AIWTRO Chapter Fifty-Eight

AIWTRO Chapter 58


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Since Lady Keira and the members of the Parvis family rarely engaged in social activities, it wasn’t strange for her to be out of the loop when it comes to topics discussed by noble ladies in social circles.

And since she came from the esteemed Grand Duke’s family, her pride would be great. Indeed, she wouldn’t want to be seen as a fool because she couldn’t keep up with other people’s conversations.

Bella: “So, you wanted to avoid looking like a lady from the countryside going to the city for the first time?”

Keira: “No, rather… The atmosphere keeps getting awkward because I can’t answer properly…”


Well, that’s good, that’s possible. Let’s just say it’s all like that.

At this point, the most crucial question arose.

Why did Keira Parvis willingly accept the invitation to my salon?

And she even made the cheat sheet!

Bella: “Anyway, a woman-only salon is not the right place to find a husband.”


Bella: “You could have ignored my invitation if you meant to look for a groom. Just as you attended Marchioness Francais’s party last time, going to a ball and socializing there would be more effective in achieving your goal.”

Of course, having connections was also crucial in finding a good husband. Following that logic, it was somehow understandable to accept the invitation to the salon.

Hower! If anyone asked if it was worth the inconvenience of joining in on difficult and unfamiliar conversations, the answer was a big, fat NO.

Bella could only think that there was another purpose, too.

Bella: “I wonder why you accepted my invitation.” 

Keira: “That’s…”

Bella: “That’s?”

Unexpectedly, Keira’s mouth opened gently. Her voice was as loud as an ant’s footsteps, but Bella, who sat in front of the lady, could still hear her.

Keira: “I.. wanted to make friends. I didn’t want to be isolated…”

Bella: “What?”

What did she say? It was so absurd that Bella’s voice cracked.

Bella quickly coughed to clear her throat. 

She stared at Keira, wondering if she was serious. The cheeks of the lady in question were bright red.

Bella’s mouth was wide open with astonishment, and no one in the room even considered to point it out. 

It was because everyone had the same expression as the Princess.

Keira: “I’ve been to a few balls before… But no matter who talked to me, I couldn’t answer properly… I’m worried people might think I’m a boring person…”

Bella thought, ‘People don’t think you’re boring. But they do think you’re mean and a snob.’

Whether she knew it or not, Keira continued to mumble shyly.

Keira: “If I keep acting like that, it will be even harder to socialize… I don’t want to be alone at the party like before.” 


The lady who said that looked adorable.

Seeing that scary person looking so cute made Bella wonder if she saw it wrong.

If it’s true…

Bella: “You didn’t mean to ignore me, you mean.”

The lady didn’t know what to say, so she ended up giving short answers. She didn’t mean to ignore others at all.

Keira’s eyes were wide open, mumbling a small ‘Yes?’ in reply. Bella didn’t hear her response.

Bella: “No, I was talking to myself.”

Keira’s remarks solved even her other concerns. The very thing that happened a few days ago! The thing that shamed Bella to her core just thinking about it!

Keira: “Actually, I was really happy today.”

Bella: “Yes?”

Keira: “When I saw you and your friends at Marchioness’s party, I wanted to join you.”

What? It was one shock after another.

Keira: “But if I approached you, I would only make the atmosphere get sour, so… It was a pleasure talking to you for a long time today.”

Anticipating what else the lady was about to reveal, Bella blinked her eyes constantly.

When she said it like that…

‘Does it mean you didn’t stare because you thought we were loud, but because you thought we were having fun?’

But it wasn’t the way one would look at their peers having fun.

Which part in that glare of her looked like she wanted to be a part of our group?

If Bella stopped a hundred passersby and asked them, they’d all think like her.

Still in shock, Bella’s voice rose unintentionally. 

Bella: “Lies!”

Keira: “Pardon?”

Keira’s head tilted slightly.

Bella couldn’t believe it[1]

Bella: “If you have a conscience, think about it. Who would think your intense stare was the look of someone who wanted to join us!”

