AIWTRO Chapter Sixty-Eight

AIWTRO Chapter 68


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The hall once more started buzzing at the Count’s confident tone. They probably thought there’s evidence that this woman was the real daughter of the Grand Duke.

Marquis Edinburgh stepped forward.

Marquis: “You, isn’t it natural to bring evidence to support such a nonsensical claim?”

Count: “Miss Keira hasn’t manifested her powers yet. If that’s the case, isn’t it the same that she has no proof she’s the real daughter?”

Marquis: “T-this guy!”

The Count’s words were polite, but it was practically an insult to the face. In addition, he addressed Keira as ‘Miss Keira’ rather than ‘Lady Keira.’ It meant he didn’t recognize her as the Lady of the Parvis Grand Duchy.

Cosette will deal with spirits two years later, so it wasn’t surprising for Count Weinberg to come out so confidently.

‘… I don’t know what kind of trick they used.’

As if this incident had nothing to do with her, Keira calmly interjected.

Keira: “Stop it, both of you. The Grand Duke is watching. His Grace is the only one who can make a judgement.” 

“Lady Keira.”

Her calm attitude stimulated the spectators’ imagination that she had proof of her legitimacy as the Grand Duke’s daughter.

Keira, who had spoken, turned her gaze to Ludwig. He would accept Cosette as he did in the past, and then he would smile and calmly say, ‘It’s a sensitive issue, so I expected that you wouldn’t let it go.’

But then something unexpected happened.

Ludwig: “This is my son’s coming-of-age birthday celebration. I don’t think it’s the right place to talk about this. We’ll discuss it again after the banquet is over.”


Count Weinberg’s face hardened.

Surprisingly, Keira was the same. No, it was more accurate to say that Keira was more surprised than the Count.

This didn’t happen in the past.

As Keira looked up at him with round eyes, Ludwig asked.

Ludwig: “Do you have something to say?”

Keira: “…No. I thought you’d make a decision here as you usually would.”

Ludwig also agreed with his daughter. If it hadn’t been for his recurring nightmare, he would have done as she said.

But hiding his thoughts, he said.

Ludwig: “I don’t think it’s going to be an easy decision. Let’s enjoy the banquet today.”

Then he turned to his son and congratulated him.

Ludwig: “Congratulations on coming of age, Zeke. May you be blessed by the Goddess.”

Zeke: “Thank you, Your Grace.”

Ludwig paused for a moment. His son has also stopped calling him ‘father.’ Although it wasn’t unusual since he’s never had a close relationship with Zicchardt.


He used to call him ‘Father’ only because his sister did, but now that she stopped doing it, so did he. 

He turned back with a bitter smile, but not before issuing a silent warning to Count Weinberg.

Ludwig: “If you don’t want to spoil the mood of the celebration anymore, don’t bring this up today.”

Count: “…Yes, I will do as you say.”

His gaze briefly shifted to Cosette. The girl calmly smiled as if she had no complaints. 

It was a strangely calm attitude. With that thought in mind, Ludwig left. 

Now that his father had left, Zeke openly frowned.

Zeke: “I don’t know what you’re thinking, doing something like this on my birthday celebration.”

Count: “I understand you don’t believe it now, but Cosette is your only sister. One day you’ll thank me.”

Zeke: “Bullsh*t[1].”

Zeke hissed, then turned around and glanced at Keira.

‘She’ll be upset if we continue facing these people, so we should leave.’

Keira nodded as if she understood. But before leaving, she glanced at Cosette. Unlike Count Weinberg, who looked physically shaken by the Grand Duke’s cold reaction, Cosette continued to smile calmly.

When their eyes met, Colette’s smile widened.

Cosette: “I’m a little disappointed today, but I’ll see you next time, Keira.”

Keira: “It’s not up to you to decide.”

Keira responded with an equally calm smile and turned around.

She heard a voice behind her saying, “Oh, hey, Zeke! Happy birthday!” Of course, Zeke didn’t even look back, let alone answer.

When Keira glanced sideways, she saw her brother frowning.

Keira: “Relax, it’s a good day.”

Zeke: “How can I relax? D*mn it, they must have chosen today on purpose!”

Keira: “You’re right. It’s a good day to get people’s attention.”

Zeke continued to swear under his breath. 

‘If Zeke reacted this violently even after His Grace did not accept Cosette right away, how did he take it back then?’


Keira: “I wouldn’t call it an extensive investigation. I’ve only heard rumors.”

She gave up trying to recall how Zeke had reacted in the past. She was also beside herself at the time.

Confusion, anxiety, fear. Keira was too overwhelmed with such emotions to consider looking around.

But Cosette, who was allegedly raised as a commoner in the mountains, was so strangely calm that it was hard to ignore.

Lost in thought, Keira tuned out her brother’s angry rambling.

‘Why did you act differently than in the past?’

For a moment, she considered the possibility that Ludwig might also have memories of the past. But if that was the case, there’s no way he would have reacted so half-heartedly.

He would have had a more solid stance, kicking out either Keira or Cosette.

Keira turned to Ludwig, who was talking to an old gentleman whose name she didn’t know. Judging from the expression on their faces, they seemed to be sharing a ceremonial greeting.

‘…What are you thinking?’

That man always made a mess of her mind.

When Keira took a break to catch her breath, a familiar voice greeted her.

“Hey, Your Ladyship.”

‘Hey?’ What kind of greeting was that?

She didn’t even have to identify the owner of the voice. Only one person would greet her that way.

Keira turned around, drawing his face in her head. The unexpected person was waving his hand and approaching her.

She glared fiercely at Erez, who approached her with a smile. It was fortunate that Zeke wasn’t beside her.

‘If you open your mouth here, you’re really getting hit.’

Attention was still on her, and she didn’t want people to see her being treated poorly by some lower-ranked aristocrat.

Fortunately, Erez must have seen the look on Keira’s face because he stiffened on his way to her. Then he lowered his waving hand and began to look around.

Erez: “It’s your only brother’s birthday, so you should smile.”

Keira ignored his words.

Keira: “Have you just arrived? You’re a little late.”

Honestly speaking, ‘a little late’ was too kind. Erez had only arrived almost before the party ended.

Thanks to that, he didn’t see Cosette’s appearance, and he didn’t know why the atmosphere at the party was so weird.

Erez: “I was debating whether to come or not and ended up leaving late. I’m staying at my uncle’s house, so if you have anything to say, please contact me there.”

Keira: “I heard you spend most of your time outside the capital at the tower.”

Erez: “…You had me investigated.”

Among the rumors she’s heard was that he was a weirdo wizard with a unique personality.

Keira: “Did I hear wrong?”

Erez: “Well, it’s not wrong, since I rarely stay in the capital. Actually, I was planning to leave the day after I met Your Ladyship.”

That meant that Erez wasn’t in the capital around this time in the past.

Will his presence affect the future? Keira fidgeted with the glass she was holding as she pondered about it.

Erez: “The atmosphere at the party seems strange. Am I mistaken?”


Keira’s eyes narrowed. Was he doing this on purpose to raise her temper?

However, he seemed genuinely puzzled. He really didn’t know why the atmosphere of the Grand Ducal heir’s coming-of-age celebration was so tense.

‘Well, he did say he’d just arrived.’

Then, he wouldn’t have seen Cosette introducing herself or Ludwig not accepting her.

Keira pointed in the direction where Cosette, who was talking to other members of the Weinberg family, was. 

Keira: “Do you see that woman in a white dress over there?”

[1] Zeke said ‘개소리’ (gaesori) which literally means ‘dog noises.’ It’s slang for ‘nonsense’ or ‘bullsh*t.’