AIWTRO Chapter Fifty-Five

AIWTRO Chapter 55



“Oh my, are you getting married?”

“S-seriously? Really? Marriage?”

In disbelief at the party’s reaction, Keira laughed shyly.

Keira: “Yes, since I’m also of marriageable age.”

“C-certainly, it’s impossible to marry within the family.”

Keira: “My aunt is single, but I want to meet a good man.”

Jackpot, it’s a jackpot! What a scoop!

The ladies seemed to be itching to tell their friends and family about what they heard as soon as they leave the salon. 

In less than two days, rumors would spread throughout the social circles.

Keira: “Assuming, of course, that I meet a good man. If not, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“I’m sure you’ll be able to meet him!”

“Is there someone you already have in mind?”

The salon was filled with chatter. 

Even Jordan, who had just been receiving attention from the ladies, was so far out of sight.

Who would join the Parvis family as a son-in-law[1]? 

With such a juicy topic, it was natural for the handsome musician to be forgotten. 

Bella clapped her hands to calm the wild crowd.

Bella: “Lady Keira must feel uncomfortable. Everyone, stop it.”

While saying that, Bella’s head was spinning.

‘Marriage? Really? Is that it?’

Incest was forbidden, so whenever an elementalist decided to marry, the family would adopt the son-in-law into the family. 

‘Unlike other nobles, they often marry only when they really have feelings for each other.’

Because of that, the son-in-law’s status was different. 

There was even an incident when a servant who served the family was lucky enough to rise in status. 

‘If what she said is 100% true, there won’t be a problem…’

Bella smiled again, masking her innermost thoughts.

Bella: “I’m glad you’re planning to get married. It’s lonely to live alone forever. I wish you a good and happy relationship.”

The ladies, excited by her calm response, came to their senses.

“Oh, I was so surprised that… Excuse me.”

“I think I made a mistake, too.”

The conversation moved to another topic.

Of course, the guests still looked ready to get off their seats and spread the news about what had transpired.

Keira thought.

‘Yes, spread the word.’

So, she could say something to Ludwig.

Just before sunset, Arabella declared it was the end of today’s gathering. It was after more than half of the guests went back.

Bella: “Let’s call it a day. Thank you all for coming.”

It was a good meeting, especially since they were able to get a hot scoop.

Everyone stood up with a satisfied look on their faces. The same was true for Keira.

Keira: “I had a great time today, Your Highness.”

Bella: “Me too. Please visit me again.”

Keira lifted the hem of her dress lightly to curtsy and turned around.

Then something fell off the lady who had started walking away.

‘A piece of paper?’

Upon closer inspection, it was indeed a piece of paper. It also looked crumpled and folded countless times.

Bella’s eyes widened. Maybe the paper was the key to know the reason why the lady, who had lived an almost solitary life, suddenly went out to socialize.

It must have been just an excuse to say that she was looking for a husband.

Hide it now.’

‘Yes, Your Highness.’

The maid, who received the Princess’s signal, quickly picked up the piece of paper and hit it in her apron pocket.

Luckily, Keira looked back just in time.

Confused, she looked at Arabella, who was standing alone.

Keira: “Your Highness?”

Bella: “Hmm? Ah, ah. We were sitting for a long time, and I got dizzy when I stood up.”

After Bella said that, the other ladies approached her and expressed words of concern.

I’m fine, so go away!

All she wanted to do was check that note as soon as possible.

She was doing this because her brother requested it, but she was also incredibly curious.

What was in that note that the icy lady had hidden in her sleeve?

After hurriedly sending the guests away, Arabella rushed to her room.

Bella: “Where’s the paper?”

“Here it is. If I had moved any slower, I would have gotten caught.”

Bella: “I know. You did well.”

She patted the young maid on the head and received the note.

What was it? What was it about?

When Bella opened her birthday gift as a child, her heart didn’t pound as much as it did today.

Bella opened the note carefully, feeling her mouth dry. She had a hard time reading the note, the scribbles written too lightly that one had to squint.

At first, she wondered if it was like a talisman or a charm.

But when she looked closely, the letters on the paper were in a language Bella could understand.

「<Send in the Clown> is a hit play that sold all seats in the theatre. If you don’t know this, people will think you’re ignorant, so pretend you know.」

And it was the content of the performance that was written in a row below it.

「<Etrilette>. A boutique opened by a designer who worked for Madame Vivian and fought her way out. People should know about this scandal. However, it’s not a topic one would easily discuss since it was quite a messy ordeal.」

Other than that, other news and bits about the social world were briefly mentioned, including the story of a Duchess’s salon and information on this year’s senior graduate of the Academy of Arts.

The subject matter that they had just talked about was also included in it.

At that point, Bella thought she knew what this piece of paper was.

‘A cheat sheet?!’

No wonder she kept glancing down. 

Bella never once fathomed that Lady Keira was looking at a cheat sheet. She was speechless. 

The maids who didn’t see the contents of the letter stepped up.

“Your Highness, what is it about? Does it prove that the Parvis family has a ruthless heart?”

“Yeah, I thought it was weird from the start! She seemed like the type who’d live alone for the rest of her life… There must be another reason!”

Was it an Imperial maid’s sixth sense? They felt that the ‘finding a husband’ excuse was just that – an excuse.

However, the problem was that no one could guess the real reason.

This cheat sheet… Ugh, she looked at the scrap of paper, feeling deeply troubled.

Did Lady Keira have any hidden intentions? If so, what?

No, what is up with that person! Why would you carry this stuff around?

Bella, who had been pondering about it for a long time, eventually decided to get advice from others.

Bella: “What do you all think this is?”

As soon as she said so, the maids closed in on her to look at the paper. The well-educated women wouldn’t even take a peek unless Bella showed them the note’s contents first.


The maids’ eyes narrowed. Then, about five minutes later, they finally spoke.

“A cheat sheet…?”

“Right? Right! I’m not mistaken, am I?”

Thrilled that everyone felt the same way as her, Bella leaped to her feet.

“Why is she carrying this around? Was it a cipher or something?”

A cold expression unique to the Grand Duke’s only daughter came to mind.

There was no way such a woman would carry a cheat sheet, so they were sure there’s another purpose for it…

“Isn’t it just for what it looks like? A cheat sheet or guide?”

“T-that’s what I think. I focused on what the lady was talking about first. I guess that’s all there is to it.”


So she’s really carrying a cheat sheet? That person?

The stoic face and the current situation did not match well.

Bella wanted to run to Keira right away and ask why she carried the note around.

‘Ahhh, I want to ask! I want to ask you in person!’

Was this what it felt like to go crazy with curiosity?

The fact that she couldn’t ask a question made her even more interested.

Bella herself knew better than anyone that she had a serious urge that made her saliva dry up in her mouth, but she couldn’t just act on her desires.

Bella: “For now… Keep this paper safe so that it’s not lost.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Bella was about to hand the paper over to the maid when she hurriedly changed her mind. 

Bella: “No, wait a minute. I should show my brother first. Let’s go to my brother.”

Her brother asked her to do it, after all.

According to Lady Keira, she was merely looking for a husband, but Bella’s brother would judge whether this was an excuse or not.