AIWTRO Chapter Sixty-Four

AIWTRO Chapter 64


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Johanna: “What is it?”

Keira: “Do you have an idea if it’s possible for a person who isn’t a elementalist to witness a spirit?”

Johanna: “Um, well. They said only the elementalist could see spirits. So I’m a bit skeptical.”

Keira recalled the memories of that day.

A warm hand rested on her shoulder. A certain energy swept through her body, and Keira could see the spirit for a while right after that.

Keira: “But what if there’s help from the elementalist? Would it be possible?”

Johanna: “If it were that easy, I wouldn’t have known until now. It’s been more than a century since I awakened my power, but I can neither confirm nor deny.”

At the end of the day, nothing was certain.

‘If even Great-aunt doesn’t know then…’

Keira unconsciously bit her lip. However, the clues hadn’t completely disappeared yet. Johanna continued.

Johanna: “But why are you curious about that?”

Keira: “Academic curiosity. If the priests and magicians can see the spirits with my help, I think they will make progress in their research.”

The excuses that Keira had prepared in advance came out smoothly.

Johanna: “Oh, that’s true.”

Johanna looked impressed. It was curious that young Keira had thought of such a thing.

Johanna: “I don’t like studying, so I don’t know much, but our ancestors might be different.”

Keira: “Yes?”

Johanna: “As you know, most of our ancestors stayed here, didn’t they? There are many personal and research records of them. So there might be some clues there.”

Keira brightened at her Great-aunt’s words. 

Johanna: “I kept a diary hidden to protect our ancestor’s privacy, but… if you use it for research purposes, they will understand. Gordon, are you there?”

Gordon opened the door and appeared.

Gordon: “You called?”

Johanna: “Bring me my staff and my coat.”

Gordon: “Certainly.”


With Gordon’s help, Johanna got up and put on her coat. Then she pulled out a bundle of keys from the bedside table.

Johanna: “Let’s go.”

They headed to the attic. The place was pristine, without a hint of dust anywhere. 

Johanna: “This side of the bookshelf and drawer are personal records, and on the other side are the research materials. Stay here as long as you need. I’ll let your father know. Does he not like it when you stay out?”

‘That’s right.’

With a giggle, Keira replied.

Keira: “You know him too well. Anyway, thank you.”

Johanna: “…it’s nice to see you smiling.”

Keira: “Huh? Oh, um. Yes.”

It would be difficult for others to approach you if you wore a cold expression, so relax your muscles.

It was the advice given to her by the people around her. 

Keira patted her cheek in embarrassment.

Johanna: “As these are materials confidential to the family, you’ll have to look at them alone. I’ll help you a little bit.”

Keira: “It’s alright. I’m satisfied just to be able to see it.”

Johanna: “It might take a few days if you check it by yourself.”

Keira: “Even better. I’ll have an excuse not to go home.”


When Keira said that, Johanna seemed momentarily speechless but then burst into laughter. 

Keira: “Great-aunt?”

Johanna: “Yes, I thought what changed had to do with your father. I won’t ask you what’s going on. Make yourself at home while you’re here.

Keira: “…Yes.”

Johanna: “Gordon, please prepare a guest room for Keira. I’ll move half of the materials from here to my room and the other half to your room.”

Keira: “Yes, I understand.”

Soon the maids came and guided her to the most spacious guest room. They mentioned it was a room that was hastily prepared after they heard Keira was coming. 

Keira changed into comfortable indoor clothes and sat on the bed. 

A cool breeze blew through the slightly open windows. Keira looked out the window and saw an unfamiliar garden. It was different from the garden landscape she’d been looking at for the past two decades.

The more simple but neatly arranged ornamental trees gave off a more natural feeling. 

She turned and looked around the room.

A room I’m staying in for the first time. Clothes that aren’t mine. Unfamiliar scenery outside the window.

Keira: “It’s like…”

‘It’s kind of like a vacation, isn’t it?’

Keira had never taken a step outside the capital in her entire life. She spent most of her time in the mansion. 

Of course, she’d never would have had a summer vacation or a trip far away. 


Keira dragged a chair and sat by the window, listening to the birds chirping outside. The wind caressing her cheek felt pleasant. 

‘If everything is sorted out… ’

She wanted to shake it all off and go on a trip outside the capital. Just like Rose’s wish. 

She sat by the window for a while, enjoying the feeling of being on vacation in the countryside.

Keira began investigating the day after arriving at Johanna’s place.

For three days, she encountered the same information over and over again. Unable to withstand the boredom, she eventually moved to her ancestors’ personal records.

She wanted to avoid reading private correspondence, such as love letters, but the moment she turned the first page of the notebook, she realized it was a diary of a former elementalist.  

The owner of the diary was the eldest of three sons and two daughters. When she was ten, a younger sibling was born, which was surprisingly a girl.


Since the daughter was of the noble Parvis family, the birth of a girl was of course an auspicious event, and the young woman was just happy because she was unaware of certain things. 

It was because the parents were happy, and the energy in the house was contagious. 

Her sister, who was ten years younger, followed her very well. It was hard not to be proud of their young and obedient sister, so the two grew quite close.

Until the younger sister manifested her ability first.

「June 10th, 817.

Evangeline has awakened her powers. It’s something worth celebrating. According to the child, the spirits were more beautiful than they’ve ever imagined. 

When will I be able to see the spirits? My sister, who’s ten years younger than me, has already awakened her powers…」

「March 7th, 818.

Father is livid. They said he went to the Imperial Palace and heard the other nobles talking.

They said the nobles speculating that I was not Father’s real daughter and that Father was furious and punished them for damaging the Parvis family’s honor.」

Keira felt a strange sense of deja vu as she was reading the diary. 

‘For defaming the family? Not her honor?’

Whether it was a century ago or now, Keira thought that the fathers of this family were all the same.

‘Is this a family tradition?’

Just as the elementalist’s ability had been passed down from one generation to the next, maybe a cold-hearted personality could be passed down, too. Keira sighed and turned to the next page.

「January 25th, 820.

Evangeline said happy birthday to me. She also comforted me, telling me not to worry about the vile remarks from people outside. Eva, I’m so glad you’re kind.」

「April 11th, 820.

Father and Mother argued loudly. They weren’t the type of people who’d raise their voices when fighting… I think I know what they were arguing about.

I’m afraid. What if I’m not the daughter of this family?」

As Keira read the last line, she unconsciously clenched her fists.

The thin paper rustled and creased. Her heart pounded. 

‘…I know how you feel.’

Nervous, anxious, afraid.

A sense of hopelessness that the whole life they’d ever lived might be denied.

She didn’t think it was true, but anxiety would plague her heart dozens of times a day. Keira knew very well how terrible the feeling was and how much it ate at her.

With her heart on her throat, Keira turned to the next page. 

「January 25th, 821.

My thirtieth birthday is approaching. People said I’m the first one who hasn’t manifested their skills at this age. 

The atmosphere in the house is completely chilly. The people’s stares are frightening. Above all, I’m afraid to run into Father.

I can’t get out of the bedroom.」

「August 1st, 821.

A whole summer. Today, it’s Evangeline’s birthday.

This situation might not have come if you hadn’t been born and you hadn’t awakened your ability before me.

I love you, but I can’t help but hate you.」