AIWTRO Chapter Seventy-Three

AIWTRO Chapter 73


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Emily: “T-that’s true, but…”

Keira: “Just pretend you didn’t see what you did.”

Emily: “Yes…”

Emily pouted but no longer complained.

Keira: “Didn’t you say you were on duty for dinner tonight? You should head to the kitchen now.”

Emily: “Ah, that’s right!”

Emily, pale, stood up and roughly tucked the embroidery frame into her apron pocket.

Emily: “Then I’ll get going!”

Then she hurriedly left the room. In an instant, the room fell silent.

Keira smiled and went back to her seat. Complex numbers welcomed her.


Rose walked over to her side and said worriedly.

Rose: “Um, Your Ladyship.”

Keira: “Hmm?”

Rose: “Is it really alright if you leave it as it is?”

Keira: “It would be good to filter out people right now.”

Rose: “Ah…”

Rose’s face slightly brightened, looking relieved.

Keira: “Don’t worry. I have everything in mind.”

Rose: “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but… I’ll trust you.”

The capital’s famous boutiques periodically sent their catalogs to the nobility.

Lira was reading one of those catalogs. It was fun to browse through them despite knowing they’re things she couldn’t have in this lifetime.

In her spare time, she sat in the garden and browsed through catalogs. It was her favorite.

If she concentrated on looking at the beautiful designs, she wouldn’t even feel the passing of time.

Even someone approaching her, too.

“Hey there, you.”

Lira: “Ack!”

Lira was sure she was alone. She gasped and looked up to the source of the voice.

There, a face resembling the Grand Duke was smiling brightly. 

The same face that resembled Ludwig was smiling ‘brightly.’

She was definitely a beauty. However, as Lira was accustomed to Ludwig’s icy expression, she couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

As Cosette sat next to her, she asked.

Cosette: “I’m bored. Can I talk to you? What are you doing alone in a place like this?”

Lira remembered the Grand Duke’s command to treat Cosette as a noblewoman. She swallowed hard and answered politely.

Lira: “I want to read a book quietly.”

Cosette: “That’s not a normal novel, is it?”

Lira: “It’s a catalog from a boutique.”


Of course, Lira didn’t own the book. However, she admitted what she was reading since she didn’t think she’d get scolded for looking through the catalog.

Cosette: “Oh, come to think of it, Keira told me about that. Since I’ll have to say here for a while, I’ll need new clothes.” 

Cosette’s face radiated with joy. She was very pretty when she smiled so happily.

If such a child entered the household as a colleague and not a ‘lady,’ Lira would have instantly befriended her.

Cossette: “This is the first time I’ll be fitting clothes in a boutique!”

Lira: “I-is that so?”

But why was she saying this to her? Lira couldn’t understand why she was pretending to be so friendly. 

Cosette: “If you don’t mind, we can look at it together?”

Lira: “Y-yes. Of course.”

Lira immediately handed over the catalog to Cosette, and she stood up from her seat.

No, she was almost about to get up. She would have if Cosette didn’t grab the hem of her dress as she was standing.

Cosette: “Where are you going?”

Lira: “Yes?”

Cosette: “I said let’s look at it together. I didn’t mean to steal the book you’ve been reading.”


Lira recalled Cosette’s words earlier. Yes, she certainly did say that.

But Cosette was a temporary lady. How could she sit side-by-side with someone who was clearly her superior and browse through her book?

It would cross the line of what a maid should do. With that in mind, Lira tried to answer.

But Cosette was quicker. She tapped the seat next to her and said.

Cosette: “Did you think a maid shouldn’t do that? I gave you permission, so should it still matter? Even Keira seemed to be getting along pretty well with the maids in this house, right?”

Lira: “B-but…”

Cosette: “My status changed overnight, but I was originally raised as a commoner.”



With Cosette’s answer, could Lira really say anything? 

Lira carefully sat back on the bench. Cosette then opened the catalog and moved it between the two of them.

Cosette: “You were looking at this dress earlier, right?”

Lira: “Y-yes.”

