Please Divorce Me Chapter Three

PDM Chapter 3


“Your Grace, this is the result of the investigation into Aelle Carena.”

Kyle, who was looking at the manila envelope delivered by the aide, quickly glanced at the edge of the desk.

“I’ll step back.”

The aide, aware of Kyle’s intention, bowed deeply over the documents and left the office. Only then did Kyle’s gray eyes focus on the envelope.

He picked it up and wondered whether to open it. In the end, he cut the envelope with a letter opener and took out the items inside, several sheets of paper coming out.

“Aelle Carena,” Kyle muttered the familiar name. 

Aelle Carena. As the second daughter of the Viscount Carena family, she supported her father, who was addicted to gambling and drinking. She only traveled to her home, the boutique, a flower shop, and she was close to Lady Zeveren.

As his eyes reached the end of the document, they fell without regret. Kyle put down the papers and leaned against the back of the chair, and repeatedly tapped his finger on the document.

Kyle’s response to Aelle’s conversation was a simple whim. It was because of Hari, who recently praised the fresh flowers for the Harden family.

He wondered about the person who prepared and arranged the flowers. He was still shocked at the woman’s proposal.

‘Did someone order you to do it?’

No, no. Kyle clasped his hands and placed them on his lap.

Her trembling fingers came to mind, a sharp contrast to her calm face.

Above all, the family members and vassals who turned their backs on him saying they could not accept Kyle as a member of the noble family, fell down at the feet of the Harace family. 

Not long ago, gold was found in an abandoned mine, so even the business community kept quiet and kept a low profile. 

Therefore, there wasn’t a person or cause to suspect that Ael’s actions were under someone’s orders.

“My brother cut ties with my family, and my father is addicted to gambling. There’s nothing left of the family. He would sell me if they give him money.”

“The purpose is clear.”


Kyle dropped the papers back on the desk and tilted his head. When he recalled the downhearted woman with pitiful eyes, his forehead wrinkled.

“Because you love Countess Hari Harden, the wife of the deceased Louis Harden?”

Kyle moved his gray eyes slowly through the information about Aelle, but the relief didn’t come. She was a woman who clearly understood what cards she had and how to use them. That’s why she found him herself and made that suggestion.

Kyle stared at the documents. If she opens her mouth to Hari…

“Aelle Carena.”

A terribly low voice escaped from Kyle’s clenched teeth. Kyle nervously furrowed one eyebrow and stared at the sketch of Aelle’s back.


When I walked in through the back door of the boutique, I was welcomed by busy employees and scattered debris and pin cushions.


I looked up at the call and saw Madame, who was checking the clothes at the studio on the second floor, leaning on the railing with a smile. Her eyes turned to the basket I held in my arms.

“Aelle, how does this look?”

“It’s great? Madame, too,” I answered, handing over the completed work to the employee who approached me. As I turned over the basket, I greeted them lightly with a nod.

“Good job.” The staff waved goodbye and staggered up the stairs. 

Madame pouted her lips as she fluttered her round feathered fan. “Aelle really has no soul. No soul.”

“It’s really pretty. It’s great!”

Madame wrinkled her nose and clicked her tongue but folded her fan with a resounding crack.

“By the way, are you really going to turn down the offer?”


Madame narrowed her eyes and tapped the fan in her palm. 

“Think about working officially in our boutique.”


“Did you forget?”

I smiled apologetically, but it couldn’t appease the Madame’s hardened face. So I shrugged and said, “I’ll think about it a little more.”

However, it would be difficult to get work from another boutique if I was tied to Madame’s boutique. I couldn’t stay in one place when I thought of my father.

Madame, unaware of such thoughts, nodded her head at my empty promise.

Suddenly a staff member pulled back the curtain from the dressing room and said, “Madame! The Madam[1] is here!”


Madame narrowed her eyes, frowning. “Did one or two Madams come to the boutique?”

“That…” The staff looked back at the dressing room, and Madam’s eyes widened.

“What? You should have told me earlier!”

Madame threw out her fan, straightened her clothes, and then came down the stairs with a bustling sound. Then Madame pulled back the dressing room curtain, but before she left, she turned to me.

“Well, Aelle, think about it!”

I blinked helplessly at the sight of Madame disappearing into the curtain. She’s always been a dedicated and enthusiastic businesswoman, but it’s curious to see her so excited. Who could the guest be?

“I’m sorry, but could you step aside?”

At that moment, one of the employees with a dress in his arms tried to rush to the dressing room but couldn’t because I was in the way.

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

I tried to turn around, but I tripped on my shoe and fell, dragging down the employee with me. I fell over the employee, and the dress he was holding spread across the red carpet.

“Uck!” I leaped up and looked at the employee. “I’m so sorry. Are you okay?”

Groaning, the employee held on to his ankle, sighing helplessly as he looked at the dress.

“I have to bring it now…”

Judging from the fact that he was in tears, the dress probably belonged to an important patron. I looked at the dress, and at his ankle, they gathered the dress in my arms.

“Should I take it to the dressing room?”

“I should do it…” the employee, his worried eyes glancing up at me. 

I nodded and smiled at him to reassure him. “Don’t worry. I’ll leave it where they can see it well.”

I grabbed the employee by the arm and helped him get up, and grinned before turning to go to the dressing room. All I had to do was leave the dress quietly and avoid catching the customer and her company’s attention.

Having spent all my time at the studio, it was my first time venturing into the dressing room. It shouldn’t be a big deal, so I pulled back the curtains without much thought.

I squinted at the bright lights that blinded me and passed by Madame and the guest sitting on the sofa. At first glance, a woman and a man caught my attention.

Madame smiled, let out a small giggle, and covered her mouth. I pulled back the dark red curtain towards the dressing room behind Madame.

“I didn’t expect you to come together. How sweet.”

“Madam, I think you’re mistaken. His Grace and I have been close friends for a long time.”

“Oh, my God, I’m sorry.”

His Grace? At the two syllables, my hands trembled, and my heart dropped. I sneaked a peek at the man.

I looked at them in a daze. No, to be precise, I stared at Kyle as he smiled affectionately at the woman sitting with him. Then, the gray eyes focused on the woman slowly turned toward me. 

His eyes suddenly widened, and for a moment, his eyes turned to the woman again. I hurried into the dressing room, looking away from them.

I never thought it was the Duke of Harace and Countess Harden who made Madame run out.

It was a good thing I draped the dress across my arms. Otherwise, I might have gripped it enough to wrinkle it.

“I didn’t expect you to give me the honor of supplying dresses to the Countess of Harden, so shall we go see them?”

Madame’s excited voice reached my ears. No matter how much I wanted to ignore it, I became more focused on the sound because I couldn’t see them. 

“All right, Madame.”

Soon, I heard the sound of distant footsteps walking away and sighed in relief. I quickly hung the dress on a hanger. I had to rush out of here before they returned. I placed the hanger on a handle above the full-length mirror and turned to the curtain to leave.

As I put my hand in the gap between the curtains, a gentle hand suddenly appeared and pulled the curtain back.

“Hiding and eavesdropping like a rat.”

“Your Grace.” I looked up to see Kyle coolly looking down at me.

I couldn’t help but back away from the tense atmosphere.

[1] Aelle addresses the boutique owner as 마담, which is literally ‘Madam’. 부인 means ‘wife’ or ‘missus’. In aristocratic society, they usually address married women as ‘Madam’. To differentiate the two, I will be addressing the boutique owner as ‘Madame,’ and married women in general as ‘Madam’.