AIWTRO Chapter Fifty-One

AIWTRO Chapter 51


Keira, who glanced at the pink envelope, said surprisingly.

Keira: “This is from the palace, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s the invitation from Her Highness, Princess Arabella. There’s been a buzz lately that she’s opening a salon.”

The emperor had three daughters and a son. Arabella Diach, the first of his daughters, sent the invitation to Keira. The other two were too young to be the owners of the salon.

“Her Highness will invite only those who have been properly verified to her salon.”

I didn’t care about my status, but the moment I tried to say it, a very unpleasant name passed through my head.

Aiden, that damn Casanova.

There was no guarantee that none of the women would be involved with such a jerk.

‘That’s also the opening day, so I’m sure you’ve sent the invitation with great care.’

“You know what a salon does, right?”

Keira: “Yes, I’m familiar with the concept.’

It’s where aristocrats gather to talk about culture, arts and fashion.


It was only after she said that she realized the problem was serious. All the subjects she mentioned were topics she wasn’t familiar with.

In order words, she would look like a fish out of water.

Although her expression didn’t change much to the untrained eye, Keira was shaken.

Only Reina could notice the shift.

‘She’s frowning again.’

Reina spoke in a hurry before Keira could become more depressed.

Reina: “I-it’s okay! We’re here to help Your Ladyship. You there, can you get me some paper and a pen?”

Lira: “Of course, please wait.”

Lira quickly went indoors to fetch what was requested.

While the maid went off to bring the goods, Reina comforted the dejected lady.

Reina: “Don’t worry about it. Those conversations at salons just happen when people pretend to be sophisticated and cultured.”

“That’s right. The nobles meet for the first time and talk about everything.”

It felt like the knights were educating their junior who’s going on a blind date for the first time.

Keira: “I-I see.”

Keira replied with no confidence. She had too many memories of failing in society.

There was only a difference in degree, but it was the same before and after Cosette appeared. People liked the cute and tender Cosette more than the chilly and standoffish Keira.

‘I can’t make that kind of nasal sound[1]…’

When Keira recalled Cosette’s lively voice and charming personality, she could only describe how she interacted with aristocrats as ‘tired.’

No matter how much she wanted to make friends, she couldn’t act like that.

The knights who saw her getting even more sullen hurriedly spoke.

“Why are you so discouraged when you haven’t even started yet?”

“That’s right. At the end of the day, the people who go there are just that, people.”

They were burning with the determination to restore the lady’s confidence.

And that’s how the special training began.

Two days later, something unfortunate was happening at the palace. Well, unfortunate if it was seen from Keira’s perspective.

“There must be a reason why a reclusive lady decides to start socializing suddenly.”

Michael, the young crown prince, said.

So, what do you want me to do, Arabella thought. She answered in a daze.

Arabella: “Ah, yes.”

Michael: “That’s why I need you to find out what their family is up to.”

Arabella: “Why me, brother?”

Michael: “That’s because the lady said she’ll come to your salon. You’ll have to dig around.”

She had a feeling this would happen when she received a reply from the Parvis family.

‘You’ve ignored all invitations before. Why me?’

From the royal family’s perspective, the family of the Grand Duke was challenging to deal with.

First and foremost, they were a family who owned a private military force, an exception to the rule.

Under the original national law, subjects who carried more than 30 pieces of armor and weapons within the walls could be punished for treason.

And yet, elite knights? For a noble family living in the capital?

If they were normal nobles, it would be unacceptable!

But there were many reasons why the imperial family allowed such a ridiculous situation.

First of all, the goddess chose the Parvis family as the shield of mankind. Elementalists would only emerge from that house, and they were needed to protect the people from demons and monsters.

Finally, they have remained firmly neutral since the First Grand Duke declared no involvement in politics.


‘I don’t care! Don’t bother me!’

There was no monarch who could fully trust this family.

Even if one person did, it wouldn’t be Michael.

Michael: “Didn’t they refrain from interacting with the outside world? I heard she attended some Marquis’s banquet last time.”

Arabella: “The Marquis of Francais.”

Michael: “Yes, them. You said you met her, too, didn’t you?”

Arabella: “…Yes.”

Bella broke into a cold sweat when she remembered the lady’s eyes on her.

Perhaps because the banquet occurred only a few days ago, her memory was still vivid.

‘No, I’m a princess. Why should I be intimidated by a Grand Duke’s daughter?”

While she felt resentful, she was more frightened. If Arabella tried to approach the lady with resentment in her heart, there was a high possibility of things getting heated.

Arabella: “I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

Michael: “Will you keep acting like this?”

Arabella: “Erie’s here, too. Make her do it.”

Michael: “Erie’s six years younger, isn’t she? She hasn’t even made her social debut yet!”

Arabella: “I don’t like the fact that the lady is coming to my salon on opening day! If I can, I’m going to cancel it at all.”

Michael: “You, really… Are you going to keep saying nonsense?”

Yes, Bella knew it was complete nonsense. She knew best that she couldn’t be so rude as a senior imperial member.

Arabella Diach stomped her foot in discontent, although the sound was muffled by the soft carpet.

Michael: “Your guests will be displeased. And if you cancel as soon as the Parvis family confirmed their attendance, they might get offended.”

Arabella cried out inside.

‘Haa, so what?’

She couldn’t forget the look on the lady’s eyes at Marquis Francais’ banquet. For a second, Arabella thought she would be cursed by a spirit. Her body trembled.

Michael: “…Why do you look unwell? Tell me the truth. Did you do something wrong?”

Arabella: “O-of course not.”

She couldn’t tell her brother even if she died, the fact that she ran away from Lady Keira when she glared at them for talking loudly at the banquet.

‘I’m an Imperial! You’re a noble!’

Arabella’s pride was hurt. Whenever she recalled the incident, she wanted to kick her blanket.

Michael: “You say nothing’s wrong, yet you refuse to look me in the eye. Tell me honestly. What’s wrong?”

Arabella felt falsely accused. If Michael asked her if she made a mistake, her answer would still be a big NO.

Balls were meant for socializing. She was only faithful to the purpose of the party.

If she had to mention something that went wrong, it was that Keira made them feel as if making noise was prohibited.

‘If you wanted to rest quietly, you should have gone to the lounge instead of sitting there!’

She should have argued instead of running away then. Of course, even if God could turn back time, she wouldn’t.

Her eyes…. her eyes made her tremble.

Arabella: “I told you, it’s nothing. I guess there was… some tension at the ball.”

Michael: “I told you to fix your personality!”

Arabella: “I didn’t do anything wrong this time! Is it wrong to chat at a ball?”

Michael: “It’s probably not just that.”

Arabella: “I just sat around and chatted with my friends! But she glared at us for being loud first! It’s not fair!”

Truthfully, Keira wasn’t glaring. She only stared because she wanted to join them, but Arabella couldn’t have known.

Arabella: “Isn’t she the one with the bad personality? You think this is the first time this happened?”

Michael: “Arabella!”

Arabella whined and pouted.

Keira might not remember, but Arabella certainly did.

They had a conversation once when they attended the New Year’s ball hosted by the Imperial family.

[1] When people speak in a cutesy voice, they usually have a nasal sound