You Can Keep the Male Lead Chapter 11

YCKTML Chapter 11


“Rather than being rude… He asked if he could ride the carriage with me, but I declined…”

“Good job.” His emerald eyes shone brightly and drew soft arcs. It was no surprise he was the second male lead.

It was as if his smile shone a ray of light in the dark and desolate alley.

“Oh, right. Wait.” I rushed to the carriage and took out the wedding dress I was supposed to return to Madam Plada.

Enoch hurriedly approached me, took the package with the wedding dress, and fixed it on the back of the horse.

“Now then, Count Spilet, let’s get on the horse.”

I grabbed his outstretched hand as if it was the most natural thing to do. I’d never ridden a horse in my previous life, so would I be able to ride it now?

I put my foot on the footrest, and without much effort, the Prince supported me from the bottom up.

I climbed on, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Maybe Erin’s body remembered it.

“What are you going to do, Your Highness?”

“I have to escort the Lady.”

“I, but…”

He grabbed the reins, and the horse slowly walked forward.

If I stuck so close to him, he’d hear my pounding heart. It was probably because I didn’t expect the horse to be taller than it was; that’s why I was nervous.


Come to think of it, I was riding on a horse pulled by the Crown Prince. Although Enoch was kind to others, he was still one of the highest-ranking people in this country.

Could I let him go by the reins like this?

“Your Highness.”

“Yes, Count Spilet. Please speak.”

“Um… thank you for saving me.”

But things had already happened, and I was still on the horse. Instead of being sorry or worried, I said thank you.

I expected that Enoch would naturally answer me, but instead, he asked how I was doing out of the blue.

“How is your life in the duchy?”

“Hmm, it’s only been a day.”

He gave me a vague smile, and I couldn’t help but look away. When I looked into those eyes, it like it was piercing through everything, even the things I wanted to hide, so it wasn’t easy to keep eye contact.

“A lot can happen overnight.”

I swallowed hard at his words. Did he know something?

I didn’t do anything wrong, but I didn’t want to let him know that Chloe was there and that my husband had been with her since the first night of our wedding.

“Last night, the northern provinces suffered a lot of damage from a swarm of monsters. Because of that, we will probably hold a hunting contest soon to control the population.”

“Ah, monster… hunt.”

His topic change startled me, but then I realized that this world really was different from mine. A swarm of monsters. Wow.

It blew me away to hear a story that could only be found in a novel.

“… Count, Count Spilet.”

“Ah, yes, Your Highness?”

“Straighten your back. Otherwise, you will get hurt.”

“Ah… Yes.”

“You seem tired, so I’ll ask you a favor next time…”

I must have missed something Enoch said. I quickly apologized. “Please? Tell me. You’ve helped me a lot, and you have to give me a chance to pay back your kindness.”

“I would like to prepare a special gift to commemorate Her Majesty’s birthday. May I ask for your opinion?”


“Where are you going?”

“To Madam Plada, she’s popular among the ladies at the capital.”

I was struck speechless at Enoch’s answer. Was it a coincidence that the name of the place was mentioned exceptionally often?

It couldn’t be. Maybe because the following setting in the story was there? In the story that would unfold soon, after the two main characters arrive at Madam Plada’s, the Crown Prince would also arrive soon after.

The most notable change from the original was ‘the Empress’s birthday present.’ But Enoch bumped into me at a different place, and now we’re on the way to Madam Plada.

While I was deep in thought, Enoch patiently waited. I had to return the wedding dress that was currently on the horse’s back anyway. It was the factor that made me have to go there.

Did Erin appear in Madam Plada?

My head started to throb from trying to recall such a memory. Regardless of what happened in the original, I decided to answer according to the situation.

“I’ll have to stop by Madam Plada, as well. I don’t know how helpful my insight will be, but I’ll try my best.”

I was hesitant to go to the bookstore anyway, so I gladly accepted.

“It’s an honor, Count Spilet.”

After walking for a while, we got out of the back alley and reached downtown. I was perplexed then. Despite the crowd, the Prince, who had his mask off and was wearing an uncharacteristically all-black ensemble, stood out even more, especially as he rode on horseback with a woman in tow.

