You Can Keep the Male Lead Chapter 7

YCKTML Chapter 7


“That’s it; after all, you need the money.”

“If you don’t like it…”

I once again turned my attention to Rupert’s back. On the other side of the dark hallway, Chloe was standing by the wall. She seemed to have no intention of hiding.

“I have no choice but to tell the Duke. As the hostess of this house, I’m having a lot of trouble managing the townhouse, shall I tell him?”

Although snitching wasn’t my hobby, the cards I held were too limited. The only strong one I had was the possibility of revealing the relationship between Chloe and Rupert to the Duke.

Rupert shut his mouth and looked at me. When Chloe came all the way out to the drawing room, I made eye contact with her. Rupert didn’t seem to know she was out yet.

“While we’re at it, please clean up this house. Duke Clifford probably doesn’t like complicated things, so I think he’ll take care of it neatly.”

“Is that all you have to say?”

Rupert stared at me with his blue eyes unmoving. Perhaps because he was the main character, his eyes were no joke. But I made eye contact with him, trying not to lose face.

“It depends on your answer.”

“It’s difficult, the financial authority you’re asking.”

“Then the contract is invalid. I’ll give you the money back and leave this house.”

I didn’t miss Rupert’s eyes shaking then. To be honest, I was gambling. I was frankly at a loss if Rupert asked me to leave.

“You’re really just leaving.”

“That’s what I’m saying.” I took out the earring from inside my pocket and threw it on the table. “I don’t care if you keep your lover in a separate house from the first day of marriage; I don’t even care who you’re dealing with. But the main house is my space for the year.”

Watching Rupert stare at the earring, I continued, “I want you to tell the owner of that earring not to run around.”

Now, Chloe was obviously listening in to my conversation with Rupert. She was pale; I don’t know if because of the pain of hearing it or not.

“Rupert,” she called out to her lover.

Rupert rushed to her in concern. “Hey, you need to rest more. Why did you come out?”

“I’ll leave. She’s right.”

“Don’t. Where are you going in your body’s condition?”

The two of them were being lovey-dovey[1] in front of my eyes. It’s rather pathetic.

“Stay in. I’ll catch up with you in a minute.”

“Don’t strain yourself on my account, Rupert.”

Her mild voice really had the power to shake one’s heart. Add a pretty and miserable face to the mix, and you have a heroine.

I looked at Chloe, admiring her innocent beauty.

After watching Chloe walk back to the bedroom listlessly, he turned to me in anger. “I can’t believe it. You are ruthless; to come in like this and drive a sick person away.”

“Me, too. I can’t believe I’m seeing this in person.”

“Anyway, let’s talk again next time. I’m not talking about this at night.”

I gave up with a sigh. Perhaps because I saw those two people, I suddenly felt exhausted.

“I hope to hear your answer by tomorrow. As you said, if we’re going to stay married for a year, shouldn’t we at least keep up pretenses?”


After I finished, I tried to leave the annex without any regrets. However, before I could go, Rupert called me.

“Erin Spilet, is that it?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. Other than I need a carriage tomorrow, I don’t think there’s anything else.”

“Is that all you have to say? Do you remember that we got married today? That it was because of your threats,” Rupert said, looking at me as if urging me to answer. What’s wrong with him?

“…Of course, you came to remind me that a while ago, didn’t you? Have a good night, then.”

I had no energy to argue further, so I walked out the door.

“Haa, the air is fresh.”

Unlike my previous world, this place was filled with stars in the night sky. I looked at them for a long time then went inside.

I couldn’t stomach sleeping in the main bedroom and ended up sleeping in the guest room. Forget financial authority or anything else; I felt like I had to change the bed first as soon as I opened my eyes.

My delicate and sensitive nerves wouldn’t allow me to sleep there; who knew what they did on that.

When I got up from a rough sleep, I washed my face and went to the dining room only to see a person I didn’t want to see.

It was Rupert, eating breakfast.

Come to think of it, I hadn’t eaten anything properly since the wedding.

“Madam, would you like to eat,” Jenny approached me and said.

I nodded lightly. “Yes, please bring it to my room.”

