AIWTRO Chapter Fifty

AIWTRO Chapter 50


Keira tilted her head at the knight’s advice.

Keira: “Oh, really?”

It was a piece of plausible advice.

Wasn’t the misunderstanding resolved after conveying her intention to the knights and said ‘I want to be friends?’

The only thing curious was–

‘Did I say that I wanted to be friends with other people?’

Keira only asked for advice on what conversations to have to entertain guests properly, but she didn’t remember telling them that she wanted to be close with anyone.

Her face flushed as she felt like Reina caught her.

Keira: “N-no, I don’t really want to be close, but…”

Keira, who tried to contradict her, eventually shut up.

The truth was, she really did want to be close with people.

She didn’t want to be isolated like before.

With a whimper, Keira finally admitted the truth.

Keira: “…yes, I want to be close.”

Reina: “You do? That’s what we’re supposed to say. There must be a lot of people who want to be friends with you. There are so many that it would be a matter of choosing who to keep by your side.”

Keira: “I need to ask you something, be honest with you.”

Reina: “Yes, of course.”

Keira: “Do people in noble society think I’m a very boring person?”

Reina: “No way.”

Reina flatly denied it.

‘But people think you’re a snob.’

The lady has a good family, her abilities were exemplary, and she was pretty… but she chose to live alone without associating with anyone outside her house.

In addition, even if they talked to her first, it was almost impossible to get an answer back.

If they misinterpreted her cold expression, it would be easy to assume that she ignored the other person.

From other people’s perspective…

‘I can’t stand her[1]! What a snob[2].’

Reina couldn’t blame them for thinking that way. Lady Keira only looked cold and scary, but she never gave off the impression that she was boring.

But she decided not to tell the lady the truth.

The lady with an unexpectedly innocent side would only be depressed.

‘It’s not a lie not to tell the whole truth.’

Even those who used to despise her would soon be relieved if they knew that she’s a complete softy behind her cold face.

Reina: “So, I’m sure you’ll do well.”

It seemed like Reina’s drawing a very grand blueprint. She chuckled.

Reina: “If I’ve answered your question, let’s go in now.”

Reina stepped up excitedly, hoping she would legally skip morning training.

Knights crossing the garden for morning training found the two.

“Reina, we’re about to start training. Where are you going?”

“You’ll get scolded by the Vice-Captain again.”

Then Reina triumphantly replied.

Reina: “I’m trying to help Her Ladyship. Perfect timing. Let the Vice-Captain know. I’m going to skip today’s training due to unavoidable circumstances.”

“That’s cheap to use Her Ladyship as an excuse like that.”

Reina: “It’s not an excuse. Right?”

Training in the morning when the body was not warmed up was the hardest.

Everyone wanted to skip morning training.

“Then why don’t we all help?”

One of the knights blurted out. It was Christian, a knight in Group B at the last banquet.

Reina immediately answered.

Reina: “We don’t need men. It’s a matter between women.”

Christian: “Is that true, Your Ladyship?”

Keira: “Hmm?”

She wanted to know how to get acquainted with fellow aristocrats.

Was it necessary to ask for advice based on gender?

‘No, it’s not the right conversation between a woman and a man.’

Keira appreciated their willingness to help, but she was afraid she’d have to decline this time.

Keira: “Um… yes, it’s between women.”

Christian: “Ugh…”

They missed the opportunity to skip training on the pretext of helping Her Ladyship!

Reina: “Did you hear that? All right, guys, go ahead.”

“If you’re late, the Vice Captain will scold you again. Hurry up and go.”

“Damn it….”

The rest of the ladies laughed and dragged Keira away.

“Now, shall we go, Your Ladyship?”

Keira: “Y-yes.”

Moving in such a rush, Keira felt the way she did when they went to the casino a few days ago.

It wasn’t a bad feeling.

There was a smile on Keira’s face.

As soon as they settled in the inner part of the garden, Keira confessed her worries regarding having a good conversation with guests.

As soon as the knights heard the concern, they had similar thoughts.

‘So it’s true that you don’t have any friends.’

‘Ah, right. You’re not close to anyone.’

‘I feel bad for you…’

Keira was too distracted by her inner struggle to notice that everyone was quiet.

‘S-should I just be honest with them?’

Keira wanted to know what to do to get close to her peers and get used to socializing.

The memories of the past, of the time when she became gradually isolated due to Cosette’s tricks, came to mind.

She glanced at Reina and continued.

Keira: “Truthfully, that’s just an excuse. I really do want to adapt to the social world.”

‘Yes, I know.’

But everyone held their tongue.

Keira: “It sounds weird to hear this from a noble lady, but I really don’t know what to do to get close with other noble ladies… I even searched, read books and other things.”

“Then, when you suddenly said you’d accept invitations…”

Keira: “That’s right. I’ll have to go outside to meet people.”

“Are you saying it wasn’t because of a man?!”

Slap! Someone was thumped in the back.

The knight who just spoke yapped in pain.

“It hurts! Joy!”

“You’d better shut up.”

Don’t put salt in Her Ladyship’s wound! Joy, who was also a member of Group B at the last party, thought.

She wouldn’t make that mistake if she know how sad Her Ladyship was that day.

Keira: “That’s not why.”

“I-I’m so sorry, my lady!’

Keira: “No, it’s not…”

The experience wasn’t entirely worthless since she learned her lesson that when looking at men, it’s essential to consider their face, personality, and past altogether.

“The ballroom is not the right place to form deep friendships.”

Keira: “Really?”

“Yes, I usually have short conversations with multiple people then break up. A club or a salon would be better.”

“Clubs have a strong sense of men’s culture, so if you want to make friends of the same gender, accept a salon invitation.”

Keira nodded softly.

It was a good thing she chose to be honest. She wouldn’t have gotten this advice if she kept up with the pretense of wanting to treat guests well.

Keira: “Rose, get me the invitations on my desk.”

Rose: “Yes, my lady.”

There were many invitations, so surely one of them was for a salon.

After a while, Rose returned with the invitations, and the knights huddled together to scrutinize it one by one.

‘Poor lady… I can’t believe you’re so anxious to make a friend.’

‘I’m tearing up, really…’

The knights recalled when Keira confessed that she joined the drinking party to get close to them. They felt like they’re watching a beloved cousin cry because she couldn’t make a friend.

Meanwhile, Keira was excited. She thought they would laugh at her for looking pathetic, but they cared about her concerns and were doing their best to help her.

It felt surreal to be close to people she wasn’t in the past. It came to her that she really was living a different life than in the past.

“Since genuine friendship is the goal, wouldn’t it be okay to join a small circle?”

“No, they might not be able to approach her because of her high status. It would be better for her to meet with people of the same stature…”

“Well, how about this?”

“No, this is more ……”

So, what was selected was an envelope coated with gold leaf on a rose-colored paper.

[1] The author used 밥맛없다 is a saying that could be roughly translated as ‘I can’t stand it so much, I’ve lost my appetite’.
[2] 재수없어 literally means ‘no luck’ or ‘no fortune’, but it’s commonly used to express contempt or dislike