Everyone seemed to notice that it was a strange situation just by looking at it.

“Your Majesty, the people… I need to get down.”

As if on the same wavelength, Enoch was quick to agree. “Of course.”

Going down was a little more frightening than going up.

When I jumped off, Enoch assisted me to make sure I didn’t get hurt. His calm and heady scent, which I first noticed when we first rode the carriage, filled my nostrils for a moment.

“Madam Plada is about two blocks from here. Ride that carriage and go first.”

There was a small carriage on the side of the road he was pointing to. It was too small and shabby to even fathom that someone like the Crown Prince would ride on it.

“How are you going to come?”

“If you go first, I will follow you later.”

Perhaps he still had some work to do. Without further questions, I nodded my head.

As soon as I got on the carriage, Enoch suddenly ran away like the wind and disappeared.

“Even the Crown Prince is quite busy…”

Mumbling to myself, I looked out the window at the shops in the downtown area. Perhaps because of the splendid clothing on display, at first glance, this place looked more dazzling than where I lived before.


“What and how much can you buy with a thousand gold?”

I thought I’d have to spend some money for now. I knew Rupert didn’t see me as his wife, but I should at least keep up appearances.

The tiny carriage was very fast, contrary to what it looked. Not only that, but even at such a high speed, it didn’t shake too much and was comfortable.

“We’ve arrived, Madam.” The coachman opened the door, and I slowly descended and stood in front of Madam Plada.

As expected, it was the most ornately decorated building in the area. Two large men stood in front of the door, guarding the storefront. I couldn’t help but feel intimidated.

It felt just like entering a luxury store without money.

And, seeing the people who came and went there, I understood why the Crown Prince didn’t want us to come together.

A seemingly unmarried couple walked out, exchanging furtive glances. When I said they didn’t seem like a married couple, it was because a middle-aged woman and a young man were walking too close together.

I walked towards the door with the package in my hand. If people saw me, they would have probably thought I was a maid.

Unlike those who entered the store without hesitation, as expected, the two men guarding the door blocked my way. They looked me up and down with a stern, terrifying expression.

“What business do you have here?”

“I came to return the wedding dress.”

I then showed them the business card I had brought with me. Their eyes widened, and they suddenly began to panic.

“Wait a minute, let’s go inside.”

Why were they doing that? One long-haired man quickly took the package I was holding and disappeared, while the other politely guided me inside.

The man who guided me from the entrance had me sit on the sofa, excused himself, and disappeared.

The lobby on the first floor was as colorful and shiny as the entrance. Marble floors and walls, crystal chandeliers, and gorgeous and beautiful dresses, most likely made by Madame Plada, hung on mannequins.

The pastel green dress caught my attention.

“…It would suit Erin,” I muttered to myself without realizing it as I looked at the dress.

“Do you like it?”

Someone came down the stairs, speaking in a friendly voice. I turned to her.

Madam Plada appeared with her gorgeous blonde hair flowing freely, her arms and neck adorned with accessories.

“Ah yes. It’s stunning,” I nodded as I mumbled my honest thoughts.

“Would you like to try it on?”

I gave her a puzzled look. Could I really wear it? As far as I knew, she didn’t accept new customers.

Madame Plada gently placed her hand on my shoulder and showed me the card.

“You’re the guest with this business card, right?”

“…that’s right. Is that business card special?”

“Anyone who comes with it will be unconditionally welcomed as a distinguished guest, and I promised myself that I would make as much of the best custom-made clothes as they want.”

“Who did you give this card to?”

Madam Plada only smiled but did not respond. It left me feeling bewildered.

In the novel, Madam Plada was famous for being proud and not allowing just anyone to wear her clothes.

Madam Plada’s talent was innate. At any ball, at any party, she would appear in her clothes and be the star of the occasion.

However, no matter how rich or high the person’s status, Madam Plada would not sell her dress to someone whose clothes did not suit them.

Such a person promised to give me the VIP treatment. Who sent me such a business card?

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