AIWTRO Chapter Seventy-One

AIWTRO Chapter 71


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‘Did you accept her before because there was something you wanted to check?’ Keira thought.

But she soon remembered the soft eyes that gazed at Cosette in the past. No one would look at someone they were suspicious of that way.

“W-we haven’t asked anything yet…”

Keira tilted her head.

Keira: “But weren’t you here to ask me that?”


“Well, that’s true.”

Keira: “Right?”

The atmosphere seemed to be getting colder, so she hurried on.

Keira: “Personally, I don’t feel bad about his decision.”

There was no disappointment because Keira had no expectations in the first place.

Keira: “Looking at it from his perspective, he couldn’t just leave such a critical issue unchecked. I understand.”



When she said that, the atmosphere grew colder.

Zeke was muttering a swear word that was too harsh to be used to describe their father. He seemed to think that Keira was deliberately pretending to be okay because she was in front of people.


She was a little perplexed.

Keira: “No, I’m really fine…”

“If you want to swear, do it.”

“You’ll get sick if you keep it bottled up.”

T-that’s true… Keira mumbled with a sad expression on her face.

Keira: “There’s a saying that ‘things will always find their rightful course’[1]. The fake’s identity is bound to be revealed one day.”

“Is there something you believe in?”



Keira: “But if I doubt myself, am I not doubting Mother as well?”

The second Duchess, the mother of the siblings, died shortly after giving birth to Zeke. As a result, Keira only saw her mother’s face through the portraits. 

Even though Keira couldn’t remember her mother’s voice…

Keira: “I don’t know about anyone else, but I have to trust my mother as much as her real daughter would. Sylvia did, you know? She was Mother’s maid when Mother was still alive.”

Zeke: “Yes.” 

Keira: “Sylvia said that if Mother had an affair, she would have known about it. So, I trust Mother.”


She said it to lighten the mood, but this time, her company became quiet. 

Even Zeke’s eyes were brimming with tears. He seemed to be thinking of the mother he’s never met. 

Keira wasn’t lying when she said she believed in her mother, but honestly, it was just an excuse because she couldn’t explain the situation in detail.

She couldn’t exactly tell them she went back in time, and she couldn’t talk about the contents of their ancestors’ diaries.

Fortunately, they seemed to buy her excuse.

Joseph spoke, and the rest followed.

Joseph: “The truth is bound to come out one day.”

“I don’t know what they were thinking to do such a daring thing. Once the truth is revealed, they won’t be able to escape punishment…”

“The saying ‘things will always find their rightful course’ doesn’t exist for nothing.”

The only person who had a different opinion among them was Zeke. With tears in his eyes, he indignantly said. 

Zeke: “No, whether it’s the truth or whatever, why should we wait until then? Let’s ignore her like she’s not here at all. Then what will she do? She won’t be able to endure it, and then she’ll leave.”

Keira: “No, you can’t.”

She knew Cosette wouldn’t care about something like that, and she wasn’t the kind of person who would voluntarily leave. Never.

At Keira’s answer, Zeke asked, puzzled.

Zeke: “Why not?”

Keira: “She’s a guest. We have to treat her properly.”

When she said she would treat Cosette properly, everyone looked at Keira with curious eyes.

Three days later. 

A carriage bearing the Weinberg family crest was approaching the main gate of the Parvis residence. At the entrance, the butler and several employees were waiting for it to arrive. 

Ludwig was nowhere to be seen, the same as it was in the past. 

The only notable change was Keira’s attitude of accepting Cosette.

The people at the entrance were the same group that welcomed Cosette in the past. Except for Keira, who announced her attendance out of the blue.

Everyone, even the calm butler Robert, nervously watched Keira.

“No… what is Her Ladyship doing here?”

“I-I thought she wouldn’t come.”

“She must be in a bad mood, huh? Keep quiet.”

