AIWTRO Chapter Seventy-Four

AIWTRO Chapter 74


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Emily: “What, she…”

Emily shot a glare at the back of her running friend, then fixed the blanket on her chin and opened the door with her free hand.

‘You have to do what you have to do.’

Emily: “My Lady, it’s me. I’ll change the sheets.”

Keira was nowhere to be seen.

‘Is she in the library?’

The moment she opened the bedroom door after passing through the living room, she found Keira sitting by the window.

Keira raised her head as she belatedly noticed Emily’s presence.

Keira: “Ah, Emily.”

Emily: “I’m here to change the sheets. I’ll come back later if I’m disturbing you.”

Keira: “No, I don’t mind.”

After saying that, Keira looked out the window once more. Her expression was calm, as if deep in thought.

Emily carefully changed the sheets while watching the young lady. Before she left the room after finishing her work, she contemplated whether to tell Her Ladyship what she saw or not.

‘Should I cover for her because she’s my friend? No. It might be better to get scolded for a bit and come to her senses before getting into a bigger accident…’

She didn’t worry long. Emily carefully spoke.

Emily: “Um, milady.”

Keira: “Hmm?”


Emily: “Did Lira just come to see you?”

Keira: “Did you bump into each other?”

Emily: “Yes, in front of your door. I-I heard she asked if she could accompany Miss Cosette to the boutique…”

Keira: “Someone has to wait on her anyway, so I gave her permission.”

It was an unexpectedly calm answer. Emily seemed to be more agitated.

Emily: “But! It’s an entirely different thing from milady deciding who to send and another for Lira to ask for it first!” 

Keira: “Well, that’s right.”

Emily: “And did you see the thing on her wrist? Is that something you can buy with a maid’s salary? And I know her well; she’s not someone who’d spend money frivolously like that. She must have gotten it from someone… Wouldn’t it be better to scold her before she causes trouble?”

Then Keira brought her index finger to her lips and said.

Keira: “I’m going to keep an eye on it for a while. And don’t tell anyone about the bracelet she received. Just pretend you don’t know. I have everything in mind.” 

Emily: “But…”

It was more frightening for Emily to hear that Lady Keira would observe things first instead of calling Lira out and saying something harsh.

Because it meant she would get rid of her the moment Lira crossed the line.

After all, Lira was a longtime colleague and friend. Emily didn’t want to see Lady Keira get angry at Lira.

Perhaps noticing Emily’s struggle, Keira said softly.

Keira: “Don’t worry because it won’t be a big deal. I have an idea, too.”

Emily: “Yes, I understand…”

She couldn’t say anything more when Lady Keira said it like that. So Emily reluctantly left the room.


When Keira heard the door closing, she turned to the window once more. She could see Cosette and Lira talking. 

Her purple eyes darkened. 

The Parvis family had a meal as a family after a very long time. 

Four people gathered in the dining room. Ludwig took the head of the table, and on each side were the two daughters and one son.

As expected, the atmosphere wasn’t good. 

Even though the room was heated, the air in the room felt chilly for some reason.

Everyone just kept their mouths shut as they ate silently. 





Except for one person. 

Cosette: “The pumpkin soup is so delicious! I’ve never had such a creamy soup before.”  

Cosette chattered and ate happily by herself. 

Zeke stared at her in disbelief. So did Keira. 

‘In a way, that’s also a talent.’

Wasn’t it normal to keep to yourself in this situation? 

Keira wondered what kind of childhood Cosette went through to grow up with that personality. 

Cosette, who had been talking nonsense the whole time, put down the tableware and brought up the main topic.

Cosette: “Father, I want to see Great-aunt this weekend.”

Ludwig: “Why?”

Cosette: “Do you need a reason to meet your family? I’m one of her few relatives. Now that I’m living in the capital, I have to meet her and say hello.”

Ludwig: “…Do whatever you want. However, since she’s unwell, don’t cause trouble.”

Cosette: “Yes, of course!”

Come to think of it, Cosette also visited Johanna around this time in the past. 

Keira had no idea what conversation Cosette had with Johanna. She didn’t follow Cosette to avoid the bitterness she’d feel if she saw her talking face-to-face with Johanna.

No one would go there simply to say hello.

Keira put down the tableware and said.

Keira: “I’ll go, too.”

Ludwig’s gaze shifted to Keira.

Ludwig: “Didn’t you see your Great-aunt not long ago?”

Keira: “The more often I visit, the better. She told me to see her anytime. Besides, Great-aunt and Cosette are meeting for the first time. It would be better for me to go and introduce them.”

She smiled as she said that. 

How would she even introduce her? This is the person who claims to be your real great-niece?

Zeke: “Noonim?”

Sure enough, a confused Zeke called out to her. Keira smiled at her brother to let him know it was okay, then turned to Cosette. 

Keira: “Isn’t that right, Cosette?”

Cosette: “Uh… I’d be grateful if you would, but… wouldn’t it be uncomfortable for you?”

Keira could almost hear Cosette go on and say, ‘You’re a fake. How long are you going to pretend to be her great-niece? Isn’t that uncomfortable?’

Keira replied with a slight smile.

Keira: “Not at all. Rather, I’m worried you’ll be uncomfortable.”

‘You’re the fake,’ another unspoken statement. 

Ludwig: “Then you should go together.”

After saying that, she picked up the tableware again and resumed eating as if nothing happened.

The atmosphere in the dining room became arctic.

Zeke openly made a face as the staff placed food on top of him. And although the employees didn’t show it, they were sweating. 


Keira felt bad for them, but she had to make the atmosphere chilly once more. She said.

Keira: “Ah, regarding the maid who will exclusively serve you while you’re here…”

She emphasized while staying here’ as if she were treating a guest. 

Keira: “There were no applicants, so the maids will take turns serving you for a while.”

Cosette: “…Why did you decide that?”

Keira: “Who else would?”

Keira tilted her head and feigned confusion.

Keira: “As you know, the Grand Duchess’s seat is empty, so I’ve been in charge of house matters. If you have any inconveniences, feel free to tell me.”

Truthfully, she said the same thing in the past. However, it was pleasant to see Cosette fail to fake a smile for the second time.

In the past, when Keira didn’t assign an exclusive maid, Cosette chose to pick someone from the outside and bring them home.

Several faces, including Mina, come to mind.

Keira was filled with dread when she recalled the day she was falsely accused. 

With a welcoming look, Keira said.

Keira: “Well, compared to the place you used to live, I’m sure you won’t have any inconveniences. Stay comfortable.”


Since there would be no inconvenience, Cosette shouldn’t bother people.

The room was silent. Wide-eyed, Zeke stared at her as if he wanted to applaud her. 

Cosette: “Wow, there was a mansion in a place like this!”


Throughout the way to Johanna’s mansion, Cosette constantly cooed and made exclamations here and there. 

Keira would occasionally give short answers, but she mostly ignored her. 

She couldn’t afford to deal with Cosette because she was thinking about something else.

…What were you going to do here?’

Cosette had visited this place in the past. As Keira thought, there was no way she’d go there just to say hello.