Shouldn’t those eyes be sadder and more pitiful? The lady’s eyes looked like that of a predator aiming for their prey.

Dozens of possibilities as to why the Parvis lady acted like that came to Arabella’s mind.

‘Did you find out later that I was a member of the Imperial family?’

Maybe the lady kicked out the women because she thought they were loud, but she later realized the Princess was among the group.

However, it was unlikely that the Parvis family would be worried about a single Princess, especially one who wasn’t even a prince.

Embarrassment stained the Grand Duke’s only daughter’s face.

Bella: “Wasn’t it annoying to be loud during the break?”


Keira didn’t reply at first, but her expression said it all: ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’

Keira: “I don’t know why you have such a misunderstanding, but it doesn’t make sense. A party hall is originally a place for socializing and having fun. If you want to relax, go to the terrace or the lounge.”

Bella: “That…!”

Bella couldn’t go back to her point about the lady’s intense gaze at the party.

Lady Keira had a completely bewildered expression on her face. She looked so sincere that no one could think she was acting.

Bella: “You side-eyed and glared at me! How can that be the look of wanting to join in on a conversation? If you have a conscience, think about it!”

Manners and etiquette went out the window. Embarrassment and anger took over, and Bella was almost beside herself. 

Strangely enough, Keira was the same.

Keira: “Well, that’s… I sneaked a glance because I thought it would be too much if I blatantly stared…”

Why is the Princess getting angrier when she’s the only one who misunderstood?

The moment Keira thought of that, a memory flashed through her mind.

It wasn’t just the Princess who had fled. 


That time, even the other ladies had the same reaction.

At this point, a new injustice presented itself. She had looked like that since birth[2]

I really wanted to be friends…

Bella: “Ahem, ahem.”

Before Keira could start to wallow in her despair, the Princess let out a small cough. Keira looked up to see the Princess blushing, embarrassed that she was wrong.

Bella: “N-no matter how it is, if you looked at a person like that, people could easily misunderstand.”

Keira: “… That’s true.”

Keira nodded meekly.

Needless to say, Bella was once again mortified by the lady’s docile response.

‘Well, that’s what Sir Arthur said.’

When you talk to people, you don’t have to look at their eyes; you have to turn your head and look at them.

Keira looked up, thinking, ‘So, it was a misunderstanding.’


She found herself looking at the Princess’s flushed face.

Keira:” Your Highness? You don’t look well.”

Bella: “I-i-i-it’s not that I don’t look well…”

Keira couldn’t understand what the Princess was mumbling. She tilted her head.

Keira: “Your Higness? Are you sure you’re okay? If you’re not feeling well, please rest. I shall take my leave.”

Bella: “Ah, right. T-that would be best. I haven’t slept well lately, so my condition is a little…”

Then she explained how tired she had been in the past few days.

‘Why are you explaining this to me?’

Keira remembered the old saying that people talk a lot when they make excuses, but she shook away the thought. There was no reason for the Princess to pretend to be sick to Keira.

Bella: “I-I’m not feeling well, so I’m afraid I can’t see you off.”

Keira: “Of course. Rest well.”

Bella: “Thank you for your consideration.”

The maids opened the door for Keira, who was heading out. With their heads down, they saw Keira off. They looked like they were itching to gossip.

Those who waited on Arabella were also aristocrats, so were the maids working in the Imperial Palace.

Noble members living in the capital had many connections – family, relatives, friends, lovers. In other words, many people would soon hear what the maids had just seen.

It was related to the Imperial family, so rumors would probably spread among the nobles even if they couldn’t talk about it openly.

Even if they didn’t say a word…

‘How embarrassing!’

That was the problem.

[1] Bella thought ‘오리발 내밀다…’, an idiom to describe someone who’s denying the truth and not taking accountability for their mistake. The literal translation of the phrase is ‘to stick out a duck’s foot.’
[2] Resting b*tch face lol

lol Bella x Keira is peak chaotic energy.