Rupert ate a piece of bread, his eyes fixed on the newspaper, before looking up at me.

“Sit down. I need to talk to you.”

My expression hardened at his order, and he turned to the newspaper again, ignoring my obvious displeasure.

“You’re the one who asked for an answer by today.”

I was forced to sit as far away from him as I could. It was great that the table was massive at times like this.

Waiting for the meal to be served, I tapped on the heavy wooden table. I had nowhere to look, so I stared at Rupert.

“Ah, that reminds me. Has Miss Chloe eaten? Do they prepare the food here and bring it there? Or is there a kitchen in the annex?”

It was a thoughtless remark. I didn’t care about her, but I just thought she would be hungry.

But Rupert slammed the table with his palm.

“Are you kidding me? You’re so hypocritical.”

“Oh, my God. Why would you hit an innocent table?”

I really had no ill will towards her. Maybe she’s just a heroine who had to fulfill her role in the novel. But I was rather curious because she seemed more greedy than I had guessed.

“There’s a limit to letting things slide. Don’t cross the line, especially about Chloe, okay?”

I didn’t bother to answer that. Instead, I crossed my arms and looked around the interior of the dining room. Rupert shook his head and resumed eating.

Soon after, Jenny placed the meal in front of me. It was a simple spread of freshly baked bread, butter, cheese, and fruit.

I tore a piece of bread and savored its taste. I turned to Thelma with a smile and said, “Please go get some jam.”

“Jam? There’s no such thing in this house because no one eats it,” Thelma remained motionless and refused my request.

“Ah, shall I go to the kitchen and look for it myself?”

I was able to request this because I once read that Chloe enjoyed her bread with jam when she later became a duchess.

That’s right, according to the original story, after Erin and the current Duke died, Chloe married Rupert and became Duchess.

But it’s a distant future, and now I’m the Duchess of this house.

“If you look for it, it won’t be there. If you like jam, we’ll get some tomorrow, but we don’t have it right now.”

“Thelma, if I find some, you’ll be punished for lying.” I stood up as soon as I said it.


I turned in the opposite direction of the kitchen. Unless her appetite changed in the middle, Chloe would still enjoy jam, and there would be many jars of jam in the annex.

“Wait, madam. Please have a seat. I think there were a few in the warehouse. Please wait.”

After Thelma stopped me, she got up in a hurry and went outside. Without looking at her, I sat back down and continued my meal.

When I felt Rupert’s eyes on me, I suddenly lost my appetite. Why have you been looking at me like that since yesterday?

Then he threw one of the mails at me without saying a word.

I picked up the letter quickly instead of asking him about it. Looking at it, the envelope was filled with stamps.

I cut the end of the envelope with a knife that I didn’t use at the table and took out the contents inside.

Unfolding the paper, I could easily read the contents in my mind even though I didn’t know the language here.


As I read the letter, it reminded me of Erin Spilet’s situation.

It was a statement of accounts stating that Count Spilet’s mansion, land, and villa were sold, and the amount incurred was written off from their debt.

“Yesterday looks like a bluff, Erin Spilet.”

I think he meant to mock me, but I didn’t have to be swayed by what he said.

“Not at all. I’m holding the most important hand.”

Then Thelma came back with a jar of jam. The reddish bottle smelled fresh and sweet.

“We’ll see how long you can act like that.”

‘It’s possible until your father dies,’ I thought.

The Duke could barely move, but had yet to pass on his title to his only son. It was briefly explained in the novel that the relationship between the father and son wasn’t good.

Rupert only became a Duke after his father died.

Anyway, even while Erin sold many things, the amount she had to pay back was much greater than what she had now.

The reason for such a large amount of debt was because Erin’s father, former Count Spilet, failed in his business.

Erin’s mother had long since passed away, and her stepmother and son, who had lived together for some time, gave up their title and ran away from the family.

That’s why Erin inherited a huge pile of debt along with a perfunctory title.

As I calmly arranged everything, my heart became heavy.

[1] 깨를 볶고 can mean two things: its literal meaning is roasting sesame seeds, but it’s a way to describe a couple being affectionate with each other