Cosette: “I guess you like this style. I like this cute one.”

Lira has always admired the lives of aristocrats. 

In fact, most of her peers working in this mansion did, too, but Lira was more extreme than others.

That was the reason why she was so active in serving Keira.

Gorgeous bedroom and beautiful outfits. The life of a noble lady blessed from birth.

It was so Lira could see it up close.

Lira licked her dry lips and glanced to the side, watching Cosette look through the catalog with a familiar expression.

This person was also a commoner like Lira until a few days ago.

‘No, she said she lived in the mountains.’

It wasn’t hard to imagine what life would have been like in a mountain valley that rarely reached news from the city.

That person became an esteemed lady overnight and wore silk dresses.

Honestly… Lira envied her.

She knew not to look at a tree she couldn’t climb, but her feelings of envy still stayed.

Didn’t Cosette, who was once in a worse situation than Lira, turn her life around in an instant?

In addition, Cosette was a natural beauty, so she would look quite like a noble lady if she put on pretty clothes.

Lira, who was glancing around, at some point made eye contact with Cosette. Her face heated up, feeling as if Cosette discovered the emotions Lira held in her heart.

She quickly looked away. Then Cosette asked.

Cosette: “Why are you looking away?”

Lira: “No, I…”

Cosette: “More than that, I’m supposed to go to the boutique around tomorrow. Keira said she’d call for someone to go to the mansion, but I also wanted to take a look around the capital.”


Lira: “That… sounds good.”

But why was she telling Lira her schedule? Lira looked at her in curiosity. 

Fortunately, her doubts were quickly answered. Cosette made a welcome offer. 

Cosette: “I don’t have an exclusive maid yet. If you don’t mind, why don’t you go with me tomorrow? You seem to be very interested in clothes. Wouldn’t it be nice to visit the boutique?”

Lira: “I-I…”

Of course, she wanted to visit a boutique at least once. Lady Keira always called for someone to go to the mansion whenever she needed new clothes because she never went to boutiques in person.

Lira wanted to step into a place full of sparkling silk and lace. Lira audibly gulped.

Cosette smiled softly and whispered.

Cosette: “Anyway, someone has to assist me. Is there any reason why it shouldn’t be you?”

Freshly laundered blankets smelled great. Emily often walked down the hallway with her nose stuck in the blanket.

Then, over the blanket, she spotted a familiar face coming out of Her Ladyship’s room. It was Lira, her friend, and colleague.


She tilted her head in confusion. Lira was assigned to kitchen work today.

She had no reason to come up here.

Emily approached her friend and asked.

Emily: “Lira? What brings you here?”

Lira: “Oh? Hmm?”

Emily: “You’re in kitchen duty today. Did Her Ladyship ask you to do something?”

Flustered, Lira waved her hands.

Lira: “Hmm, I had something to ask Her Ladyship.”

Emily’s eyes widened.

Emily: “Ask what?”

Lady Keira was definitely softer than before, but not enough to ask for a personal favor.

Anyway, Keira was the lady of this family and a superior to serve.

Emily: “What did you ask her? Did Lady Keira listen to it?”

Lira: “Yes.”

Emily: “Wow, when have you gotten so close? What did you ask for?”

Lira: “It’s nothing. It’s a work request, so that’s why she easily approved it.”

Emily: “So, what specifically?”


Lira: “That, I just asked if I could wait for Miss Cosette the day she goes to the boutique…”

Emily: “Hey, you…”

Emily narrowed her eyes.

How could she ask for such a request even though she knew the relationship between Keira and Cosette?

As she was about to say, ‘You ignorant b*tch,’ Emily noticed a bracelet hanging on her friend’s wrist.

It was obviously a luxury item just by looking at the blue jewels embedded in them.

Lira: “There’s a lot of work in the kitchen, so I have to go. I’ll see you later.”

Before Emily could ask where the bracelet came from, Lira hurried off.

Emily: “H-hey! Wait a minute!”

She couldn’t hold her back because she was holding a blanket in both hands. Lira disappeared down the stairs, leaving only with a quick goodbye.