.

It was true that he’d always wanted this situation.

That’s true, but… he was at a loss as to what was happening.

He’d only feel pathetic if he asked her why she suddenly changed.

Keira: “Your Excellency? Do you have anything else to say?”

Ludwig: “…No, no.”

He came here to find out the truth about the rumors, so that was done.

But… why did he like he had much more to say?

When he tried to speak, nothing came out.

Eventually, he had to get up from his seat.

Ludwig: “Rest well.”

Keira: “Take care.”

A healthy daughter said so and saw him off.

When Ludwig stepped outside, the butler and Joseph were still there.

Indeed, he was a faithful Knight of Parvis.

But thinking about it, it was weird. Why was he here? And in plain clothes?

Ludwig: “So why did you come here? I don’t think I’ve asked.”

Joseph, ever the faithful knight, answered dutifully.

Joseph: “I’m here to volunteer as the lady’s partner for the ball.”


Joseph: “Your Grae?”

Ludwig: “…Is that so. So, did the lady accept?”

Joseph: “Yes. She was pleased to accept it.”

Ludwig: “Pleased to accept it…”

He murmured, sounding grim.

Joseph: “Your Grace?”

Ludwig: “It’s nothing.”

He wondered where the man Keira rented an airship for was since a family knight was escorting her, but it was none of his concern.

Yes, it’s not something he should be concerned about.

Ludwig: “Keep up the good work.”

Joseph: “Yes, thank you.”

As the Grand Duke walked away, Joseph bowed.

‘Somehow he doesn’t look happy?’

Did he and the lady argue in her room?

The faithful knight was left wondering.

It was quite uncomfortable to wear a dress like this because it’s been a long time since she did. Moreover, it was difficult to walk on thing, high heels.

It was uncomfortable in many ways, but there was only one thing she liked.


She wanted to show Aiden.

If Aiden were her partner, she planned to reveal that she’s the daughter of the Grand Duke of Parvis today.

Her long straight hair was styled up and decorated with a hairpin with jewels on top of a dark blue silk.

“Your dress looks great on you.”

“That’s right.”

It was a dress that resonated with her frosty look, making her look even more unapproachable. But Keira, who was unaware of it, was just satisfied with how she looked.

Keira: “I’m off.”

Emily: “Have a safe trip!”

When Emily opened the door, Joseph was outside waiting for her.

He had his hair slicked back, and was wearing a tailcoat. It was the first time she saw Joseph look like this. She couldn’t help but admire him.

Keira: “Sir Joseph, you look great today.”


It was common courtesy to reply with a compliment, but Joseph merely stared at her and said nothing.

‘Do I look that weird?’

The maids said she was pretty, but they had little experience dressing up nobles in party attire.

She looked down anxiously at herself, thinking she might have made a wrong choice in clothes or accessories.

Keira: “”If it’s weird, tell me honestly. I only have a chance to change it right now.”

Joseph: “It’s not that…”

Keira: “Then?”

Joseph couldn’t answer for a while and kept his mouth shut.

By the time she felt completely ashamed for being so seriously strange, he spoke up.

Joseph: “You looked so good that I couldn’t speak.”


Joseph: “Even the Goddess herself would give anything to look like you.”

She blushed at his words about the goddess.

It’s true that she wanted to hear that it suited her well, but…

‘Goddess is too much.’

The maids were listening to this conversation behind them. She was afraid of what kind of expression they were making, so she couldn’t look back.

Keira: “I didn’t expect Sir Joseph to be good at flattery.”

Joseph: “It’s not flattery. It’s just…”

‘I just said the first thing that came to my mind.’

Keira was so flustered that she interrupted him.

Keira: “Let’s hurry. We’ll be late.”

Joseph: “…Yes.”

After going down to the first floor, the two climbed into a carriage that showed the Parvis family emblem.

The family mansion was located on the outskirts of the capital, so it took quite a long time to get to the banquet hall.

‘…I’m nervous.’

She recalled the advice Arthur had given her.

The more gentle the first impression, the better. Greet each other with a smile.

‘Softly, gently.’

Oblivious to the fact that Joseph was watching her, Keira practiced smiling, looking at her face reflected in the window.

Meanwhile, the carriage had already arrived at its destination.

The Marquis and Marchioness greeted Keira with a puzzled yet delighted look.

‘What is she doing here?’

The Marchioness sent her an invitation as usual, but she never imagined that she would actually come.

Keira was simply relieved that someone approached her first. At least then she wouldn’t become a wallflower.

Unfortunately for her, the relief was short-lived.

Marchioness: “Long time no see. How have you been?”

Keira had no idea who approached her.

In the past, Keira was not very interested in social circles or other aristocrats.

No, she wasn’t interested at all.

‘I think I’ve seen her somewhere, but…’

She didn’t know the name. The other person quickly noticed that she didn’t remember them.

And the air suddenly became awkward…

Keira: ““Ah, yes… how have you been?”

Marchioness: “Yes… Seeing you have a nice complexion, you seem to be doing well.”

Keira: “Madam, too.”



And silence again.

Joseph, who was watching, had to save her.