AIWTRO Chapter Seventy-Five

AIWTRO Chapter 75


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At first, Keira thought Cosette wanted to drive a wedge between Johanna and herself. However, after Cosette’s visit, her Great-aunt’s attitude towards Keira didn’t change. 

It was easy to move on and assume that Cosette’s plan had failed. 

‘But it’s suspicious.’

Did Cosette, who just joined the Parvis family and failed to establish her position, need to move to alienate Keira from Johanna? She didn’t have a reason to do it right away anyway.

Keira glanced coldly at Cosette, who was chattering on by herself.

There was no way Cosette didn’t notice Keira’s glare, but she didn’t show any signs of discomfort. 

Usually, if Keira glared this coldly, even an arrogant aristocrat would freeze to some extent. A person who grew up as a commoner raised by an elderly couple in the mountains shouldn’t be so carefree.

‘What is this?’

The most plausible theory was that Count Weinberg selected and educated a girl who looked like Ludwig because it was a known fact that he had a grudge against her maternal grandfather. 

‘But it’s futile if she can’t really control spirits. No matter how much Count Weinberg wants to win a political dispute, he wouldn’t do anything that would harm himself.’

Cosette: “…ra? Keira? Are you listening to me?”


Keira: “No.”


No one was watching them, so Keira didn’t feel the need to be polite. 

Soon enough, the carriage had reached its destination. 

“We have arrived, ladies.”

As soon as the coachman opened the door, Cosette jumped out of the carriage.

Cosette: “Wow!”

Keira could see some of the staff coming out to meet them. And as she approached the butler, she said.

Keira: “Gordon.”

But Cosette interrupted before the butler could answer anything.

Cosette: “Is your name Mr. Gordon? No, Gordon? Ah, since I’m a lady, I can speak informally, right?”

Gordon: “Please call me whatever you prefer.”

Cosette: “Okay!”

Gordon: “Lady Johanna is in the indoor garden. Would you like to see her first?”

Both of them said they would greet Johanna first, so the party headed to the garden. 

Cosette babbled about how nice the mansion was as she walked, and Gordon surreptitiously tried to look at her face. He’d heard she looked like Ludwig, but he didn’t expect that the resemblance would be this uncanny. 

They eventually reached the indoor garden of the annex.

Gordon: “We’re here.”

Johanna, who wasn’t in good health, often spent time in this warm place instead of taking a walk outside.

In the gazebo – a Western-style pavilion – Johanna was waiting for the two of them.

Red eyes instantly colored with astonishment.

Johanna: “You… you’re Rowena Weinberg’s child.”

Cosette: “I think I resemble Father a lot. People who meet me for the first time recognize it at once.”

Then Keira opened her mouth.

Keira: “You must have already heard what happened? For various reasons, we decided to let her stay at the mansion for a while. She said she wanted to say hello to Great-aunt.”

Cosette: “Hello? As you already know, my name is Cosette.”

They looked alike. They really looked alike. If Ludwig were born a woman, he would have a face like that.

It would even be more curious if they weren’t related by blood.

Johanna, who was momentarily struck speechless, finally came to her senses and spoke. 

Johanna: “The truth is, I’m still unsure of what’s going on… but I hope it goes well.”


Cosette: “I hope so, too. Well, I didn’t come here for any other reason than to see you because we’re family.” 

Johanna instructed the butler to bring refreshments since it seemed like their conversation would last long.

Keira also remained firmly in her seat. However, despite such patience, Cosette only chatted. It’s like someone who only came to say hello.

Johanna: “How many days do you plan to stay here?”

Keira: “For about two days. We don’t mean to stay long. Father also told us not to bother Great-aunt.”

Johanna: “It’s fine. Rest while you’re here. I’m sure everything’s quite a shock.”

Keira: “Yes, then we’ll see you again at dinner tonight.”

Johanna: “I’ll see you then, too.”

The two greeted Johanna politely then left the indoor garden to go to the guest room where they’d stay for the next few days. 

The servant guided them to the second floor. 

While walking down the hallway, Cosette didn’t stop talking.

Cosette: “Keira.” 

At this point, Keira wondered if Cosette had a disease that would kill her if she stopped talking even for a second. 

Even though Keira didn’t reply, Cosette continued to talk.

Cosette: “Beatrice’s spirit stone, have you seen it?”

It’s a meaningful question.

Keira: “Why are you asking?”

Cosette: “Ah, you’ve seen it before. As expected, because you grew up as the Grand Duke’s only daughter.”

Her opponent wasn’t an average person. Keira sighed.

Keira: “I’ve never seen it.” 

Cosette: “Okay, then let’s say yes. It doesn’t really matter anyway. Have you heard of it? They said if you have a spirit stone in your body, you can use it.”

Keira: “That can’t be possible, can it?”

If what she said was true, someone other than the Parvis family the could control spirits could appear. 

However, there has never been a single elementalist outside the family in the past hundreds of years.

Not even once.

Keira replied with a smirk.

Keira: “If it were really possible, there would be no reason for our family to receive special treatment.”

Cosette: “That’s what they said about the spirit stone. Wouldn’t there be something different about Beatrice’s spirit stone?”

It was news to Keira, and she’s one of the people who had the most information about spirits. If she had never heard of it before, the rumor was probably groundless. 


Cosette: “Since it’s Beatrice’s spirit stone, there must be something different about it from a regular spirit stone. And Beatrice’s spirit stone has never been revealed. Who knows what will happen if you come into contact with it? What do you think?”

As she said, Beatrice’s spirit stone may cause a different phenomenon than ordinary spirit stones.

A few years ago, Keira had seen it firsthand. It was an object that only the elementalist could touch or see, but Johanna’s kindness knew no bounds. 

In addition, at that time, people concluded that Keira was the next elementalist. Johanna must have thought there was no reason to keep it from her grand-niece.

‘It definitely didn’t feel like an ordinary item, but…’

That didn’t mean Cosette’s words had any credibility.

Above all, it was absurd to believe anything that came out of Cosette’s mouth.

Cosette: “Well, I’ve never actually seen Beatrice’s spirit stone, so I don’t know if it’s true. I asked you just in case you knew. Have you ever touched it?”


Keira: “I’ve never seen it before.”

Cosette: “Oh, my. I thought you already have.”


Keira stared at her smiling face, then turned around. She didn’t want to talk to her anymore.

Keira: “Let’s go, Rose. I’m tired after riding the carriage for so long.” 

Cosette: “Huh? Did I offend you? Why are you leaving all of a sudden? Did I hurt your feelings because you got caught lying?”

Keira ignored the shrill voice and asked Rose. 

Keira: “Where’s my room? Surely they’re done organizing my bags by now, right?”

Rose: “Yes, it’s the guest room on the east side of the main building. It’s the one you used last time.”

Keira: “I’m a little hungry, so tell the kitchen to prepare a light snack.”

Rose: “Yes, I will let them know.”

Cosette, who was completely ignored, stared blankly at Keira’s back as she walked along with Rose.

She never once looked back. Soon, the two disappeared across the hallway.

Then Paula ran down the stairs and called Cosette.

Paula: “Lady! I’ve organized your luggage. Your guest room is on the second floor of the annex. Let me guide you…”

Cosette: “Paula.”

Paula: “Yes?”

Cosette: “How would you feel if one day someone tells you you’re not the biological daughter of a person you thought was your father?”