AIWTRO Chapter Fifty-Two

AIWTRO Chapter 52


At that time, Bella wanted to talk to Keira, intrigued by the mystery of the bloodline of elementalists.

So she approached her, ignoring the cold air around the lady.

The results were disastrous, of course.

Arabella: “Do you know what happened when we bumped into each other at a party? I tried to talk to her, but she just side-eyed me! Isn’t it common courtesy to at least turn to face the person when they talk to you?”

Michael: “Calm down.”

Arabella: “That’s not all! I talked to her very kindly. But she completely ignored me. No matter what I talked about, she always gave short answers. What, is that not ignoring me?”

The unfriendly look on the woman’s face completely destroyed Bella’s desire to become friends.

Nevertheless, at that time, Arabella tried to continue the conversation a few more times, risking embarrassment and further breaking the pride of the royal family.

She talked about the weather and spoke about the recent scandal in the capital.

The first person Arabella wanted to get close to was Keira.

And Bella only realized after several attempts.

‘This person isn’t interested in me.’

Eventually, she walked away, blushing in shame.

The embarrassment and shame she felt were still buried in her heart.

…But unbeknownst to Bella, the conversation did not flow that day because the topics Bella chose were ones Keira couldn’t understand at all.

The Viscountess getting kicked out of a boutique for causing a scene, the latest fashion trends – those topics were familiar and exciting for Bella, but not for Keira.

However, since Bella wasn’t aware of the situation, she had nothing but resentment and annoyance.

For her, it was common sense to respond appropriately when someone talked to them in her mind.

And another thing; if the ball was too noisy for her taste, shouldn’t she just have left instead of telling Bella to keep quiet?

Arabella: “It pisses me off whenever I think about it! She’s so weird, isn’t she?”

If Bella didn’t run away, she would have said,

Arabella: “Why don’t you go to the lounge or terrace instead of forcing others to stay quiet?”

But Bella only thought of what to say once she’d walked away.

Bella gritted her teeth. What did Keira think of when the person who wanted to get close to her in the past ran away from a single glare?

‘She must have thought it was ridiculous!’

Shame, anger, and embarrassment came at the same time.

Arabella: “It was like she was looking down on the Imperial family!”

But something more ridiculous happened next.

Bella thought her brother would sympathize with her. Michael was a man who had more pride in being a member of the Imperial family than anyone else.


Michael: “She wasn’t like that with me, though?”

Bella: “Huh?”

Michael: “I had the chance to talk to her twice, and while it was awkward at times, we had a long conversation. I don’t think she had any intention of ignoring the Imperial family…”

Bella: “What are you trying to say?!”

While Bella talked about the capital trends and scandals, Michael discussed the knight promotions test and the capital’s defense against demons.

Bella: “So, are you trying to say she ignored me?”

It was enough for Arabella to misunderstand the situation.

Keira treated the Crown Prince with courtesy yet gave Bella short answers.

Bella’s fists trembled.

Bella: “Once I get married, it’s over, isn’t it?[1]”

Michael: “You– Bella, aren’t you overreacting?”

Bella: “You don’t get it! If I get married, I’ll end up in a lower status; that’s why some people already look down on me!”

Unlike her brother, the Emperor’s only son, Arabella was one of the Emperor’s three daughters. And they all knew that the fate of a princess depended on her father’s love and favor.

The Parvis lady’s fate was the complete opposite; even if she didn’t have her father’s favor, as the next elementalist, she was guaranteed to receive special treatment for the rest of her life.

‘Lady Parvis’ status will be higher the day I get married.’

Bella: “I don’t want to deal with her.”

Michael: “If what you’re saying is true, isn’t that all the more reason to find out what she’s up to?”


Bella bit her lips.

Her brother was right. If the Parvis family really was looking down on the Imperial family, they had to find out why they’re suddenly socializing.

Bella: “Fine. I’ll give it a try. But don’t expect too much. She’s already ignored me before.”

Michael: “Then, please.”

Bella: “…I will.”

It hurt to think that she’d have to smile and approach the lady who once slighted her just to gain information.

‘I wonder if she remembers my face?’

She’d prefer it if Keira didn’t remember that she ran away from her before.

Ludwig: “What? The Princess’s Salon?”

Ludwig raised his head and asked.

In confusion, the butler replied.

Robert: “A-ah, yes. Her Highness’s salon will be opening soon, and Her Ladyship confirmed her attendance.”

Ludwig heard Keira had broken up with the man she was involved with when she went to the ball. He was confused, believing that Keira started socializing because of that Aiden or whatever his name was.

But wasn’t that over already?

Ludwig: “I heard she’s been feeling down since attending the last ball.”

Robert: “Yes, it certainly seemed so… I-I don’t know what she’s thinking. It’s like she’s completely changed.”

The butler recalled when he saw Keira wearing a flower on her head.

‘Sometimes she laughs and chats with the maids…’

Really, her personality changed so much that it seemed like she’s a different person altogether.

Ludwig: “Call her. I’ll ask her myself.”

Robert: “I will.”

Robert, who was about to leave the office, paused and asked.

Robert: “I’m sure Her Ladyship will ask why you’re calling for her. What should I say?”


Obviously, if Ludwig called her for nothing, she would make excuses not to meet with him.

But he couldn’t exactly be honest and tell her he’s curious why she’s still going out after breaking up with the man she started dating…

“…Okay. We’ll talk about this again when your excuse doesn’t work.”

Ludwig was relieved he said what he said last time.

Ludwig: “We agreed to talk about whether people believed her excuse or not. I need the report on the results.”

Robert thought.

‘Just say what you want to say…’

What was wrong with being honest? 

But Robert wouldn’t dare say anything presumptuous. 

The butler bowed and went upstairs to pick up Her Ladyship.

Keira was sitting in front of a desk in her private study.

‘Ah, so you were studying.’

It was a familiar sight. As expected, even if the lady had seemingly changed overnight, her essence was still the same.

It was a little suspicious to see her hiding the paper she was looking at in the book as Robert got closer, but the butler didn’t care much.

Because he knew Her Ladyship would never do anything wrong.

Keira: “W-what’s the matter?”

Robert: “His Grace is calling for you.”

Keira: “His Grace?”

Keira thought that the Duke seemed to be calling her often lately.

Keira: “Why?”

Robert: “He was worried when he heard you would be going to Her Highness’s salon.”


Keira couldn’t believe it.

Robert: “Of course, Your Ladyship may not mean anything by going, but the public may think differently. It was curious enough that Your Ladyship accepted the invitation of Marquis Francais before.”

Keira: “Oh, so it’s that.”

Keira was surprised that the Duke might have changed, but it turned out that he didn’t.

She nodded as if convinced.

Robert: “Pardon?”

Keira: “It’s nothing. Continue what you were saying.”

Robert: “Ah, yes. His Grace said he wanted to know the results of the plan you mentioned last time.”

Keira: “Is he in the office?”

Robert: “Yes. Would you like to go now?”

Keira: “Okay.”