AIWTRO Chapter Fifty-Nine

AIWTRO Chapter 59


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Lady Keira must have heard Bella complaining to her brother, saying she ignored her, that she glared at her.

Since she was an extraordinary person, she must have noticed the situation. Bella couldn’t raise her head because she was embarrassed.

Unaware of Bella’s inner struggle, the head maid approached her. 

“Your Highness, I’ve just received a message that Lady Keira has left the palace.”

Bella: “…Yes, okay.”

“If you’re not feeling well, should I call a doctor?”

Bella: “You know I’m not unwell. Why would you still ask?”

‘Yes, but I said it because Your Highness hasn’t gotten up for half an hour.’

The head maid held back from speaking her thoughts.

How could she comfort the Princess?

“Well, hmm… I’m glad you’ve amicably cleared up your misunderstanding with Lady Keira.”

Amicable? Of course, it was definitely more amicable than fighting in the middle of the party.

Aside from wanting to die from too much embarrassment, yes, it was amicable.

Once the head maid spoke, the rest of the maids began to chatter.

“I’m glad she’s not as arrogant as I thought she was.”

“I know. I was furious when I heard she ignored Your Highness. But, I’m glad it was just a misunderstanding.”


It was a long time later that Arabella spoke.

Bella: “I want to be alone.”


Bella: “Would you mind leaving?”

While Bella asked, everyone knew it was no different than an order.

The maids quickly withdrew and closed the door to the drawing room.

‘Damn it.’

Now that she was alone, Bella buried her face on the table.

If I died now, the cause of death would be shame.

Having finished her business, Keira returned to the mansion with a spring in her step. She felt as if a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders.

Rose: “You’re back, milady? Have you found the item?”

Keira: “Yes. Her Highness the Princess kept it.”

Rose: “Oh, that’s a relief.”

Keira: “She seemed to feel unwell. I hope she gets well soon.”

Rose: “Oh my, she’s not feeling well? Her Highness the Princess?”

Keira: “Yes. Her face was as red as an apple.”

Rose: “That’s too bad.”

Unaware of the embarrassment the Princess felt, Keira chatted with Rose.

Keira: “I hope she gets better soon.”

The Imperial family had an abundance of talented doctors and effective medicine, so Keira didn’t need to worry too much.

There was something else that bothered Keira more than the Princess’s health.

“You didn’t mean to ignore me, you mean.”

What the Princess murmured… Keira didn’t hear it well, but that seemed to be what she said.

‘Cause I couldn’t answer her properly… Did she feel bad about it too?’

If Keira put herself in the Princess’s shoes, she would understand. Didn’t she once think that the knights, who’d clam up if they saw her, disliked her?

Anyway, it’s good that she had cleared the misunderstanding between the Princess, but there were more problems.

Following that logic, it was likely that there more people who would have been offended by Keira’s attitude.

There were also the people she’d met that she forgot their names and faces. Keira was certain they were displeased, too.

At this point, Keira was beginning to understand why the nobility sided with Cosette in the past.

‘There’s still a chance.’

Only a short time had passed, but a lot had changed. And Keira was going to change more in the future.

First of all, let’s make up for the mistakes we made.

She rummaged through a pile of invitations and found correspondence from the Viscountess Shore.

‘Let’s start here.’

The spacious banquet hall was full of people. But finding Viscountess Shore and her daughter, the host of the banquet, was very easy.

All they had to do was check where people were gathered. Viscountess Shore and her daughter were busy accepting the guests’ greetings.

Joseph pointed his finger at the crow and said.

Joseph: “Oh, there’s Viscountess Shore.”


There was no answer. Joseph looked down in confusion. 

“Your Ladyship?”


Keira looked on nervously at the crowd. Now that she’d found the hosts of the ball, she should go straight to them to say hello, but she was rooted to the ground.

Joseph: “Didn’t you say you had to go say hello?”

Keira: “In a little while.”

Joseph: “Yes?”

Keira: “There are too many people.”

Joseph: “If Your Ladyship goes there, everyone will make way for you.”

Keira: “It’s not that. I have something to discuss with them.”


Joseph had a curious look on his face, but Keira did not explain further. Of course, Keira didn’t even notice he was tilting his head in the first place.

She was too distracted to notice anything else.

After observing them for a long time, Keira cautiously moved towards the Viscountess and her daughter when the crowd around them waned.

Joseph followed her, too. Seeing that Her Ladyship had such a severe expression, Joseph thought it must be a problem he couldn’t even imagine.

The lady beside Viscountess Shore recognized Keira first.

“Oh my.”

Soon after, there was a smile on the Viscountess’s face.

Viscountess: “I received a reply, but I didn’t expect you to come.”

Keira: “Thank you for inviting me.”

Viscountess: “It’s an honor. This is my daughter… well, you’ve already met. Daphne, say hello first.”

Daphne Shore greeted Keira with a curtsy.

Daphne: “It’s nice to see you again, Your Ladyship.”

Keira: “It’s been a week.”

Keira made it clear that she had not forgotten her. She felt her throat dry up, trying to talk about difficult things.

She looked around for a few seconds, then swallowed and opened her mouth.

Keira: “I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you last time.”

Daphne: “…Yes?”

“Your Ladyship?”

A strange voice came out of both of their mouths at the same time. Viscountess Shore also looked at them with a puzzled look on her face.

Truthfully, it wasn’t without reason that Keira forgot the lady. She had her reasons, too.

Unlike the typical aristocrat who socialized daily, Keira mainly lived a secluded life. Therefore, every time she participated in a social event, she’d meet new people all at once.

It was challenging to memorize the faces of dozens of people in one sitting.

Keira: “There was no malice intended. You see, it’s rare for me to socialize, right? I just met so many strangers at once that I was overwhelmed.”

I was wondering what you were going to say with such a grim look on your face…

Joseph blinked and looked down at Her Ladyship. The lady he serves had a rare look of nervousness.

Joseph wasn’t the only one surprised by the lady’s unexpected remarks.

Viscountess Shore and her daughter were also speechless.

‘W-what’s going on?’

Keira felt uncomfortable as the three stared at her. Besides, she wasn’t used to apologizing. 

The awkwardness gave her goosebumps. After coughing, she took a step back.

Keira: “Then I’ll…”

What? What was that?

The mother and daughter turned around with their partner and looked at Keira with a blank look as she walked.

It was only after a long time that Viscountess Shore found her words.

Viscountess: “Did you have an argument with Her Ladyship when you went to the Grand Duke’s mansion? Be honest with me.”

Daphne jumped up in indignation at the accusation. 

Daphne: “We barely spoke to each other, so that’s impossible! Ask Grandmother. I followed her around and did nothing but do what I was told.”

Viscountess: “Then why did she look like that?”

Unfortunately, Keira had a habit of stiffening her expression the more she got more nervous.

Daphne: “How would I know?”

Cold expression aside, Her Ladyship clearly apologized.

By the way… why did she apologize like it’s a declaration of war?

The more they thought about it, the more curious it was.

Daphne fled to the other side of the banquet hall to escape her mother’s nagging. By the time her mother’s voice had disappeared from her ears, a familiar man approached her.

Although he was a handsome man with pretty blond hair, he clearly showed his indifference towards this kind of gathering.

He waved to Daphne with an awkward smile.

“Hello, Daphne.”