AIWTRO Chapter Sixty-Two

AIWTRO Chapter 62


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Daphne had the same last name.

Keira: “What’s your relationship with Miss Daphne?”

Erez: “She’s my cousin.”

So he’s Viscount Shore’s nephew. Keira couldn’t fathom where he got the courage to speak to her that way.

Talking down to her for the first time. It’s an attitude she’d never imagined she’d experience. 

For some reason, Keira even wondered if this person would act this way in front of Ludwig.

‘Seeing that Miss Daphne is polite, it doesn’t seem like there’s a problem with their family’s education…’

She was curious about his parents. How did they raise him that he ended up with such a rambunctious personality? 

Putting her curiosity behind her, Keira said.

Keira: “You probably already know my name. If there’s anything that requires my cooperation, you can contact the Grand Duchy.”

Erez: “I was originally going to leave the capital tomorrow, but… I’m going to have to stay here for a while.”

A sigh escaped his lips. 

Erez: “Anyway, I think we’ll see each other often, so please take care of me, Miss Parvis.”

Keira: “The feeling is mutual.”

Keira took his extended hand and shook hands. Then, suddenly, she glanced at the balcony door.

Erez: “Why? Are you worried about what’s going on out there? Well, a scandal is fatal for a noble lady…

Keira: “No, that’s not it. Someone is waiting.”

A novel would be written about what happened today, but Keira didn’t pay much attention to it. 

Above all, it would be more advantageous to have false rumors to prove that she was ‘trying to find a husband.’

Erez: “Oh, your partner?”

Keira: “It’s not polite to leave a partner alone for a long time. If you need to contact me, you can come to the Duchy anytime. Then, I’ll go ahead.”

After a brief farewell, Keira left the balcony. Soon after, the door slammed shut.

Erez looked at the empty spot for a moment and rubbed his brows, looking troubled.

Erez: “Haa, why did you do that, Erez in the past…”

What had happened in the past that made him desperate enough to opt for the last resort?

When Keira stepped outside, Joseph was still standing at the spot where he said he would wait.

You could have taken a seat or stayed at the lounge to rest…

Keira approached him as she wondered if he was just honest or foolish. 

Joseph: “Are you done with your business?”

Keira: “I think?”

Joseph no longer questioned whether the answer was ambiguous. Rather, there were more pressing concerns.

Joseph: “Just who was that man? I don’t think I’ve met him before.”

How quick-witted.

She’d steer clear if she had a choice, but Joseph was with her when she ran into Erez.

Joseph: “He mouthed ‘regressor.'”


So he, too, had witnessed the secret that Erez had whispered to her.

Such a secret should not have been mentioned so casually! Keira cursed Erez, who was still on the balcony, in her head.

How could she explain it? 

Fortunately, an idea quickly came to mind.

Keira: “He’s a wizard from the tower. I don’t know him, but I’ve been to the tower a few times recently to seek advice.”

Joseph: “The tower?”

Keira: “There’s something I wanted to know about time and space. We had a little chat about it.”

It sounded more plausible that it was a mix of truth and lies.

But Joseph was a lot more meticulous than she thought.

Joseph: “Then what did he mean about returning and the contract or something?”


I didn’t expect you to figure it all out…

I kept my mouth shut because I had no more lies to make up, but fortunately, in this case, Joseph misunderstood.

Joseph: “Forgive me for overstepping.”

Keira: “No, it’s just… Right, you mentioned there are many strange people among the wizards of the tower, right? Maybe he got confused because he’s been researching in his room all day. He was probably speaking nonsense.”

Joseph: “Is that so?”

He didn’t ask anymore, but Keira wasn’t sure if he believed such a clumsy lie.

Keira: “Keep everything you just heard a secret.”

Joseph: “I was going to do that even if you didn’t tell me.”

Keira could trust that Joseph wouldn’t speak about it even if there were a knife against his throat. Regardless of whether he believed Keira’s lie.

Feeling remorseful, she changed the topic.

Keira: “Oh, you’ve been standing for a long time. Don’t your legs hurt?”

Joseph was about to say that he was all right, but he quickly changed his mind. He was a reticent speaker, not a tactless one.

Joseph: “I think so, too.”

 Pretending to feel fatigued, he moved to a table with his partner.

Many people attended the ball, so naturally, there was not much room at the table. As expected, it was quite noisy. 

Joseph: “Why don’t you rest in the lounge?”

Keira: “I don’t mind, but if Sir wants it, he can.”

Joseph: “If Your Ladyship doesn’t mind, I’m fine, as well.

Keira used to detest the noisy and bustling atmosphere, but she’s slowly changed her mind.

‘This is not bad either.’

It made her feel better because it felt that she was living among people.

Meanwhile, she heard someone laughing nearby. When she turned to see what was going on, something similar to what she had experienced before was happening next to her.

Some ladies her age were sitting a little farther away and happily chatting.

“I think I should take a picnic outside the castle before it gets colder.”

“I have to stay at home when winter comes, so let’s set a date soon.”

“The riverside is safe, right?”

“If it’s before it gets colder, it is. We’ll have to set a date within this month.”

The voice in Keira’s heart cried out desperately.

‘I-I want to go, too…’

The ladies were going out together. Keira didn’t want to admit it, but she was incredibly envious.

Keira looked at her peers with envy as she watched them talk, then looked away. She could already imagine the ladies running away, faces pale as if they’ve seen a ghost, as soon as they make eye contact with her. 

It looked fun… But they’d hate it if she kept staring at them.

Her expression grew sullen. Of course, it was still a cold look for a spectator.

‘The change in expression that Dame Reina spoke of… It was like this.’

Joseph, who had often met the lady, could recognize the change.

It’s Her Ladyship’s ‘sullen’ look!

A cold sweat began to trickle down Sir Joseph Argos’s forehead, a knight who rarely panicked.

What can I do? What should I do?

He wasn’t skilled in comforting depressed girls the way Arthur or Reina was. 

He opened his mouth in a cold sweat. He had to bring something up for now.

Joseph: “I… Your Ladyship.”

Keira: “Hmm?”

Joseph: “Do you know them?”

Joseph gestured to where she had just glanced. Keira looked to where he had pointed, then her eyes met with one of the ladies talking about the picnic.



For a moment, there was an awkward silence. It was even a familiar face.

Keira had made eye contact with Princess Arabella whom she had met a few days ago. Unfortunately, she had forgotten that this person was here because Erez distracted her.

‘Uh, what?’

Keira faltered. She made eye contact with the Princess, but she looked away.

Was it a good thing that she didn’t run away as soon as their eyes met?

Then again, Arabella was just as flustered. She felt someone looking at her, so when she turned, she saw the lady looking at her.

The cold expression on her face was still frightening. If they hadn’t resolved their misunderstanding two days ago, Bella would have run away again this time.

Honestly, she still had the urge to move from her seat, but it was more from embarrassment than fear.

‘W-why are you here?’

Having already encountered each other twice in a row, Bella wondered if the lady was following her on purpose.

She forced her lips up and smiled. The young girls sitting next to her began to look at her strangely.

Bella: “It’s nice to see you again, Miss Keira. I was just planning a picnic. Would you like to come with us?”

It was a customary greeting. Arabella naturally thought that the lady would reject her offer. Anyone who vaguely knew Keira would think so, too.

But instead of coldly rejecting her offer, Keira’s eyes began to twinkle.


Was it an illusion? Was she seeing things?

Bella was filled with confusion.

Keira’s subsequent reply calmed the confusion in her head.

Keira: “I-I’d love to!”

No, maybe Keira’s answer made Bella even more confused.