AIWTRO Chapter Forty-Nine

AIWTRO Chapter 49


Although it was less frequent than last month, Ludwig was still having nightmares periodically.

He suffered from his aide’s nagging and even had a medical examination, but there was no problem with his body.

The doctor suggested that it was most likely caused by mental stress, so he should go on vacation for a whole month.

He refused without a second thought. He figured he could overcome such stress with his mental strength.

But at this point, he was starting to doubt that stress was the cause of his nightmares.

If it was simply due to stress, he wouldn’t have this ominous feeling every time he woke up.

Ludwig sat up from his bed for a long time.

‘…Whose voice was it?’

Unlike the last few times he woke up from the same nightmare, he remembered that part of his dream.

While it was clearly a woman’s voice, it was unfamiliar.

Only one woman, Keira, had the right to call him ‘Father,’ and the voice he had heard in the dream wasn’t Keira’s. It was a distinctly different voice.

It was the only clue that the nightmare he had been suffering from had shed. He couldn’t let it slide.

He recalled the voice several times so that he wouldn’t forget it.

‘Maybe it’s not just a nightmare.’

It’s often said that dreams are manifestations of one’s subconscious.

Maybe his subconscious was trying to tell him something?

For example, a message to recall memories buried in the crevices of his mind…

Ludwig stared out the window as he rubbed the top of his brow in frustration.

It was cloudy, with no moonlight or starlight in sight. Outside the window, there was nothing but black.

Since the banquet, Keira had been despondent.

Not only had she failed to achieve her goal of attending the party, but she had also discovered the real personality of the man she once liked.

And the events that happened the next day further dampened her confidence.

Vicountess Shore, who would be assisting her in planning Zeke’s coming-of-age celebration, brought a companion without prior notice. It was her granddaughter who was about the same age as Keira.

Although she was an unannounced guest, Keira didn’t care because she wanted to make a good impression.

If things went well and Keira found herself alone at a ball or salon again, someone might approach her and chat with her.

And so Keira brightly welcomed her.

However, her ambitious plan was bound for failure.

(Guest): “We’ve met before. Do you remember?”


(Guest): “Ah…”

Keira didn’t remember a thing.

Their meeting that was awkward from the first word was awkward until the moment they said goodbye.

In the end, they had only talked about the upcoming coming-of-age celebration.

Kira recalled the group of people who had gathered and chatted happily at the party of the Marchioness Francais.

‘I wanted to join you…’

She wanted to interact with other people besides the people in the house.

She wished there were people like Arthur and Emily outside the house she could talk to…

As in the past, Keira had not formed any friendships in noble society.

Since Cosette appeared, she has been ostracized.

Cosette used to go in and out of banquets and tea parties under the pretext of getting used to the aristocracy, but as a result, Keira was pushed out as she got closer to socialites.

‘…I don’t think I can get along with others.’

Her confidence further sank.

Cosette got close to someone she’s never met before in 10 minutes, so why was she like this?

Reina: “Huh? Your Ladyship?”

Reina, who was passing through the garden for morning training, found Keira. While others could only see a cold and unfeeling lady, Reina knew better.

‘My lady… you’re feeling down again.’

Now that they talked more often, Reina was starting to see through Lady Keira.

Wondering what’s wrong with her today, Reina approached her.

Reina: “My lady, are you going outside?”

As soon as she said that, she realized her mistake. Keira was clearly wearing light indoor clothes.

Reina: “Oh, it doesn’t seem like you are.”

Keira: “I was just taking a walk.”

She looked stiff.

Reina: “Is anything bothering you?”

Keira; “No, it’s just…”

Keira felt it was too pathetic to admit that she wanted to get closer to her peers and adjust to the social world, but she didn’t know how to keep the conversation flowing.

She took a peek at Reina and remembered she was also an aristocrat close to her age. Reina was only a few years older.

Surely, she’d have noble friends.

Keira: “Dame Reina, do you meet with your friends on weekends?”

Reina: “Pardon? Oh, not often, but we’d meet sometimes.”

Keira: “Then what do you talk about when you do meet?”

Reina: “Hmm, it varies from time to time, but…”

Keira: “I had a visitor yesterday, and it was awkward the whole time. I don’t often have guests, so I’d like to treat them well when they visit.”

She was proud of the excuse she had thought of in a rush. At least, it was much better than asking for help because she didn’t have any friends and had no idea what to talk about with her peers.

Unbeknownst to her, Reina had already grasped the truth.

‘My lady… you really don’t have any friends, do you.’

Reina had an inkling of it when Lady Keira said she wanted to get close to the knights, and started attending drinking parties.

She knew she shouldn’t think of this to the person she’s serving… but she couldn’t help it.

She felt sorry to see Her Ladyship like that. As a knight serving the Parvis family, she felt obligated to help her.

It was just a bonus that if she skipped morning training with the excuse of helping the lady, Joseph wouldn’t reprimand her.

Anyway, the thought of helping the poor lady was sincere.

Reina: “Well, first, I ask them how they’re doing. I usually ask what they’ve been doing and what happened. But in Your Ladyship’s case, you’ve probably never met them before, so you should bring up a different topic. For example…”

Keira: “For example?”

Reina: “Well, if you’re still getting acquainted with a noble person, it would be better to start of with a topic of culture. Gossip with each other once you’ve gotten closer.”

Keira: “Like literature?”

Reina: “Yes, that’s right. Usually, there are always popular books to talk about.”

Keira had read the classics she needed for class before going to bed, but she had never read them for leisure. She’s proud to have read quite a few books, but she didn’t think those books would be of any interest to others.

Reina: “Let’s go inside and talk. I’ll tell you other topics you can talk about.”

Reina said, enthusiastically grabbing her wrist.

Keira: “Didn’t you say you were on your way to morning training?”


Keira: “I wouldn’t want to bother you. I’ll find someone else.”

Reina: “No! He’d understand if I said I missed training to help the troubled miss. No, he’d probably even praise me for doing a good job.”

Keira: “Is… is that so?”

Reina: “Yes! THat’s how much Vice Captain likes Her Ladyship.”

Keira: “R-really?”

It was embarrassing to hear someone say that they liked them. Suddenly feeling shy, Keira bowed her head.

Because of that, she didn’t see the corner of Reina’s lips tilting upwards.

Reina: “Shall we?”

Keira: “Let’s!”

Reina, who strolled ahead, suddenly stopped and looked back.

Reina: “Oh, I forgot to mention.”


Reina: “It’s important to give the impression that you’re willing to be close to the other person.”

‘Especially if you have a cold demeanor.’