They were whispering among themselves, but since Keira had exceptional hearing, she heard everything. But she continued to stare at the carriage as if she didn’t hear them.

Of course, Keira came out to meet Cosette not because she welcomed her. She went there to show everyone that Cosette’s existence didn’t have any effect on her.

Since Keira was fifteen, she has served as the hostess of the Grand Duchy, and welcoming guests was one of the hostess’ duties.

If she didn’t go out to meet someone who would stay in the mansion for a while, people would think that she was uncomfortable with it. 

The butler approached her and said.

Robert: “Um, My Lady. If you feel uncomfortable, you can go back…”

Keira: “Isn’t it weird to just go in now? I’m confident. There’s no reason to hide.”

Robert: “O-of course.”

Keira: “Ah, the carriage is here.”

As she made her way towards the carriage, the door opened, and Cosette appeared.


Cosette wore a simple dress, just like when she debuted at the coming-of-age celebration. It was too thin to wear in cold weather.

She raised her head and looked directly at Keira.

Cosette: “Wow, I didn’t expect you to welcome me like this.”

Keira: “The Parvis family always welcomes guests.”

Tension began to build up around them. Some maids even hiccuped.

However, the two parties smiled pleasantly at each other.

It was Keira’s side who reached out first.

Keira: “Welcome to our family. I am the acting Grand Duchess. If you have any concerns, please feel free to tell me. If I don’t treat our guests properly, it will hurt the family’s honor.”

Keira didn’t care if Cosette was uncomfortable, but if she neglected to care for their guests, it would damage her family’s honor.

Cosette didn’t understand what she meant – Keira was convinced she couldn’t have known. She smiled and held her hand.

Cosette: “Oh my, thank you. It’s not as if I’m only staying a day or two, but it puts my mind at ease when you say that.”

‘It’s not as if I’m only staying a day or two.’ It sounded strange in Keira’s ears.

Keira smiled and accepted it as if she didn’t understand what she meant.

Keira: “Thank you. As the hostess, it’s only natural that I do so.”

Cosette: “Then, please.”

The both of them wore bright smiles, but there was an unshakeable chill in the air. 

The hiccups of the maids worsened. They all looked desperate to get out of this place.

Robert looked at them and thought.

‘I’ll have to stock up on medicine for gastrointestinal ailments.’

After Cosette entered the house, the mansion of the Grand Duchess was enveloped in a strange atmosphere.

Two esteemed ladies living under the same roof. For the staff, it was a situation that would surely bring about gastrointestinal ailments. 

But, despite the tension, nothing happened for a while.

Keira and Cosette did not grab each other by the hair, nor did the resentful young mistress punch the newcomer.

Ludwig, too, only got reports on Cosette’s daily routine but otherwise remained silent.

Cosette: “Hello? Good morning.”

Cosette: “Have you eaten yet?”

Perhaps not embarrassed by the Grand Duke’s indifference, Cosette walked around the mansion with a broad smile.

But as they say, ‘You can’t spit on a smiling face.’ 

Even those wary of her at first started to respond little by little as Cosette greeted them with a bright smile.

A few days passed, and the maids’ tension gradually eased.

But Keira was the only one who knew that the period was only before the search.

‘It’s about time to start arguing…’

Keira thought so and went out to the backyard. She had a sword in hand.

It felt strange to feel the hilt of the sword on the palm of her hand. It was the first time she’d held a sword after going back in time.

‘But a lot of things happened…’

After she apologized to her beloved sword in her heart, she swung it lightly into the air.

She’s been neglecting her training lately, but the skills she has acquired have not gone anywhere.

She warmed up until she sweated, then decided to sit on the bench and rest for a while.

Just as she leaned on the bench…

“Hello? What are you doing?

[1] Keira said ‘사필귀정,’ a 사자성어 (4-letter idiom). 사=everything, 필=always/certainly, 귀=change, 정=right. So it basically means that ‘no matter how bad things get, it will always find its rightful course.’