AIWTRO Chapter Fifty-Three

AIWTRO Chapter 53


Still, Keira thought she should visit him.

She had the urge to see his face after a long time. It wasn’t an emotional reason; it was because of what just happened.

One of the servants she had entrusted with investigating the spirits went back to her and reported their progress.

The result was disastrous.

‘I reviewed all the temple materials, but I couldn’t find a case like the one you mentioned.’

Keira knew it wasn’t easy to find such a case, but she couldn’t help but feel disheartened.

Even Keira’s research efforts at the underground library proved fruitless.

‘I need to confirm I’m your daughter, that I have the skills of an elementalist.’

She couldn’t just take Cosette’s word for it. It might be a lie.

If Cosette’s word was all Keira had, she might start to doubt herself at a critical moment and ruin everything.

Just like she did in the past.

Now there was only one way left – to seek advice from Johanna Parvis, her aunt, an elementalist.

If she didn’t want a repeat of the past, she would have to find her.

The butler guided Keira, and they stepped into Ludwig’s office.

When she made eye contact with her father, she thought to herself, ‘Why are you so nervous?’

Of course, it wouldn’t be so pleasant to be a point of gossip of other nobles, but was there a need to fret?

Puzzled, Keira asked.

Keira: “What’s the matter?”

Ludwig: “…It’s nothing. Sit down.”

His voice was subdued. It was the voice of a person who had ‘something going on.’

‘Well… He’ll take care of it.’

Ludwig: “Last time, I told you we’d take about it again. So, did your plan succeed?”


Honestly speaking, she failed. She didn’t even have the chance to give the excuse she was planning to say.

That wasn’t right. To know she’d failed, she’d need to mingle with people to talk about marriage, right?

Keira broke into a sweat as she recalled the awkward air.

Keira: “Well… No one asked me directly.”

Ludwig: “You’re saying the plan didn’t work out.”

She cried out in near tears.

Keira: “That’s not it! T-this time, it’s going to work.”

Keira was receiving special training from the staff here, so it would be different from last time.

As he looked at the desperate look on his daughter’s face, Ludwig thought.

‘What’s the point of going out there and doing that?’

Keira said it was just an ‘excuse’ to deceive the public, but wasn’t that the original purpose?

He couldn’t help but be skeptical.

‘Why am I worrying about this?’

Instead of giving parental affection, Ludwig decided not to interfere with his children’s affairs.

‘Some might think I’m pestering my daughter because I don’t want her to get married.’

Only the Goddess would know whether that was a misunderstanding or not.

Ludwig wanted to regain his original intention.

It’s just unsightly to meddle with your children, hovering over them as if they’re grazing sheep.


He repeated the thought in his head… But why did he feel strange?

Ludwig stared at Keira, who looked like she had a lot to say, finally sighed and agreed.

“Alright. I’ll give you a few more chances…”

Whether they’re in a relationship or getting married, they need to behave well not to harm the family.

That’s what they should do…

Keira: “Why did you stop talking?”

Where did she get that courage?

With a sour look, Ludwig spoke.

Ludwig: “……I was trying to tell you to do as you please. I’ll give you a few more chances.”

Keira: “Thank you.”

So, that’s what happened. Keira was nervous at first because she thought she’d have interrupted him.

Since she was already in her father’s office, she might as well discuss something more important.

Keira: “Oh, and I’d like to get in touch with my great-aunt. How’s she doing?”

Ludwig: “She’s getting older, and her health isn’t what it used to be. The doctor said he was worried because she had severe asthma.”

People told Keira that her great-aunt, Johanna, had been coughing since she was a child.

Keira’s expression dimmed when she found out Johanna wasn’t well.

Keira: “She’s old, so I’d like to keep in touch with her more often before it’s too late. I’d like to see her within this week, is that possible?”

Ludwig: “She’d probably like it if you visit.”

Unlike her blunt grandfather, Johanna had quite a caring personality. If she had been in good health, she might have cared for young Keira and Zeke herself.

Keira: “Then I think I’ll see her this weekend. If there’s a set appointment, please let me know through Robert.”

Ludwig, who had kept his mouth shut, motioned for Keira to leave. Keira nodded and left the room.

As she walked down the hall, Keira recalled the displeased look on his face.

Did he hate having his neutrality questioned that much?

‘Then you shouldn’t have given me permission from the start.’

Keira huffed in frustration. She really didn’t understand him.

It was no wonder that her father was being sensitive to everything. Since Keira was young, he had been reluctant to have her meet even her maternal grandparents.

Quite frankly… Even in her eyes, her maternal grandfather was a little greedy. He was a man who was well aware of the fact that he could take advantage of his grandchildren.

Dealing with her maternal grandfather was a little burdensome for her, too.

She wasn’t asking him to take her side secretly, but…

‘What secret is he hiding?’

The secret her grandfather was hiding might be the decisive key to solving Keira’s doubts.

She suddenly had a strong hunch.

It was the long-awaited opening day of the salon.

With the tacit agreement that it was unsafe to send the lady to the salon alone, Joy and Reina came to accompany Keira.

They couldn’t enter the salon since they didn’t have an invitation, but they could accompany her in the carriage under the pretext of escorting Lady Keira.

Today, Keira chose a light green dress that covered her arms.

The reason why she chose to wear out-of-fashion sleeves was simple.

‘I have to hide the note.’

She took a small piece of paper filled with scribbles out of the table drawer.

“If you memorize what’s here, you’ll be able to keep up with the conversation.”

She kept the note just in case she forgot some important details.

It was her cheat sheet, so to speak.

Keira folded the piece of paper and hid it under her generous sleeve.

With that, all preparations were complete. All that was left was the real deal.

The Princess’s salon was naturally located in the palace.

On the other side of the detached palace, esteemed young ladies gathered, fluttering their fans.

“I heard a very special guest is coming today.”

Arabella: “I didn’t know the rumor has already spread.”

Arabella replied with a smile.

‘In fact, I leaked the news.’

That’s the way it was. To increase the salon’s popularity, she had to use all available cards.

She chose the best interiors and invited a musician her peers would like.

It was by far the best topic in the capital.


As long as the Empress’s seat was vacant, Arabella held the highest position in women’s noble society.

Of course, it was burdensome that many eyes were on her. But things were going smoothly.

‘Now, as long as she doesn’t come and make the atmosphere cold.’

When she imagined Keira sitting in the salon with her signature cold expression on her face, the air seemed to become awkward already.

Well, the lady had never fought her before; Arabella supposed she wouldn’t start now.

Please, this time, please keep your manners.

As Bella desperately begged such things in her heart, one of the invited ladies spoke about Keira.

“Have you always been close with the Grand Duke’s daughter?”

“She rarely makes an appearance. She’s probably coming to congratulate the Princess since it’s the opening of Her Highness’s salon.”

That was far from the truth.