AIWTRO Chapter Seventy

AIWTRO Chapter 70


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Ludwig was thinking of Rowena Weinberg, his first wife, and first Grand Duchess.

‘Average noble, and quite pure.’

Unlike her ambitious parents, she was just an ordinary woman. If she had gone to a family other than the Grand Duke, she would have ended her life as a good lady.

He didn’t have any affection for her. However…

Rowena: “If I had a child, I’d name it Christian if it’s a boy and Cosette if it’s a girl.”

Rowena: “Don’t tell others because it’s embarrassing. I think they’re already excited.”

The way she spoke with a shy face, saying that it was a secret between the two of them, remained vaguely in his memory.

Ludwig: “I think the kid’s name is Cosette…”

He shook his head. Rowena said it was a secret between the two of them, but he couldn’t guarantee that she hadn’t told them to the people in her family.

It was hard to decide without enough evidence. Ludwig unconsciously gripped the book on his desk.

In fact, if he thought rationally, it would be the right decision to accept Cosette.

Ludwig was well acquainted with Rowena’s brother, Count Isaac Weinberg. He was clever and calculating, much like his father. 

And so, it was obvious that he wasn’t stupid enough to take revenge on the Edinburghs and fall to ruin.

Even if he hands over a fake, the truth will come out one day unless she actually deals with spirits. 

Someone with that much sense would not commit fraud like that.

If he wanted to ruin a family, there were many safer ways than that. 

Nevertheless, it wasn’t surprising that the Count had a strong conviction that he had done such a daring thing.


But why did he feel strange?

“It’s nice to meet you, Father.”

Because of a voice he heard in a dream?

Maybe it was a premonition. It could be a voice trying to let Ludwig know that Cosette was his real daughter.

But… How could a voice trying to tell the truth feel so eerie?


He still remembered the moment he woke up from the dream, drenched in sweat.

Even as he was thinking about it, his body shuddered.

As anxiety plagued him, someone knocked on the door.

Knock, knock–

Keira: “Your Grace, it’s me.”

“Come in.”

Keira’s head popped in. Ludwig beckoned her to come in, and so she took a seat on the sofa.

Ludwig: “You must already know why I called you.”

Keira: “Yes, it must be because of what happened at Zeke’s birthday banquet.”

What decision did he make? Keira felt curious as she stared at him.

But what came out of Ludwig’s mouth wasn’t what she was expecting.

Ludwig: “I’d like to hear your thoughts on what happened at the party.”

Keira: “…Yes?”

Keira blinked in disbelief. Did she hear wrong?

Just now, what?

Keira: “You’re asking for my thoughts?”

Ludwig: “That’s right.”

Keira: “That… Why are you asking?”

When Keira asked again, Ludwig looked rather curious.

Ludwig: “You’re also an important party in this matter. Is there something wrong with asking for your opinion to come up with a better solution?”

Keira: “No, that’s…”

‘It’s definitely out of character for you to ask that…’

Keira: “I respect your opinion.”

Ludwig: “No need to be so polite.”

Keira: “…May I be honest with you?”

Ludwig: “Of course.”

After a moment’s pause, she answered.


Keira: “To be honest, it’s not a very pleasant feeling. It doesn’t feel good that others are spreading rumors about me. However…”

The calm and collected Cosette came to mind. Her past was so clean that it was as if someone had intentionally erased it.

What was Cosette’s true identity? Why was she able to control spirits? And how did she end up with the Weinbergs?

Keira: “If, for any reason, Your Grace thinks Miss Cosette should enter the family, I won’t object.”

As long as Cosette had the potential to control spirits, it didn’t matter at all where she lived. Besides, it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on an inevitable enemy.

As soon as she finished speaking, silence fell. Keira wished she had a drink to sip on, but the coffee table was empty.

Ludwig: “Truthfully, there are many curious things about her claim.”

Keira: “Yes?”

Ludwig: “Whether it’s the woman named Cosette or Count Weinberg, if there’s something suspicious about them, it’s better to see for yourself. Then, if that’s what you think… I will contact the Weinberg family. I will temporarily accept the child who claims to be my real daughter.”

Keira: “Yes, do as you will.”


Ludwig looked somewhat uneasy when he heard her answer.

Ludwig: “If you have any complaints, speak now.”

Keira: “No, not at all…”

It’s a significant advantage that Ludwig didn’t immediately accept Cosette’s existence at the banquet hall, so there’s no reason to be displeased.

It made a lot of difference that the Grand Duke didn’t accept her on the spot the way he did in the past. The latter incident was more detrimental to Keira’s status than the former.

The confrontation with Cosette was expected to be disastrous anyway.

In the meantime, there was an unexpected benefit, so she had no complaints.

‘But why…’

Why was he staring at Keira? She peeked a glance at him.


He looked the same as he always did – chillingly expressionless.

‘Ha, it couldn’t be. No way.’

For a moment, she imagined something absurd. She shook her head. That person couldn’t do that.

Keira: “Now that there’s one more member in the household, we have to prepare our winter budget again. We’ll be busy for a while, so I’ll take my leave.”

She said so and got up.

Zeke: “Noonim! I heard you were alone with His Grace.”

They were indeed ‘alone,’ but it somewhat sounded awkward to describe it as that.

‘It was an appropriate word to describe our relationship[1].’

The long-twisted relationship showed no signs of getting untangled.

No, it was more accurate to say there was no hope of achieving harmony like a normal family.

Zeke: “Because of what the Weinbergs did, right?”

Keira: “You already know.”

It meant that the quick-witted members of the household staff must have noticed it, too.

‘It’ll be noisy again,’ Keira thought indifferently. It was expected.

Zeke: “What did he say? Huh?”

Keira: “It’s not hard to guess. If he was going to tell me not to mind it and it’s all nonsense, he wouldn’t have called me in the first place.”


When she answered that, Zeke’s expression suddenly darkened.

He must have thought the same but hoped for something better.

Normally, she would have comforted her younger brother, but there was one problem– there was a sign of movement behind her, obscured by the building.

Instead of comforting her brother, Keira looked back and said.

Keira: “The people hiding there, won’t you come out?”

Behind the building, Keira heard someone gulp. 

It wasn’t just one or two people. Not surprisingly, a group of people appeared.

First, Arthur scratched his head and made excuses.

Arthur: “No, we didn’t mean to eavesdrop…”

Next was Reina. 

Reina: “You two were having such a serious conversation that we couldn’t find the right time to leave.”

Then Joseph meekly admitted his mistake. 

Joseph: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.”

And three others who looked restless as they avoided eye contact with Keira. 

There must be a reason why they were standing here like desperate puppies.

Even if Keira didn’t ask, it was obvious why they were here.

Keira said.

Keira: “His Grace has decided to accept the woman Count Weinberg brought. But it will only be temporary. He wanted to check something.”

[1] 독대 could mean ‘private meeting’ or ‘alone/solitary.’