AIWTRO Chapter Sixty-Seven

AIWTRO Chapter 67


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Zicchardt frowned. Was he talking about a gift in this atmosphere?

‘You shameless people.’

He thought she was a distant relative, but he never dreamed that she would claim to be the daughter of the Grand Duke.

According to the prophecy, there could only be one daughter from the Grand Duke’s family. 

The real one was standing next to him, and this person in front of them had the audacity to lie.

Some day, the truth would be revealed, but until then, the family and Keira were sure to be the topic of gossip. How unpleasant.

Just as he was about to cry out in indignation, the Count spoke ahead.

Count Weinberg: “I give the young master your ‘real’ flesh and blood for your seventh birthday.”

Then he glanced at Keira and added.

Count Weinberg: “Instead of that fake.”

It was as if he was testing their patience. 

Wow. Keira could hear teeth grinding next to her. Then, before Keira could stop him, a thunderous shout came out of her brother’s mouth.

Zeke: “Guards! Why aren’t you kicking out these two maniacs right now?”

At Zeke’s shout, several guards rushed to the banquet hall. However, they seemed conflicted, as they never imagined they’d see a woman who looked exactly like the Grand Duke.

The first guard who came to his senses approached Cosette to carry out the grand-ducal heir’s orders, but Cosette vehemently pushed him away.

Cosette: “Don’t touch me! I’m the blood and flesh of the Grand Duke. Do you think you’ll be able to avoid punishment for this disrespect after the Grand Duke acknowledges me?”


At those words, the guards hesitated. It was hard to guess the identity of this girl who looked just like their master. 

When they stopped trying to manhandle her, Cosette’s smile grew triumphant.

Keira thought to herself as she quietly watched the scene. 

‘It’s really the same as the past, isn’t it?’

Because of the time warp, Keira was anticipating the possibility that something unexpected might happen. However, despite such concerns, the events proceeded the same as in the past. Thanks to that, she was able to keep her composure.

Zeke: “This…!”

But her brother seemed to be a little different. She could hear him shrieking.

Before Keira could stop him and tell him not to get upset,

Robert: “His Grace, Grand Duke Parvis!”

The butler announced the arrival of Ludwig, father of ‘three people.’ Up to this point, everything was the same in the past. 

All eyes were on him. Silver hair gleaming under the chandelier. 

It was the same color as Cosette’s silver hair. The unusual hair color made it impossible for others to avoid comparing the two. 

As soon as Ludwig entered the banquet hall, he strode towards the source of the commotion.

Ludwig: “What’s going on?”

He cast his gaze on Count Weinberg, seemingly waiting for his explanation. However, Cosette spoke instead of the Count.

Cosette: “It’s nice to meet you, Father.”

Ludwig: “Father?”

Ludwig’s cold gaze turned to her. Cosette continued speaking without showing any sign of dread.

Cosette: “You remember my mother, Rowena Weinberg? She had red hair and green eyes.”

Ludwig: “So what are you trying to say? Are you claiming that you’re our child?”

Despite his cold attitude, Cosette’s smile did not falter. Considering that she was a girl who grew up like a commoner in the countryside, her composure was amazing.

‘..Wait a moment.’

Keira’s eyes narrowed. She could now see things she couldn’t in the past when she was filled with confusion and agitation. 

Let’s say that she has fair skin and fair hands, as if she hasn’t been able to get enough sunlight. But was that the attitude of a person who grew up as a commoner?

If Cosette really lived as a commoner for ten years, it was more likely she’d be nervous about attending a party filled with nobles. All of the nobles were even staring at her.

If you added the indifferent attitude of your so-called father to that, it would be difficult to keep your composure even if you had a strong heart.

…Was it true that you grew up in the countryside without really knowing your identity?

Keira had no choice but to ask such a question.

While Keira was lost in her thoughts, the two had not stopped talking.

Cosette: “Yes, Father. It’s nice to see you finally.”

Ludwig: “Father, huh…”

Ludwig sighed. 

Nevertheless, Cosette kept her head up without any sign of discouragement, as if saying this is where she belonged.

Marquis Edinburgh: “That’s ridiculous!”

The Marquis of Edinburgh, who was beside her then, shouted.

Marquis Edinburgh: “Didn’t the oracle reveal the prophecy that only one Saintess will be born in the next generation? Your only daughter is Lady Keira!”

“That’s right, Your Grace. Count Weinberg is ruining the celebration with groundless claims.”

“We need to get them out of here right now!”

Some nobles who were close with Marquis Edinburgh reproached Count Weinberg.

Even the nobles present who didn’t have a relationship with the Marquis did not side with the Count.

Keira was a lady who had built a solid position over anyone else over the past decade.

To throw someone like that away and go hand-in-hand with a girl whose origins were unknown was unfathomable.

Soon, the hall was filled with voices condemning Count Weinberg, and when the turmoil reached its peak, the Grand Duke calmed them down.

He said nothing and instead looked around with cold eyes. In an instant, the nobles were quiet.

Silence enveloped the banquet hall.


What would the Grand Duke answer? The people watched the situation with shining eyes, curious how the Grand Duke would react.

Only Keira knew what was going to come out of his mouth.

In the past, he replied:

Ludwig: “I see. You’re my daughter?”

Cosette: “That’s right.”

Ludwig: “Can you prove it?”

Cosette: “If you give me a chance, of course.”

How betrayed did she feel at that time?

Ludwig: “I don’t know why Rowena, who was kicked out for being infertile, was able to conceive.”

Saying so, he glanced at the Marquis of Edinburgh, who turned pale at once.

Ludwig: “But I don’t want to focus on such a long story now. What matters to me is who the father is. I’m sure you all know what the prophecy was about. If you’re really my daughter, prove it.

Cosette: “Thank you.”

In effect, it meant accepting Cosette’s existence.

It would proceed just like in the past.

‘In the past, I lamented how you could do this to me. I was sad.’

As she recalled the memories of the past, a helpless laugh leaked out. 

It was foolish to be hurt a second time over something that’s already happened once.

Keira calmly flapped her fan, waiting for the next words to come from his mouth.


But something was strange. A long time has passed, but Ludwig remained silent.

She looked up, puzzled. Ludwig was frowning.

Ludwig: “Repeat what you said.”

His eyes were on Cosette. Cosette tilted her head and asked.

Cosette: “Yes?”

Ludwig: “The first greeting you ever made to me.”

Cosette: “If it’s the first time I said hello…”

She looked up for a moment as if recalling what she said. 

Cosette: “It’s nice to meet you, Father?”


Ludwig thought this voice was somehow familiar, but he wasn’t wrong. He had heard her voice before.

“It’s nice to meet you, Father.”

It was the voice he heard when he woke up from the nightmare. He remembered it clearly because he repeated it over and over again so as not to forget it.

He had hoped she’d really appear in front of him!

It’s too cunning to be a coincidence. His eyes darkened.

When Ludwig showed no reaction, Isaac Weinberg opened his mouth a little nervously.

Count Weinberg: “Your Grace, I understand you’re startled. But this is your real daughter. If it turns out to be a lie, I’m willing to lay down your life.”

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