Please, Divorce Me Chapter Thirteen

PDM Chapter 13


I couldn’t believe I was about to have a meal with Kyle. I felt that I would be full even if I stopped eating for a month.

I never imagined I’d eat face-to-face with him. In the first place, he refused to meet me. He didn’t even hold a wedding reception, which raised questions from busybodies.

But what’s this current situation? Perhaps because I was with Kyle, the dining table that could easily accommodate eight felt cramped every time the employees’ hands grazed the table. There were mouth-watering dishes and shiny silverware on the table, and a new candelabra adorned the center of the table.

When Takan returned from the garden and glanced at the servant, the servant poured wine into the glass. After a while, all of the employees, including Tarkan, rushed out of the room at Kyle’s beckoning. Laura, who looked at me with worried eyes, left along with them.

We’d been sitting at the dining table for a long time but still hadn’t touched the dishes. For some reason, Kyle’s hands did not come up on the table. Instead, he just stared at me contemplatively.

Would I be able to get closer to him this time? I didn’t know what to say. What kind of expression should I make? Why did he ask me to eat with him? How could I talk to him? I felt like my head was going to explode.


When I was alone, I thought about what to say to him several times a day, but it was difficult to act when the opportunity finally came.


I looked up when I heard the familiar voice. Kyle was resting his chin on his hand and tapping his temple with his middle finger as if he was bored. I tried to think hard but couldn’t understand why he was looking at me so fiercely. His gray eyes illuminated by the candlelight gleamed red.

Was there something on my face? I used my hair to cover my face and discreetly tried to feel if there was anything stuck on it. There wasn’t.

When I swept my hair away from my face, I briefly saw Kyle scowling before his face turned blank again. 

Kyle looked away and said, “If you need money, don’t waste time and tell me yourself.”

His words were rough yet razor-sharp. My heart sank.

“What do you mean?”

The report was still pending, but how did he know? Takan had just come to me to raise questions and clarifications. 

Kyle thought I married him for money, but since I haven’t spent anything, he would expectedly find me suspicious. So I had to repeat the explanation I gave to Tarkan.

“I had nothing to spend on.”

“Don’t you have anything to entertain you?”

There was only one answer to that sarcastic question. I’m waiting for you.

I couldn’t bear to say that, so I kept quiet. He always had snake-like eyes that peered into my lungs, but he didn’t know my heart.

The kind of interest he showed me was quite different from mine.


Kyle picked up the wine glass and swirled it before taking a sip.

I wanted to close the distance between us through this dinner. But, what did I expect? Just because we spent the night together didn’t mean it would clear up misunderstandings about me, and his heart would turn to me.

I chewed on my lip and said, “If you’re concerned about me interacting with my father, you don’t have to worry. I don’t want to have a relationship with him anymore.”

“Viscount Carena seems to think differently.”

Kyle lowered his glass and looked away, staring at the tableware and food. 

“What are you talking about…”

“He said he’s starting a business.”

My eyes widened. “Business?”

“I sponsored Viscount Carena in the name of the Harace family, but it wasn’t enough to start a business. He must have a reason to think he could.”

I sighed. I hadn’t heard Takan’s report. He must have thought I was plotting something with Father.

When I informed Father I was cutting ties with him, I expected him to react violently because I was his only source of income. But, instead, he sent me away without a fuss and didn’t hold onto me until the moment I left. 

Father sent me away because he was convinced that support would continue. He believed his daughter, who had gained power, would take care of him.

He probably thought I wouldn’t be able to turn a blind eye the way I did when I was taking care of him. I shouldn’t have been complacent.

 I swallowed the remorse I felt and bit my lips.


Sharp gray eyes were trained on me. “If you don’t want to look suspicious, make sure to clear it up. Because that would be the way to get the sanctuary you want.”

I clenched my fists and bowed my head. I’ve resented Father, but never have I felt this much shame.

“Yes, I understand.”

For the first time in my life, Father humiliated me, and I was too ashamed to face Kyle. So why did I have a Father like him and keep getting smaller in front of my loved ones?

Upon hearing my answer, Kyle stood up. Then, just before leaving the dining room, he stopped and turned to me. “I will allow you to visit the Countess of Harden.”


“Come back and report everything.”

I listened as Kyle’s footsteps exited the room. My eyes twitched, and then tears fell on the tablecloth. Then, after a while, I heard someone speak.

“Would you like to continue eating?” Takan asked.

I responded by shaking my head.

“Laura, send this letter to Viscount Carena.”

I handed Laura the red envelope, and she accepted it with ease.

The letter contained a plea to give up the idea of starting a business and never to contact her again. Or else.

As if my father was in the air, I resolutely raised my gaze. I had no choice but to threaten to take the money given to him. It’s probably what he feared the most.

“I’ll take my leave.”

“Good work.”

Laura left the room, and I sat down by the table to continue embroidering. As I sewed the name ‘Hari’ on the handkerchief, my curiosity about what kind of person she was grew. Our meeting was fast approaching, and I had to complete her gift before then.

“I want to embroider his name in the future.”

With that in mind, I put down my handkerchief and needle, got up, and headed for the terrace. Soon it was time for Kyle to arrive at the mansion. My eyes widened at the familiar carriage I caught a glimpse of.

“You’re back.” I smiled.

A carriage with the Duke’s emblem was traversing the front garden and heading towards the mansion.

I’d watch him get off the carriage and hurry to meet him at the main gate.

With that thought in mind, I put my elbows on the railing and rested my chin. Soon after, her carriage stopped, and the coachman got off his horse and opened the door.


Kyle slowly got off the carriage and looked around the mansion. The servants waiting for him would probably greet him.

As I have always watched him, I expected his next move. “You’ll nod your head to say hello and enter the mansion.”

Then, seeing him nod his head, I smiled contentedly and pulled myself off the railing.

“Got it right.”

At that moment, Kyle, who was staring straight ahead, looked up and stared at exactly where I was. I blinked my eyes in surprise and turned around.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence. After a while, Kyle turned back to the direction he was going.


As expected, Kyle’s gaze was directed at me. For a moment, our eyes met before his gaze fell. Soon, Kyle’s aide got out of the carriage and they entered the mansion.

It was the first time he had looked up at me. My lips turned up as I felt as if a feather was tickling my heart.

“This is not the time.”

I had to meet him. I picked up the hem of my dress and hurried to the bedroom door.


Laura, who came to report Kyle’s return home, stepped aside in surprise. I gave her an apologetic look, then passed the hall on the second floor and went downstairs. I could see the surprised faces of the employees, but I didn’t care and walked on.

By the time I reached the first floor, Kyle and his aide passed the employees. They headed for the hall leading to the annex, not the first-floor hall.

Unfortunately, I missed the timing to say hello. I looked closely at their backs and put my hands together to greet Kyle.

I purposely strode in a way my shoes would make a sound, and they’d hear me. Just like that, I caught up with Kyle.